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SiSoft Sandra8364SiSoft Sandra is a multi-purpose system information and benchmarking utility. Tom's Hardware uses Sandra to compare hardware components. It is useful for benchmarking CPU, memory and disk performance.
Site Spinner3453WYSIWYG HTML Editor from Virtual Mechanics
SiteUnseen9957"SiteUnseen is the website content analyzer and download manager that parses HTML and JavaScript in Web Pages, finds, downloads and saves user specified file types, jpg, mp3, mpg, etc and searches the website following links, analyzing pages and finding files throughout the site." That is the description from the site, which I pasted here because I couldn't have said it better myself. In short, a download manager that can scan a web page and find all the files available for download within in it, which means you can download it all with one click, rather than doing so individually for each file, as one would usually do.
Siyapatha10632Siyapatha is one of the very few typing tutor software for Sinhala users. 
siz11259A huge business application, written in Visual Basic for order/manage/bill journal subscriptions.
SizeMe7940M­akes it possible to scan a directory and compare it to how many floppy/zip/CD-R/DVD-discs you need. (Many calls it spanning or span of elements over a medium). It tries to fill each disc up as much as possible, and gives you the result on each disc.
Sizer7736Testing, look, the industrial embroidery
SJ Phone4050A SIP H323 soft phone
SjBoy Emulator12408Utility for emulation Java Mobile Edition (J2ME) Platform.
Skaletracker6406Skaletracker allows the you to compose music-modules. It has a Fasttracker-like" user interface, but but with many enhanced features and its own music-module-format (.skm) in 16bit 48khz, asio, vst and midi support.
Skat2000+17215Skat2000+ is an excellent simulation of the famous German card game "Skat", suitable for both beginners and advanced players, available in german and english language.
SKCLogger16652The SKCCLogger:
SkedPal17939App to efficiently manage your time and your tasks.
SketchUp1815Formerly Google Sketchup now owned by Trimble. 
Ski Challenge '054765TPP skiing game with very good physics.
Ski Challenge 098788Free online skiing game originally from the austrian TV (ORF).
Ski Challenge 201010690The Ski Challenge is a game, which is free and makes it possible to go virtual skiing. It´s made every year and for different Countries. The best version is the austrian, because of not many advertisement in the game.
Ski Park Tycoon16776Classic Tycoon game where you have to manage a ski resort.
Ski Racing 20063119A good Ski Racing Sim
Ski Region Simulator 201216515A Simulator in which you have to take control over a region.
Ski Resort Extreme6700A Ski Resort management game.
Skichallenge 201010750It's a free (online) skiing game. SkiChallenge is a realistic simulation of the alpine ski world cup. While or after real cups, it's possible to download the real slopes.
SkiFree317A really great skiing game, and it works perfectly in wine!
SkillSoft Course Manager8944SkillSoft Course Manager allows you to use Skillsoft training software locally.
Skin Editor5479Skin editor for 3D Vista Publisher/Show/Studio.
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