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ПАРУС7606Collection of several modules for (each item means each module):
Лунтик учит буквы13950Remember the letter- employment is not boring, and even very funny. This is the opinion itself Luntik, and his good friends: GeneralSher,Pchelenok,Kuzmaand Mila.
ДубльГИС (2gis)8933ДубльГИС is a free GIS system for cities of CIS and especially Russia.
Виртуальный водитель (Virtual Driver) 200810282Just a simple town driver simulator needed to get a driving license in Russian Federation.
Dystopia9336Dystopia is a futuristic science fiction first person shooter in which players utilize dual-world environments to complete linear objectives.
Dyson9197Small open-source strategy featuring abstract gameplay. Game is using mono, but it fails to run using mono on 64-bit systems.
Dynomite Deluxe933It's prehistoric egg-blasting fun! Use your
DynDNS Updater1264IP Updater for Dynamic DNS
DynaText2283DynaText app supplied with HP "Instant Information" documentation CDs and is used for viewing contents thereof.
Dynasty Warriors Online12221Dynasty Warriors Online is the first online version of DW and the first free too.
Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition16123
Dynasty Warriors 610966Dynamic 3D action beat-em-up game by KOEI.
Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper5953Fast-paced fighting against overwhelming swarms of enemies returns to the Three Kingdoms in KOEI's fourth full Dynasty Warriors game.
Dynamics AX16310Microsoft Dynamics AX is Microsoft's flagship enterprise resource planning framework.  It is part of a larger family of related products, under the name "Microsoft Dynamics".
Dynamic Photo HDR7382Application to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photographs.
Dynamic HTML Editor7433Graphical WYSIWYG editor for web pages.
Dynamic C3050The C Integrated Development Environment, compiler and flash utility for Rabbit Semiconductor's embedded processors.
Dynamic Auto Painter Pro17665Turns digital photographs into paintings using styles of famous painters.
DynaGeo9806EUKLID DynaGeo is a  geometry program that lets you create dynamic drawings.
Dymo LabelWriter13946Take the hassles out of label printing. Print impressive address labels, shipping labels, file folder labels, name badges and more - directly from text in Microsoft® Word or Outlook®, QuickBooks, CardScan® and other popular programs.
DyKnow Monitor/Vision18426DyKnow is a powerpoint-like tool that allows students and teachers to edit the same slides simultaneously.
Dying light18528Dying Light is an open world first person survival horror action-adventure video game developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.
DxO ViewPoint14842Application to correct distortions in .jpg or .tiff pictures :
DxO Filmpack14441Whether color or black and white, bring out the best in your digital
dxdiag6545Directx is a collection of application programming interfaces for
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