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Reading Readiness Grades K-120942Simple reading-related puzzles in a fun animal-themed environment.
Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas20941Digital atlas of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, developed at the request of TSR, Inc. (later Wizards of the Coast, the current owner). It includes over 450 maps. Later updates would bring the number of maps to over 850. The maps are consistent with the timeline as presented in AD&D's second edition of the campaign setting and novels.
ENVI-met20940ENVI-met is a 3D urban climate modeling tool for simulating the microclimatic effects of buildings, vegetation, and other objects in the fields of urban design and planning and real-estate development.
UndertaleModTool20939A decompiler for GSM:2 games including Undertale.
System Shock Remake20938Remake of System Shock I by Nightdive Studios
Reader Rabbit 120937Play basic games accompanied by Reader Rabbit and friends in the Word Factory. Ages 3-6.
Ready to Read with Pooh20936Help various characters from the Whinnie The Pooh franchise, each with a different reading-related task for the player to perform. This can unlock fun items back at your treehouse.
Orca AVA20935ORCA is a software used in Germany by architectural offices, engineering offices, construction departments.
The Notzing Project20933A first person exploration game that also has a light bit of survival horror near the end. 
Nearby Share20932Send and receive photos, documents and more between nearby Android devices1 and Windows PCs.
Tribal Hunter20931A videogame with character weight changing (�size-changing�) mechanics
Firecast20928Text-centric app for tabletop RPGs.
Metal Slug 420926Metal Slug 4 is a run and gun video game for the Neo-Geo console/arcade platform created by Mega Enterprise along with Noise Factory. It was released in 2002 for the Neo-Geo MVS arcade platform, and is the fourth game in the Metal Slug series.
Cisco Webex20925Not to be confused with Cisco Webex Meetings or Cisco WebEx Connect, which are completely different applications altogether. This is the application that succeeds Cisco Webex Meetings.
JumpStart 2nd Grade20923An educational game in the JumpStart-series released in 1996 on a single CD-release. Play through educational subjects such as math, grammar, language, geography etc.
Duke Nukem Forever 200120921DNF2001 or Duke Nukem Forever: Restoration Project is a fan-based attempt to rebuild DNF how it was meant to be played.
Cloud PBX2.020920Cloud PBX is a Telekom Cloud telephony based on Webex
NASCAR 21: Ignition20919A NASCAR racing game released in October 2021 by Motorsports Games.
NASCAR Heat 520918A NASCAR racing game released by 704 Games in July 2020. Rights to the game are currently held by Motorsports Games.
WordTsar20917Wordstar for the 21st Century.
ACE Studio20916An advanced AI singing voice synthesis workstation.
MicroStrategy20915Microstrategy is a software that helps people make sense of data. It lets you analyze large amounts of data and turn it into useful information that can help you make better decisions.
Mcool20911Minimalist audio player
serialEM20910SerialEM is software package for data acquisition from electron microscopes
Song of Horror: Complete Edition20909A survival horror adventure game with fixed-camera view. The title of the game is related the cursed song in the story. The story starts with people disappearing, which is found be related to a nameless dark entity known only as The Presence. The Presence is controlled by A.I. that adapts to the game player's decisions and actions. The Complete Edition contains five episodes.
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