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Starship Troopers Terran Ascendancy11769Based on starship troopers the movie with equipment based on the movie and more advance
Starship Tycoon10390Starship Tycoon is a management/strategy game that puts you in
Starships Unlimited III6013A turn-based strategy game of star empires and starships. Build
Starsiege5563Starsiege offers players the ability to pilot a wide variety of massive bipedal war machines known as HERCULANs (Humaniform-Emulation Roboticized Combat Unit with Leg-Articulated Navigation) (or 'HERCs' for short), as well as several tanks. Set in 2829, Starsiege contains an array of advanced technology, and numerous upgrades are available for each vehicle. Starsiege takes place across a number of planets and moons in the solar system, offering a range of different locations throughout the game and in multiplayer battles, including Earth, Titan, Luna, Mars, Venus, and Mercury.
Starsiege: Tribes102Players use single-player training missions to develop the skills required to become full-fledged warriors, but the real heat of TRIBES radiates from multiplayer combat between two to 32 players connected over the Internet or LAN.
Starsiege:28454520The Alpha Tech Release of a game set in the Starsiege universe, with a heavy emphasis on mecha and vehicles. While players can run around on-foot, most of the action takes place in mecha.
Starsky and Hutch11368starsky and hutch tv series based game
StArt16096The application is a tool that aim to help the researchers to apply the systematic review technique.
Startopia4336Startopia is a strategy-management like game. where you run a space station, buy equipment. missions are varied - you have to attract tourists, detain prisoners, run a space-hospital, farm etc. etc.
Startwrite2503Worksheet generator for handwriting for teachers. Has several fonts similar to D'Nealian, Zaner-Bloser, Getty & Dubay and Handwriting Without Tears in both manuscript and cursive styles. Worksheets can be made with or without rule lines. Rule lines only apply to included fonts. Extra fonts installed on system cannot have lines added. All included fonts can be generated in dotted trace, solid or shaded styles. Worksheets can also include graphics.
StarUML4823Program to design SW using the UML Methodology
StarWind Software Image Converter10797The application converts Microsoft Hyper-V files to VMWare .vmdk files.  Worked perfectly the frist try!
Stashmate16576Free database designed to manage a scale modeller's stash of model kits
Stasis17094Sci-fi horrifying tale.
Stat 'n' Perf5969A useful application that monitors your upload and download.
Stata430Professional statistical package like SAS.
Stata/SE7656Stata is a complete, integrated statistical package that provides everything someone might need for data analysis, data management, and graphics.
State of Decay15654An open world zombie-survival game made by Undead Labs and released by Microsoft Games Studios. It makes use of the CryEngine 3, so you must have a powerful rig to run it.
State of War10509Real time strategy, where you don't build factories. You have to capture them instead and then they start to produce units in regular intervals. Money are there only to build defensive structures. Some buildings add special bonuses to you, so that you can achieve victory better/faster.
StateShift14344Strap yourself to your PC and brace yourself for the high-octane headrush of StateShift! Take on 15 other fearless racers across 9 exhilarating tournaments to claim your title as the greatest driver in the world!
Statgraphics Centurion12622A powerful statistical analysis program
StatGRaphics Plus3347Statistical analysis suite, complete statistical design
Station Launcher5997Station
Statistica364Scientific statistic tool,statistical, graphical, and analytic data management procedures, but also comprehensive implementations of specialized methods for data analysis (e.g., data mining, business, social sciences, biomedical research, or engineering applications).
statview9091Graphical software for statistical analysis
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