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Soda Pipes4674A fairly addicitng game where the player has to connect pipes to eith achieve high scores for large set-ups, or complete complex puzzles.
SoEasy Accounting7084SoEasy is a fully featured accounting and business management package suited to small to medium sized businesses.
SoftChrono13295Measure the velocity of a projectile with sound.
SoftFSB4300A utility which can be used to overclock CPUs in real-time. Especially useful with motherboards that do not support overclocking.
Softimage XSI8161A (unGodly expensive) 3D graphics editing program for making games and the like. Comparable to Autodesk Maya and 3DStudio Max.
SoftMac16749Classic 68K Macintosh emulator for Windows. Uses .hfx or .dsk files as simulated disks. Requires Mac ROM files that can be obtained from your own Mac or found online, as well as Mac OS (7.5 is available from Apple).
SoftMaker Office4297SoftMaker Office is an office productivity suite. It includes key desktop applications, such as a word processor (as TextMaker) and spreadsheet (as PlanMaker) with a user interface and clip feature set similar to other office suites. There are also native Ports for BSD, Linux and Windows CE, so this is only a nice testcase for Wine.
SoftMaker Viewer5670open a document created in Microsoft Word, TextMaker, or OpenDocument format, but you haven't installed the respective word processor
SoftPerfect Network Scanner7978This is a light weight ip scanner free to use software can do a lot of things not as better than the nmap linux tool but very handy.
SoftPlan 1312659SoftPlan was developed specifically to automate the design and presentation of residential and light
Softros LAN messenger7237Softros LAN Messenger is a instant LAN messaging software application for home or office users.
Software Toolworks World Atlas2162This is a Windows program for displaying a number of political maps of the world as it appeared twenty years ago (populations as of 1986, East and West Germany shown seperately, a big country called "Soviet Union" in northern Asia...).
Software transcode file audio TL-2588704Applicazione che converte file video per risoluzioni minori adattandoli ai lettori mp4 t-logic, utilizzabile anche per altri riproduttori (ad es. io lo uso con il mio palmare win mobile 5)
Sokoban YASC14681Sokoban
Sokoban++15287Sokoban (倉庫番 sōkoban, warehouse keeper) is a type of transport puzzle, in which the player pushes boxes or crates around in a warehouse, trying to get them to storage locations. The puzzle is usually implemented as a video game.
SokobanP13450SokobanP is puzzle game which has 7 skins and 3000 levels with solutions. The player can move to 8 directions by numeric keys. The right mouse button quickly moves player to any position. The left mouse button is used to push a box to any reachable destination (the shortest path is found).
Sokobond17073Sokobond is a simple atom-binding puzzle game.
Sol Survivor12559Turret defense game with impressive looking 3D graphics and both single and multiplayer game modes.
SOLA Rx Lens Calculation Package8853The program allows interactive input of optometric Rx, eye measures, frame data, which conducts to the obtention of final output related to lens shape, sizes, weights and other parameters which, in turn, allow to generate, fine and polish ophthalmic lenses.
Solar 213312In this game you play the universe itself (wanna be a planet?).
Solar Fire2392Solar Fire is the industry standard in Astrological software. The following is from their website:
Solar Maps16122Solar Maps is a standalone astromapping program for astrologers. The program displays the planetary placements in relation to the horizon and meridian overlaid on a map of the world, or over regional maps.
SolarEdge Site Designer16008SolarEdge Site Designer allows a technician to a configuration SolarEdge power optimizers with an array and see inverter design suggestions. 
solarwolf17950From the website:
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