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DesignWorks Professional3248Capilano Computing's DesignWorks Professional is an electronic design automation (EDA) tool (also known as a schematic capture program). It allows you to create complex logic diagrams/circuits using various components (e.g. logic gates, decoders, multiplexers, full-adders). DesignWorks Professional also provides a simulator, allowing you to test your circuits as you build them.
DesignWorks Lite 47509Draw, save, edit and print complete, professional circuit diagrams using powerful features like bussing, multi-level Undo/Redo, and automatic gate packaging.
DesignSpark PCB11887Free schematic capture and PCB design application developed by Westdev Ltd (Pulsonix, Number One Systems/Easy-PC).  It is distributed by electronics distributor RS Components (aka. Allied Electronics, Electrocomponents).
DesignSpark Mechanical15527Free 3D CAD application based on the principles of the Sketch application.
DesignSpark Electrical17317Electrical installation and automation systems CAD.  Probably based on Elecworks.  It is distributed by electronics distributor RS Components (aka. Allied Electronics, Electrocomponents).
DesignPro10729DesignPro, from Avery Dennison, gives you the most flexibility while designing and printing
Designer92An implementation tool for place and route and
DesignDoll17626DesignDoll allows you to create a virtual sketch doll with any pose you need, and more.
DesignCAD Pro 200010901Windows based CAD application, originally developed by ViaGraphics, then Upperspace, now IMSI
DesignCAD 3D MAX1726DesignCad 3D Max 15 is a full featured CAD system for designing and
Design Workshop Lite3333This is a free "Lite" version of Design Workshop available from Artifice's web site. Design Workshop is "
Design Expert9505Software for experimental design and statistical analysis
Desert Thunder9280Groove Games' Unreal-engine-based combat game puts PC gamers inside an experimental tank.
Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps3587Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps is a 3D, Real-Time Strategy game focused on WWII battles in North Africa. The game contains two campaigns and allows to control Axis or Allied units.
Desert law7067Post-nuklear real-time strategy with RPG elements. Original, CZ full localization.
Desert Gunner12960An arcade action game which puts you right in the
Desert Fighters4950WWII Flight Simulator
Descent: Freespace - The Great War968Descent: FreeSpace —The Great War is a 1998 space combat simulationIBM PC compatiblecomputer game developed by Volition, Inc. when it was split off from Parallax Software. Published by Interplay Entertainment, it is also known as Conflict: FreeSpace — The Great War in Europe.
Descent 3664Descent 3 is the last of the Descent games (excluding the spiritual cousins of Descent: Freespace and Freespace 2) and the first after the DOS era.
Descent 25816Descent II is one classic vehicle-sim-shooter, the legendary successor to Descent I, which was only available for DOS.
Descent (D1x143_oglmw.exe)9885The game that started the series, Descent.  This is a modified executable that gave new life to the original game with improved graphic rendering.  This one in particular was an OpenGL render but other flavors included DirectX and 3Dfx rendering!  D1x included advanced options such as HIGH resolution (1024x768 max), FPS limiter, network/packet settings, and more.  Did I mention this was a game written for DOS?
Desafio Sebrae13333It's a software for a contest for university students in Latin America, where you have to raise a company that sell a kind of item each time the contest start.
Des Blood VR9020Des Blood VR (DVBR) is a 3D hentai/action game developed by Illusion Soft and released on 7 June 2003.
Des Blood 46204A 3D Japanese hentai adventure of earthian girl Esk on future planet Mars. Although strictly 18+, the hentai aspect is secondary to deep and interesting storyline along the tradition of Japanese RPG-s.
Derive660Math program
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