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.werkkzeug4438ever wanted to create your own demo or intro, just as farbrausch's
1995 (demoscene)7942This is a really nice demo composition presented at the Assembly 2006 competition.
3d-coat99543d sculpting/painting software with some really cool features
95411731demo by
Alpha II - the sequel11739demo from Astral released at 'the Party 1999' (3rd) 
bakkslide 7 (win32)7759The win32 port of the great bakkslide 7, by Hellcore & Omnicolour, which won 1st place 64k intro at Takeover '99
box of smoke4534Nvidia demo for 8800
Boys1174164k Intro from Funktion, released at the ­Mekka &­ Symposium 2000 (4th)
Cascades5162This is a demo by Nvidia for demonstrating graphical DirectX 10 features
Chaos Theory9492A computer generated movie, Chaos Theory creates 4 minutes of vibrant
Creature6928Transform and lighting and per-pixel shading never looked better than in this underwater scene. Watch closely and see how realistically the lighting on the creature changes as the light from above is both reflected and refracted. In wireframe mode, you can see just how complex the creature is.
Dawn3420One of the nVidia's demos with vertex shaders.
Drivey8828Drivey is a non-photorealistic driving simulator
Dusk3421Another nNvidia demo.
Elevated10003This 4KB demo uses shaders heavily to play a flyover of a 3D landscape with music.
fr-030: candytron16486intro 64k ranked 2nd at Breakpoint 2003
fr-08: the product468364k intro
fr-25: the popular demo9493Very impressive graphics demo by Farbrausch.
fr-41: debris8393A very impressive 3D demo that only uses 177 kb.  From the makers of .kkrieger. It's a small application because all textures are generated into RAM using procedural generation techniques. It may be a small download but needs a decent computer to be able to run it.
Frameskool - Breakpoint 2007 64k invit7984Invit for the Breakpoint 2007 compo. This is a 64k demo.
GPU Caps Viewer17257GPU Caps Viewer is video card information utility that gives hardware (GPU) and software (OpenGL, OpenCL and CUDA API level support) details.
Heaven Seven37464kb intro written by Exceed for Mekka and Symposium 2000, where it won first place.
Jumpy11761Jumpy by Digital Murder, 2nd at the Volcanic Party 1999
Kasparov11740demo from elitegroup released at 'the Party 1999' (1st) 
lost vegas619464k intro by threestate
Luna8052Luna is a science fiction themed graphics demo created by nVidia for the 7800 series of cards, using Pixel Shader 3.0 effects and various nice eyecandy.
Morning Haze30694k intro for windows from Chaos Constructions 2004
nVidia Demo16063
Nvidia Demo: Adrianne124633D demo created by Nvidia to showcase the capabilities of the Geforce 8 series of graphics cards.
OGRE 3D toolkit demos6846Some nice tools to test D3D9 and OpenGL functions work.
Particle Fury4294Particle Fury is a small graphic/system memory benchmark using an OpenGL window.
pluxity648164k intro by Unik, including msx by the very wonderful Distance.
Realtime Generation 20089028­­­The official invitation to the Realtime Generation Festival by Fairlight, ASD, Alcatraz and [d]vision­.
Realtime Radiosity Bugs OpenGL 2.0 test3940Blatantly copied from
Rise65064k intro using OpenGL. 3rd place in Mekka / Symposium 64k intro competition.
Shepard Fairey VR - DAMAGED19480VR art gallery of the Shepard Fairey show: 'Damaged' (2018).
Spinster for EFX plus3977a very simple little opengl demo to demonstrate how a lighting effects system will look with various combinations of multilayered effects disks.
Spot! Desktop Adventures3346A nice software-rendering demo from exceed. It was demonstrated at assembly 2000 and got the 1st place in demo category.
Squid3544Squid Demo
The.Popular.Demo10007This 3D demo features music and dancing figures.
Träsh7985A 64k compo presented at the SceneCON 2007 competition.
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