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BySoft6 Toolbox20190Bysoft 6 from Bystronic.  For lasers, waterjet and (I think glass)
GameGenII20192A 3D modelling tool used for Nintendo 64 game development.
Radmin VPN20194Radmin VPN can create a VPN for various different purposes.
Worldbox - God Simulator20195Worldbox - God Simulator is a god game where you can place creatures and observe them.
DrawingBoard20196Early CAD Package
Luminar20198Deep-learning automated photo editor 
Smmserver20199Developer:Duncan Ogilvie(mrexodia)
SkyNXStreamer20200It steams your desktop on your Switch console and lets you use up to 8 switch controllers on PC as Xbox 360 controllers (full description on GitHub)
Filmotech20201Build a list of all your DVD / Blu-ray / digital copy.
Plugin Alliance Installation Manager20202Download/Installation hub program for Plugin Alliance audio software
Dark and Light20203The shattered remains of the mother planet Gaia float in stark contrast
SpaceChem20204Do you know what a Waldo is? How about the molecular structure of sodium
Akai Professional LPK25 Editor20205Editor software for re-programming the quick program slots of the AKAI professional LPK25 MIDI-Keyboard.
GSug Keyword Scraper20206GSug Keyword Scraper is a SEO tool used to find long-tail keywords and build huge keyword lists.
mikmak20208Israeli classic flash game, that because of the adobe flash shut down has become a desktop app. 
Affinity Publisher20209Affinity Publisher is the next generation of professional publishing software. From books, magazines and marketing materials, to social media templates, website mock-ups and more, this incredibly smooth, intuitive app gives you the power to combine your images, graphics and text to make beautiful layouts ready for publication.
QQ Music20212QQ Music (QQ??) is a popular music player in china. It provides online music, karaoke and music-centric live-streaming services, and also aims at social connection integration like liking, sharing, commenting, following, virtual gifting, etc.
Journey To The Savage Planet20213Discover planets, 3D FPS, 2020. Unreal Engine 4.
FEBuilderGBA20214A Fire Emblem 6/7/8 ROM Editor that edits graphics, animations, characters etc.
ZXTune20218Crossplatform chiptunes player
tukoni20219An adventure game with nice graphics of nature for kids.
Subversion (SVN)20220Commonly known by the abbreviation "SVN", Apache Subversion is a cross-platform free open-source centralized version control system (VCS).  It has official command-line-interface client and server software maintained by The Apache Software Foundation.  On Windows, SVN is associated with several third-party clients such as TortoiseSVN and SlikSVN.
FS-UAE20222FS-UAE is an Amiga emulator, based on WinUAE.
VIP.EXE20223Reader to special NFO format database files (text and graphics).
Endzone - A World Apart20227Endzone is a post-apocalyptic survival city builder, where you start a new civilization with a group of people after a global nuclear disaster. Build them a new home and ensure their survival in a shattered world, threatened by constant radiation, toxic rain, sandstorms and droughts.
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