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SurDoc16437We believe that cloud storage should be free, just like email.
SureThing CD/DVD Labeler13636Design CD/DVD labels
Surf's Up9430A Game from Ubisoft based on Surf's Up Animated Movie- 2007
Surfer1423A scientific graphics package to plot 2-argument functions and maps.
Surpac156563D visualisation and modelling software for geology and mineral resources
Survival Crisis Z14171Survival Crisis Z is a roleplaying and survival-horror game which
Survival: The Ultimate Challenge13503The gamer controls a group of marooned characters on islands and has the objective of leading them to safety, using survival skill like building shelters, crafting tools, hunting, gathering food, fighting wild animals, etc.
Suunto Dive Manager (SDM)4111­Suunto Dive Manager (SDM) is a premium tool for recording, organizing and retrieving dive information from your Suunto dive computer. The program allows easy retrieval and printing of data, creation of dive graphs and addition of notes to the log­book.
Suunto Training Manager9646Software application for viewing data recorded on Suunto t6/t6c heart rate monitors or Suunto memory belts.
Suunto Trek Manager12192Manage your Suunto X9i watc. Including GPS logs.
Suwapyon - Suwako's Jumping Shooting Game14307A Touhou fan game featuring Suwako on her adventure across Gensokyo, jumping and shooting all the way. A 2.5D shooter with some traditional Touhou mechanics.
SUXX2892SUXX is yet another xiso extractor that does rar-files on the fly, and some other stuff
Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing7524A fast racing game with motorbikes.
sv.Net classic4965Sv.Net Classic is a program you can use to submit information about your employee for german general social welfare insurance purposes and records.
SVCS4355SVCS is the core of the vetmanage software package, It provides a reliable database for handling patient and client records.
Sven Coop8790A popular Half Life modification focused on cooperative game play. 
Svenska Spels Poker4406Pokerclient - A pokerclient from
SVN-Monitor9484NOTE: The SVN-Monitor project has been discontinued. The successor (commercial product) is called Vercue.
swan song12545a visual novel from flying shine which translated into english.
Swannview Plus NVR Client16340SwannView is a remote client for managing and viewing live and recorded surveillance video from a Swann NVR (Network Video Recorder)
Swansoft SSCNC Simulator16392Version : 7.0.75
Swarm Arena12996An arcade-style game where you control particle-like minions to destroy enemies.
SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle3079SWAT 3 is a first person simulation of what SWAT has to endure putting you in the spot as the element leader of a squad. You must issue commands to your squad and take point yourself to achieve the missions ranging from "High Risk Arrest Warrants" to "Barricaded Hostage" situations all the while maintaining usual police behaviour (shouting for compliance, cuffing suspects, etc).
SWAT 42919This game puts you in command of a SWAT team. You have to direct your team to complete the missions carefully, without getting killed or losing too many points. Strategy is important in this game.
SWF Decompiler3487Program to extract flash elements (sounds, pictures etc.) from compiled SWF file.
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