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Holoearth20964Holoearth is an open-world sandbox game developed by Cover Corp.
Palia20963All-age free-to-play MMO emphasizing a casual, relaxing playstyle and monetizing only non-gameplay cosmetic items.
RiverSuite Inventory20962An RMM System with agents for Windows, macOS and Linux to monitor server, client, snmp devices and much more
Avid Pro Tools20961Pro Tools makes music creation fast and fluid, providing the Grammy winning DAW toolset and plugins the pros use to create your favorite songs and albums.
Visual Studio Code20960A standalone source code editor that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The top pick for JavaScript and web developers, with extensions to support just about any programming language.
Legacy Games Launcher20959Launcher / Game Downloader 
Blasphemous20958Metroidvania with hack-and-slash elements set in a somber medieval world.
cncnet20957CnCNet is one of the largest Command & Conquer multiplayer platforms.
Jelly no Puzzle20956Abstract puzzle game
Touch Portal20955This is a replacement for the Elgato Stream Deck that utilizes an iOS or Android device to control many aspects of both OBS and other macro-able applications.
Delphi DS150E20954This application interfaces with the Autocom CDP+ VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) to perform diagnostics, testing, and maintenance of a large range of makes and models of cars.
Joue Play20953Music synthesis and looping app paired with the Joue Play MIDI controller.
Adobe InCopy20952Adobe InCopy is a professional word processor made by Adobe Inc. that integrates with Adobe InDesign.
Suteki na Kanojo no Tsukurikata20951Suteki na Kanojo no Tskurikata is a Japanese visual novel about romance, adventure, and dysfunction. Gameplay consists of making choices. The JAST release claims to be available in English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.
Element20950Element is an instant messaging application for Matrix
PureBasic20948PureBasic is a modern BASIC programming language
Veggietales: The Mystery of Veggie Island20947Accompany Junior Asparagus on a Cub Sprout adventure. A camping trip on Veggie Island goes awry when the canoe drifts away, but Mr. Nezzer offers a boat ride home for the cub sprouts in trade for Junior helping him find his ancestor's buried treasure.
Microsoft MPI v10.1.220946Microsoft MPI (MS-MPI) is a Microsoft implementation of the Message Passing Interface standard for developing and running parallel applications on the Windows platform.
Smath Studio20945Tiny, but powerful mathematical program with WYSIWYG editor and complete units of measurements support. It provides numerous computing features and rich user interface translated into about 40 different languages. Application also contains integrated mathematical reference book. Application can be easily extended based on your needs. Built-in Extensions Manager tool allows to get access to hundreds official and
Flashpoint20944An app dedicated to archiving old flash games, which, are no longer available to play through modern web browsers, due to the removal of Adobe Flash.
Phonics Grades 2-320943Phonics quizzes alternated with simple games for a fun educational experience.
Reading Readiness Grades K-120942Simple reading-related puzzles in a fun animal-themed environment.
Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas20941Digital atlas of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, developed at the request of TSR, Inc. (later Wizards of the Coast, the current owner). It includes over 450 maps. Later updates would bring the number of maps to over 850. The maps are consistent with the timeline as presented in AD&D's second edition of the campaign setting and novels.
ENVI-met20940ENVI-met is a 3D urban climate modeling tool for simulating the microclimatic effects of buildings, vegetation, and other objects in the fields of urban design and planning and real-estate development.
UndertaleModTool20939A decompiler for GSM:2 games including Undertale.
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