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DriveThruRPG Library Client20047DriveThruRPG Library Client is an application that allows the user to download their purchased items from all One Bookshelf such as RPG Now, DriveThru Books and others.
carrion20046carrion is a reverse-horror where you control an unknown creature looking like a red body-horror blob eating humans and escaping into the world.
OuDia20045Train diagram drawing software
Microchip Bluetooth Device Firmware Upgrade Utility20043A utility for upgrading the firmware on Microchip Bluetooth Modules.
Camera Control20042Unofficial implementation of the Olympus OI Share apps functionality for windows computers.
War Robots20041MMO TPS with mechs. First released in 2014.
Genshin Impact20040Action role-playing game in a fantasy-based open world game.
tradestation20039This is a desktop application from
Crysis Remastered20038In 2020 Crysis Remastered was released and is a remaster of the original Crysis – which was powered by Cryengine 2.x – in a version of Cryengine 5.x.
Insta360 Studio 202020037This application edits video and still images from Insta360 products, particularly the popular Insta360 ONE X / EVO / ONE R action cameras.
Serious Sam 420035The fourth mainline title in the Serious Sam franchise, in which the player is pitted against thousands of enemies at once and must balance weapon choices and terrain navigation to make it out alive.
Toni Hawk's Pro Skater 1+220033Remake of Toni Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2.
Quick 'n Easy Web Service20032Quick 'n Easy Web Service is a windows service that allows you to run an asp (vbscript or jscript) web server based on Quick' n Easy Web Server but without a graphical interface.
iZotope Product Portal20031The iZotope Product Portal is now the only real way to verify ALL iZotope products.
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant Solutions 19.020030The defacto standard Windows accounting software
Cricut Design Space20029Cricut Design Space used to be on the cloud. The company has switched to an application. The app is only Windows and Mac compliant. You cannot even download this app if you have Linux system. I placed a call to tech support and got lucky. A tech there uploaded the .exe to his google drive and shared with me. I now have a copy of the Design Space .exe installer. Wine installed it but could not load it past a black unresponsive window. My next stop is a virtual machine. But I thought to post it here so someone with more software skills with me can maybe tinker with it. I stored a copy on my own Drive space.
Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling20028Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling is an Adventure RPG
Kemono Friends Cellien May Cry20027"Kemono Friends Cellien May Cry" (Kemono Friends CMC) is a derivative game of "Kemono Friends Project" developed by SakamotoRyuu.
Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel20026A fighting game made by Examu featuring Heart Aino from Arcana Heart 3. Among other characters from Nitroplus franchises.
Shrek SuperSlam20025Shrek SuperSlam is a fighting video game featuring characters from the Shrek film series.
Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair20024Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair is a side-scrolling 2D platform game. The player controls Yooka, a male chameleon, and Laylee, a female bat, to complete various levels. The objective is to collect quills and coins, as well as to free a member of the "Beetalion". The members of the Beetalion each give Yooka and Laylee an extra hit point for use on the final level. Coins are used to unlock further progress on the overworld. Notably, it is possible to enter the final level at any point in the game, though it is heavily encouraged that the player first secure extra hit points by beating the other levels first. It is a spin-off of Yooka-Laylee (2017).
hedgewars20023Hedgewars is a turn-based strategy, artillery, action and comedy game, featuring the antics of pink hedgehogs with attitude as they battle from the depths of hell to the depths of space.
Hyundai Atoz 2002 Shop Manual20022Hyundai Atoz / Atos workshop manual - 1998 - 2002
CADSTAR Design Viewer20021Share and Review CADSTAR Designs
NetLogo20020A programmable modelling environment used in educational institutions.
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