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Sprouts Adventure14181Sprouts are curious creatures who have lived a very long time on the
SprutCAM12544A CAM software for CNC programming for cutting, wire EDM, 2, 3 and multi axial
SPSS1028A very commonly used statistical analysis package.
SPSS Legacy Viewer (Smart Viewer)15410Viewer for output files (.spo) created using older versions of SPSS (<16.0).
Spud15168Popular emulator for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum series of computers.
Spy Fox: Operation Ozone4538This is a classic detective / puzzle type game in which Spy fox, who is a fox that sounds like Maxwell Smart, must solve.
Spybot - Search & Destroy3722Spybot - Search & Destroy detects and removes spyware, a relatively
spycraft6092As a new CIA operative, you've been called to Washington. Apparently a Russian candidate for president was assassinated (read: shot) while giving a public speech. Can you uncover a conspiracy that reaches the highest level of government (both US and Russia)?
Spyder4079Application for monitor calibration
Spyder3Elite9354Monitor color calibration software and associated hardware probe, used to create color profiles.
Spyder3Print9355Color calibration tool for printer, with hardware probe.
Spykee13555Spykee is a wifi robot.
SpyParty15206SpyParty is a spy game about human behavior, performance, perception, and deception.
Spyware Terminator11330Provides real time protection against spyware and viruses
Sqirlz Morph4578Sqirlz Morph allows you to mark features on several images, and the program mixes the images so that each feature on one image moves smoothly to the corresponding feature on the other images. Any number of images can be morphed together, so try mixing all your family's faces at the same time. Morph animations can be saved as Macromedia Flash (SWF) files, AVI video clips, and bitmap and JPEG files.
SQL Manager for PostgreSQL4619EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL is a high
SQL Manager Lite for PostgreSQL (version SQL Manager for PostgreSQL is a high performance tool for PostgreSQL database administration and development. It works with any PostgreSQL versions up to the newest one and supports the latest PostgreSQL features including exclusion constrains, ‘when’ clause of triggers, functions returning table, and others. SQL Manager for PostgreSQL offers plenty of powerful database tools such as Visual Database Designer to create PostgreSQL database in few clicks, Visual Query Builder to build complicated PostgreSQL queries, powerful BLOB editor and many more useful features for efficient PostgreSQL administration. SQL Manager for PostgreSQL has a state-of-the-art graphical user interface with well-described wizard system, so clear in use that even a newbie will not be confused with it.
SQL Navigator8071Great tool for Oracle PL/SQL server-side development
SQL Server Express Edition11312Microsoft's free version of their database server.
SQLBalance for MySQL3936SQLBalance is a nice tool for synchonizing MySQL tables running on different machines. You can synchonize just the table structure or the table structure and data. If you need this tool your REALLY need it.
SQLite Administrator8816A GUI tool to create, edit and process SQLite databases.
SQLite Expert13525SQLite Expert is a database administration application for SQLite databases. Easy to use, with a clean gui and plenty of commonly used options when designing and optimizing an SQLite database.
SQLiteSpy2672SqliteSpy is a GUI manager for SQLite databases
SQLNotes6335SQLNotes (code name) is a new type of information management software (IMS), with Ecco Pro style outlining, Access-like tables (for relational data), Excel-like Pivot table and Microsoft Word-like editing and mail-merge. SQLNotes is a PIM, but it is much more. It is also a Workgroup Information Manager, being fully networkable. Unlike other PIM or IMS, your SQLNotes data is fully accessible to other applications, whether it is Microsoft Office or any other modern Office suite (through the built-in ODBC
SQLTools5500An free Oracle development tool similar to TOAD.
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