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Sonique1338It is a mp3 player with 20 eq
UnFREEz1334A GIF Animator. It is free off of the website.
Master of Orion 31333Master of Orion 3 is a space based,
BYOND1331BYOND is a suite of tools for developing and deploying primarily 2D tile-based multi-player games, using a custom-made language and Virtual Machine system.
Emperor: Battle for Dune1330A science fiction 3D real-time strategy game, based in the famous world of Arrakis from the Frank Herbert's Dune series.
SQLyog1328MySQL GUI Front End to manage your MySQL databases anywhere in the world. Supports MySQL version 5.x. Very efficent with low 'footprint' on client system. Many advanced features. For developers and DBA's - novices as well as experts.
Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain1327A nice space domination game from 1997.
Expression1326Excellent vector-based paint program with bitmap support and many unique features.
Paradox1324Paradox for Windows
Snes9x1322Super Nintendo emulator
John Romero's Daikatana1321Daikatana is a 1st person action game emerging into 4 different time periods.
Hattrick Assistant Manager1319Hattrick Assistant Manager (HAM) for Windows is a tool to aide managers of the online soccer game Hattrick (
Interstate '761316Interstate '76 is a vehicular combat video game for Windows9x. It was developed and published by Activision and released in 28 March 1997. The game is inspired on seventies tv shows like Starsky&Hutch, including "groovy" music.  See the website for more information (use for mirror).
IsisDraw1311IsisDraw is a drawing program for organic chemistry folks. It's similar to XDrawChem, ChemTool and other nifty *nix ready-made tools. Use those first if you can; if you're forced into this program, it's not bad.
Absolute FTP1310A really nice FTP Client.
DBArtisan1309Cross Platform Database IDE
Worms Armageddon1308Small pink worms with an insane weapon arsenal battle it out on various 2D landscapes. Turn-based strategy game.
Unreal II: The Awakening1306Shot'em up
BearShare1304BearShare is a Gn­utella file-sharing servent. It is mature and has advanced features.
Disney Magic Artist 3D1303Kids graphic drawing and printing program. Appears to have copy protection.
VersaCheck1302This application is useful for printing checks, and has been sold bundled with check forms for your printer.
Inno Setup1301Programme to do windows setup
CodeWarrior1300metrowerks ide
Risk II1298Enhanced version of the classic strategy board game. Includes realistic battle scenes and network play.
StreetFinder & TripMaker Deluxe Suite12975-CD set, giving you everything you need to plan trips and get accurate city routes right on your computer.
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