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Slam Tilt15266Slam Tilt pinball game published by 21st Century Entertainment in 1997.
Slam!10964Slam! is an air hockey game designed for Windows 3.x.
SlamIt Pinball: Big Score11901SlamIt Pinball is pinball simulation game
Slave Zero2164Released 1999, Slave Zero is a 3D action RPG/shooter with some platform game elements.
Slaves to Armok II: Dwarf Fortress5608The player explores a large, randomly-generated fantasy world in one of two modes.
Slay2689Slay installs and allows you to play on first install but will not run on subsequent attempts
Sledgehammer11185Sledgehammer is a pure action game on wheels, and a festival of
Sleep is Death (Geisterfahrer)11394Sleep is death (Geisterfahrer) is a storytelling game for two players via network. One player assumes the role of storyteller, and the other controls the protagonist. The storyteller have access to many different tools for creating the scene to create both graphics and music. There is no AI in the game, everything is up to the storyteller.
Sleeping Dogs14499Third-person action game by United Front Games developer.
Sleipnir7887Fenrir is a Japanese, fully customiseable Web-Browser by Fenrir-inc. You can change the used Browser-Engine ( Internet-Explorers Trident-Engine or Mozillas Gecko-Engine ). 
Slender14336Horror game made by Parsec Production, released in 2012 and based in slenderman creepypastas
Slice Poker Equity Calculator11767Slice :: A Powerful Poker Equity Calculator
SlickEdit6577SlickEdit is a source code editor that provides syntax highlighting, code navigation and customizable keyboard shortcuts.
Slidewrite Plus for Windows1053Technical graphing, curve-fitting and data analysis functions that can transform your data into technical graphs and charts.
Slingo Quest Hawaii8481Downloadable game based on the original online game Slingo. A mixture of Bingo and Slot Machines.
SlingPlayer3136The SlingPlayer software works hand-in-hand with the hardware in the
Slipstream 500015315Futuristic 3D racing game released by Gremlin Interactive.
sLORETA10592low resolution brain electromagnetic tomographyon the EEG or MEG data
Slot Machine 988306one arm bandit poker machine
Slots featuring WMS Gaming9162Bring the casino home tonight with Slots featuring WMS Gaming! Two
Slots WMS Double Pack15009Casino game with a list of slot machines, pick one play.
Slowview6856A small image viewer for windows.
sm50b9700SM50B is a tool to get the connection information of some ADSL routers used i.e. by Arcor and others (SpeedModem 50 and 200)
SMA Sunny Explorer15734
Small World 216119A digital port of the boardgame.  Which is an area-control game with random powers for the various armies.
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