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Delta Force: Land Warrior2951st person shooter
PhotoImpact298Image/Photo editing suite; does vector and pixel graphics, special effects,
ACDSee299Popular powerful image viewer/editor.
Mercury Mail300Mailserver for windows. POP3/ SMTP/ IMAP/ Mailinglist
MechCommander301Real-time tactics (RTT) game based on MechWarrior/BattleTech.  Succeeded by MechCommander 2.
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing308Software to teach typing.
Lotus 123313Spreadsheet
Reference Manager315A program that manipulates a scientific bibliographic database. It also places
SolidWorks318SOLIDWORKS - Linux (Wine-Version)
Championship Manager: Season 03/04321Championship Manager: Season 03/04.
Sudden Strike322RTS during WW2. Released in 2001
Tally328Tally is the primary Accounting Package used in India. As India had opted for VAT system for Tax Administration, more people are switching to this wonderful accounting package
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri332The true sequel to Civilization, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (SMAC) continues the story of the first colony ship sent from Earth. Choose one of seven factions to play, and struggle for control
Multimedia Fusion335Point-and-click RAD environment for application and game development. See:
FileMaker Pro337Easy to use and program relational database. Currently has native MAC and PC desktop and PC, MAC and Linux native Server Software.
Carmageddon338the driving game that says "kill kill kill!" and at the same time still going strong on the 'playable to death' charts. Brilliant multiplayer too.
Lightwave339LightWave is a complete 3D solution to model, render and animate. Used
Act!341Contact management software. Very powerful and useful business tool.
3D Studio MAX343Highly customizable and scalable 3D animation, modeling and rendering solution for creative professionals and large-scale pipelines.
Midtown Madness 2345Popular racing game developed by Angel Studios (Now Rockstar San Diego) and published by Microsoft Game Studios in September 2, 2000. Contains two cities, twenty cars, several racing modes, and a modification community that has well documented 98% of its file formats.
MapInfo346MapInfo is a popular Geographic Information System (GIS) for Windows
Mozilla349The open-source version of the next generation of Netscape.
PuTTY356Putty is a free and simple telnet/ssh client for windows.
POSE (Palm OS Emulator)359Palm OS Emulator­
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