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TA Lines4365A charting software for those traders, who're using Tactica Adversa.
TA Spring2981Open source project:
TabIt9311TabIt is a simple but well featured guitar tab editor and player. It has a vast community of tabs located at it's website. It uses Midi to play back tabs and can tab Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Drums, Vocals, Piano and any other instruments that can have their notation written in tab.
Table Aliens 200013032Times Table Game with Aliens built in 2000 and for Windows 95 or later and Mac
Table Point of Sale12764A simple POS system for restaurants. Reports in OpenOffice (Calc) -- as such, you must have the Windows (read Wine) version of it installed.
Table Tennis Pro4338The Ultimate Table Tennis (Ping-Pong) Simulator.
Tableau Public15996Free version of the popular Tableau Desktop data visualization software.
TablEdit38TablEdit is a program for creating, editing, print­ing and listening to tablature and sheet music (standard notation) for guitar and other fretted, stringed instruments. Also handles tin whistles, diatonic accordians, harmonicas ...
TableSmith16013A GM's utility for designing and rolling random results from tables
TABrite9971TABrite is a tablature editor (formerly shareware, now a free download) for instruments with four, five, and six strings. String tunings can be manually set, and midi files can be generated for playback.
Tachyon: The Fringe366A nice space shooter game similar to Wing Commander. Has very nice rendering and two campaigns.
TacOps 411720TacOps 4 is a serious turned based tactics game set in modern times.
Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror2992A 3D Shooter very similar to Counter Strike with better graphics
Tag & Rename4237A universal tag editor with abilities to grab data from FreeDB and Amazon
Tag: The Power of Paint9507Tag: the Power of Paint is a first person shooter / puzzle game developed by the Tag Team.
TagScanner7362TagScanner is a multifunction program for organizing and managing your
Taikodom8622Taikodom is a scifi MMOG . In fact, it is claimed to be a MSC (Massive Social Game) by the vendor. It features a career system, realistic ship dynamics, crafting system and more.
Taikojiro14689Taikojiro (太鼓さん次郎) is a beats-playing music game which mimics the famous music game Taiko no Tatsujin (太鼓の達人). Your aim is to press the keys designated on the screen to play your taiko with the music. Score more points by playing more accurately.
Taimanin Asagi10643A bishoujo game telling the story of Asagi of the Taimanin (a group of anti-demon ninja). After killing Oboro and ending her reign, Asagi retires from her work as a Taimanin. A few years later, someone is killing Taimanin members one by one, causing Asagi to realise that Oboro may have somehow survived.
Taipan8305Taipan for Windows is remake of the classic trading
Taipei8146Mahjongg game from windows 3.1
Tak Lossless Audio4679TAK is a lossless audio compressor, similar to FLAC, WavPack and Monkey's Audio. On average, lossless compression reduces the file size to about 50 percent of the original size; however the compression can vary between approximately 30 and 70 percent, depending on the file. Decompression restores a bit identical copy of the original audio data (that's why we call it lossless).
Take Command - 2nd Man.5187Following up their award winning Take Command: Civil War Bull Run, MadMinute explores this pivotal battle of the Civil War in 1862. An exciting new feature of TC2M will be carryover in scenarios or connected battles. New carryover scenarios will start with the men that survived the previous day's battle. So your command decisions will not just affect today, they will affect tomorrow as well and maybe even the day after that. TC2M will also include 2 other crucial battles of the 2nd Manassas Campaign: Cedar Mountain and Chantilly.
Take command/321416GUI tool for accessing 4DOS (an enhanced COMMAND.COM replacement) command-line features under windows.
Take On Helicopters13817Take On Helicopters is a helicopter simulation game released by Bohemia Interactive. It provides a large range of different helicopters, several locations to fly in alongside singleplayer and multiplayer challenges and tutorials. The flight system is complex enough to appear accurate, but accessible enough for players new to flight simulators or helicopter games.
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