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Sportsbook Poker Client9208Poker client skin for customers. Connects to the Cake network for poker. 
Sportster Modem Flasher16247This application allows to upgrade the flash memory of USRobotics Sportster Modems with custom content.  Upgrading the firmware allows for V.90/etc. support in older hardware.
SportTracks9797GPS-enabled exercise logbook software.
Spot! Desktop Adventures3346A nice software-rendering demo from exceed. It was demonstrated at assembly 2000 and got the 1st place in demo category.
Spotfire13826This program allows you to analyse data in a graphic way. Large data sets can be explored by generating multiple graphs of any variable you are interested in. These graphs are interconnected so you can get a deep insight into the data.
Spotify8514Subscription-based streaming audio player
Spotimote16631This app is a server for the Spotimote app for your android device. It allows you to control Spotify on your PC from your android device.
Spread Pro10126This is a little spreadsheet compatible with Excel 4 and 5. It uses a Formula One format archive (.vts) with default. The producer (Techmarc) does not exists anymore. This spreadsheet was a development from de XCell 1.03 (also from Techmarc) and this is the last release.
Sprint Connection Manager5054This software lets you use a sprint phone as a modem.
Sprint-Layout10911Easy to use PCB editor for Windows.
Sprite Explorer14779An application that allows the opening and creation of .spr files and .pak (for sprites only) files.
Sprouts Adventure14181Sprouts are curious creatures who have lived a very long time on the
SprutCAM12544A CAM software for CNC programming for cutting, wire EDM, 2, 3 and multi axial
SPSS1028A very commonly used statistical analysis package.
SPSS Legacy Viewer (Smart Viewer)15410Viewer for output files (.spo) created using older versions of SPSS (<16.0).
Spud15168Popular emulator for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum series of computers.
Spy Fox: Operation Ozone4538This is a classic detective / puzzle type game in which Spy fox, who is a fox that sounds like Maxwell Smart, must solve.
Spybot - Search & Destroy3722Spybot - Search & Destroy detects and removes spyware, a relatively
spycraft6092As a new CIA operative, you've been called to Washington. Apparently a Russian candidate for president was assassinated (read: shot) while giving a public speech. Can you uncover a conspiracy that reaches the highest level of government (both US and Russia)?
Spyder4079Application for monitor calibration
Spyder3Elite9354Monitor color calibration software and associated hardware probe, used to create color profiles.
Spyder3Print9355Color calibration tool for printer, with hardware probe.
Spykee13555Spykee is a wifi robot.
SpyParty15206SpyParty is a spy game about human behavior, performance, perception, and deception.
Spyware Terminator11330Provides real time protection against spyware and viruses
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