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SQLite Administrator8816A GUI tool to create, edit and process SQLite databases.
SQLite Expert13525SQLite Expert is a database administration application for SQLite databases. Easy to use, with a clean gui and plenty of commonly used options when designing and optimizing an SQLite database.
SQLiteSpy2672SqliteSpy is a GUI manager for SQLite databases
SQLNotes6335SQLNotes (code name) is a new type of information management software (IMS), with Ecco Pro style outlining, Access-like tables (for relational data), Excel-like Pivot table and Microsoft Word-like editing and mail-merge. SQLNotes is a PIM, but it is much more. It is also a Workgroup Information Manager, being fully networkable. Unlike other PIM or IMS, your SQLNotes data is fully accessible to other applications, whether it is Microsoft Office or any other modern Office suite (through the built-in ODBC
SQLTools5500An free Oracle development tool similar to TOAD.
SQLTools++10302SQLTools++ is based on the original open
SQLyog1328MySQL GUI Front End to manage your MySQL databases anywhere in the world. Supports MySQL version 5.x. Very efficent with low 'footprint' on client system. Many advanced features. For developers and DBA's - novices as well as experts.
Squid3544Squid Demo
SR 3D Builder11802A 3D CAD program that uses the LDraw library of LEGO(R) parts.
SRIM5992­SRIM, the Stopping and Range of Ions in Matter, is a group of programs which calculate the stopping and range of ions (up to 2 GeV/amu) into matter using a quantum mechanical treatment of ion-atom collisions (assuming a moving atom as an "ion", and all target atoms as "atoms"). This calculation is made very efficient by the use of statistical algorithms which allow the ion to make jumps between calculated collisions and then averaging the collision results over the intervening gap. During the collisions, the ion and atom have a screened Coulomb collision, including exchange and correlation interactions between the overlapping electron shells. The ion has long range interactions creating electron excitations and plasmons within the target. These are described by including a description of the target's collective electronic structure and interatomic bond structure when the calculation is setup (tables of nominal values are supplied). The charge state of the ion within the target is described using the concept of effective charge, which includes a velocity dependent charge state and long range screening due to the collective electron sea of the target.
SRM Training System2815SRM Training System software is a Windows based application that allows users to download and analyze power output data generated from an SRM crankset.
SRS Audio Sandbox11725SRS Audio Sandbox is an audio enhancement software which will improve the sound quality and apply special effects such as surround sound over two speakers.
SRTtoSSA (aka Converser)11856Convert file from SRT format to Substation Alpha (SSA) format, which is used by the subtitler.vdf Virtualdub plugin,  for hardsubbing subtitles.
SRWare Iron9642SRWare Iron is a powerfull Webbrowser, based on the free "Chromium". It has no User-ID like in Google Chrome, which gives you more privacy.
SSC Service Utility8880The SSC Service Utility for Epson printers, will allow you to do simple or very advanced things with your Epson printer.
SSF4688SSF is a Sega Saturn emulator for Windows systems using DirectX 9.0c. The current version claims near-complete implementation of the Sega Saturn hardware (not counting emulation bugs), and can emulate the Saturn based Sega Titan Video arcade hardware too.
SSH Secure Shell13694SSH Secure Shell, which contains a connection (terminal) client and a file transfer client, is a software aims at creating an easy-to-use encrypted file transfer over the Internet.
SSN9997Submarine simulator from 1996 by Tom Clancy.
SSPI Workbench3857Explore SSPI authentication protocols like Kerberos, NTLM or Negotiate.
SST (Secure Shuttle Transport) Client9614Instant Messanger with secure transfering of messages and files. Feature of secure FTP upload, e-mail sending. Has support of VoIP and video chat.
SSTool16677SSTool is an all-in-one patcher / installer for System Shock 2. You do not need to struggle with the original installer. Just copy the Shock folder from the CD, copy SSTool into that folder, then run it from there. The game will be installed and fully patched.
ST MCU Toolset10843IDE for ST microcontrollers.
Staad pro10637civil/structural FEM software
Stabicad11410Dutch enginering software
Stacked Poker5089Learn the basics as well as advanced strategies in this poker simulation game, Exclusive version of the Poki Artificial Intelligence system, Detailed points system ranks players based on performance, Endorsed by Texas Hold 'Em champ Daniel Negreanu, Multi-table tournament system for realistic online poker action
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