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Corona SDK v2013.210015944Corona’s extensive API library enables everything, from animation to networking, with a few lines of code. Whether you’re building games or business apps, you see changes instantly in the Corona Simulator and can iterate extremely quickly. Development is done in Lua, a lightning-fast, easy to learn scripting language.
Corona SDK for Windows13401This Software Development Kit provides many useful tools to create iPhone and Android Applications. Corona allows developers to make an app once, in Lua (Programming Language), and then distribute it on both markets (Android & iPhone) without having to make it again.
Cornell Lab of Ornithology Guide to Birds of North America9184One of the premiere birding software titles. Primarily a database of pictures, sounds, and descriptions of birds that are found in North America. 
Corman lisp4751Corman Lisp is a Common Lisp development environment for Microsoft Windows operating systems running on Intel platforms. Corman Lisp consists of a Common Lisp native code compiler for Intel processors, 80x86 assembler and disassembler, incremental linker and multi-window text editor. It requires a system running a Microsoft Windows operating system (such as Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME or Windows NT). It is fully integrated with the Win32 API, and all the Windows API functions are readily available from Lisp.
corion213213CORION2 is a map editor for the strategy game "Master Of Orion 2"
CoreWin11426CoreWin is a GUI based Corewars simulator for windows.
CorelDRAW440­CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is composed of:
Corel Ventura11712Desktop Publishing program
Corel Painter9119Oil (photo) painter
Corel Paint Shop Pro6523Corel's Paint Shop Pro (previously Paint Shop)
CoreEditor5345CoreEditor is an universal text editor for programmers and webmasters. It supports lots of languages and compilers: PHP, Java, Python, C, C++, C#, Pascal, Asembler, PERL. There is a freeware educational version to download.
Core Temp7106CPU core temperature monitor
Core FTP8171This is a great and simple FTP-client, wich I myself always use as my standard FTP Client in Windows.
Core Damage11255CPU stress tester.
Copy Cat7209a cd/dvd copying program
CoPilot3428Map viewing and installation program for Motorola A780 smartphone.
Copernic Summarizer1678Easy to use summarizing software, utilizing sophisticated statistical and linguistic algorithms.
Copernic Desktop Search Home9487Easily
Copernic Desktop Search3216Easily search your entire hard­ drive in less than a second to pinpoint the right file, email, music or pictures.
Copernic agent professional2303A multiple internet search program that uses multiple search engine on your desktop.
CoolPlayer1488Coolplayer - Is a Open Source MP3/OGG Player for Windows.
Cool Edit Pro 210713Final version of the famous Cool Edit sound editor application by Syntrillium.
Cool Edit Pro19Cool Edit Pro is the digital audio software package you've been waiting for. It's a breeze to learn and use, packs enough top-quality digital effects modules to fill a room full of rack mounts, and can mix up to 64 tracks together, using just about any sound card. It's like having thousands of dollars' worth of professional audio equipment all in one easy-to-use software package.
Cool Edit576A flagship of shareware sound editors;
Cool Beans NFO Creator 2.011379An NFO creator that creates an NFO document using user-inputed data into an easy to navigate GUI that features multiple fields for various characteristics.
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