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Character Map19469Displays all characters available in a particular font and allows copying them to the clipboard to paste into documents.
PassMark DiskCheckup19471This software allow to view, log, and monitor the SMART values of a HDD (hard disk drive) or a SSD drive.
transocean 2: Rivals19475transocean is a shipping simulation game. You get to manage a shipping company.
JBL Line Array Calculator 3.219477This is software to calculate splay angles for line array speaker systems, and export to the control software.s
Maxcut19478Maxcut is used to create accurate cutting diagrams and costing estimates for the wood, cabinetry and metalwork industry.
Ed Hunter19479A rail shooter game included as part of the Ed Hunter album by heavy metal band Iron Maiden.
Shepard Fairey VR - DAMAGED19480VR art gallery of the Shepard Fairey show: 'Damaged' (2018).
NoPayStation Browser19481It's the best way to acquire Playstation Vita, Playstation 3, Playstation, and Playstation Portable games, with high speeds directly from the Playstation store and no worries about harmful code or restrictions. This program is used to backup games you own digitally, in case of a game breaking or going missing. 
Samorost 119483Short flash based puzzle game. First released in 2003.
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