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Aperio ImageScope19879Allows to visualize microscopy slides in full resolution, as a virtual microscope.
Metro Exodus19878The last game of the Metro trilogy.
Picture It!19877Microsoft Picture It! is a photo editing and publishing application aimed at home users, allowing them to easily edit, manipulate, print and share photos.
Topaz Video Enhance AI19875Video Enhance AI is an application that uses machine learning to upscale a video.
TomConLite19874Software for displaying or analyzing x-ray pictures.
Myst 4: Revelation19873Fourth in the series of Myst games. The story continues with rich graphics and sound and an immersive point and click environment.
DaytonAudio DATS V319872The DaytonAudio DATS V3 Computer Based Audio Component Test System is a bundle of a hardware device sold by DaytonAudio and a complementary piece of software.
JPEGsnoop19871A simple yet useful application that allows you to analyse the contents of various different kinds of images.
Arturia Software Center19869Licence manager and downloader and updater for Arturia software, instruments.
Destroy All Humans! (2020)19868Unreal Engine 4 Destroy All Humans! remake developed by Black Forest Games and published by THQ Nordic
fityk19867I use it to:
Desperados 319866In the prequel to Desperados : Wanted dead or Alive we get to know the origin story of John Cooper.
SuperTuxKart19864Fun racing game that includes linux and open source mascots.
SkyTrack19863SkyTrack is an application aimed at tracking satellites and celestial bodies with amateur telescopes. 
VMWare Converter Standalone19862VMWare Converter Standalone is a utilitiy to convert physical systems into virtual machines for VMWare-based hypervisors (i.e. vSphere ESXi).
Accelrys Draw 4.219860A piece of software do draw chemical structures, especially organic compounds; automatic naming of the drawn structures
INSOMNIA: The Ark19859INSOMNIA - a gloomy post-apocalyptic RPG, which takes place on a huge space station. Here, your rivals will be not only people, but also aggressive creatures, hunger, thirst and Somnia - a poorly studied mental illness.
MCC Toolchest PE19858MCC Toolchest is Minecraft Bedrock equivalent of NBTExplorer.
Honkai Impact 319857A game about fighting "Honkai" that came on the earth
Epic Battle Fantasy 419856Light-hearted turn-based RPG, heavily inspired by old classics like Final Fantasy and Golden Sun
Cavalry19854A compositing program with the main focus on 2D, mainly animation, effects and motion graphics.
NZXT CAM19852Utility that allows control of NZXT smart devices.
Aorus RGB Fusion19851Utility to control and configure lighting effects for Gigabyte products.
Image Lab19849Image Lab software is for personal computers running Windows and Mac OS
Pokemon Reborn198482D top view adventure game. It is a fan's game.
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