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Shores of Hazeron11934One galaxy
wxPic11932wxPic is the dirivative of a fantastic old program called winPic. The difference is that wxPic is constantly maintained, but winPic has not been updated since may of 2008. Not much has changed between the 2, only some extra chips and change of some icons.
WinAvi11931WinAvi It is a software program for converting video formats at
SMSDV11930Utility to send SMS messages to/from Russian GSM phones via the Internet.
Sega Bass Fishing11929Simulation of a fishing trip.
Mob Rule11928A city building game similar in nature to SimCity but with elements of a real time strategy thrown in to keep you busy.
Fists of Fu11925Fists of Fu is a MMORPG with a touch of Beat-em-Up and a multiplayer storyline.
Victoria 211924The much anticipated sequel to the 2004 cult strategy game "Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun".
super pi / super π11923The ancient and famous pi calculating software made in 1995. This software is used for the benchmarking of the single-thread performance of x86 CPU even in nowadays.
Galcon Fusion11922Galcon Fusion is an awesome high-paced multi-player galactic
うさしつけ/usasituke11921flash adult simulation game.フラッシュエロゲー。
Mafia II11920Vito Scaletta has started to make a name for himself on the streets of Empire Bay as someone who can be trusted to get a job done. Together with his buddy Joe, he is working to prove himself to the Mafia, quickly escalating up the family ladder with crimes of larger reward, status and consequence… the life as a wise guy isn’t quite as untouchable as it seems.
DepositFiles Filemanager11919A download manager for easily downloading and uploading to
South Park Super Mario Bros11918South Park Super Mario Bros 2.1
Burn Aware11917BurnAware Free is one of the most popular free CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc
Classic Car Racing11916Classic Car Racing will give you the chance to escape the rat race and
TK Solver11915"Unique rule-based analysis and “backsolving” capabilities let you solve for anything, in any direction, dramatically reducing design hours and production costs. Whether your problem involves a single formula or thousands of equations, TK Solver does the job" - description from the UTS web site
Bob Came in Pieces11914Bob has crashed on a strange planet, lost a bunch of parts for his ship and above all, is late for work!!
Aldi Nord Fotoservice (eccePhoto)11913­The
Glory of the Roman Empire11912Glory of the Roman Empire is a city-building game set in ancient rome, similar to Caesar IV.
RAR Password Cracker11910This program is intended to recover lost passwords for RAR/WinRAR archives of versions 2.xx and 3.xx
Perry Rhodan - Operation Eastside119084X Game wich takes place in the world of the Perry Rhodan science fiction series.
Trackmania color-coder11907Little utility that can help you changing the color of your TrackMania nickname.
SUNAT PDT11906Programa de Declaración Telemática
Iris11905Hebrew-Russian / Russian - Hebrew dictionary
City Bus Simulator 201011904You are a bus-driver in New York. You will drive the famous routem M42 wich goes from Hudson River to East River on 42nd street. This is one of the most known streets in New York. The original timetable and exciting tasks challenge your skills as a bus driver.
MYOB AccountRight Plus v1911903Accounting software widely used in Australia.
Shadow Vault11902Shadow Vault is a turn based strategy game set in a post apocalyptic future.  You control a team of team ranging from 3 to 16 through 20 levels.
SlamIt Pinball: Big Score11901SlamIt Pinball is pinball simulation game
NOOKstudy11900An eBook application designed for use with eTextbooks with the college student and professor in mind.
TrueGrain11899With TrueGrain you can edit your photographies. It turns them into monochrome photographies using different types of films (e.g. Kodak Verichrome Pan 120, Agfa APX 400 120).
Stronghold Kingdoms11898Stronghold Kingdoms is a game that tries to define a new genre "MMORTS". But this game is mostly same as well known Travian, altough does not uses web browser as running platform, but its own - partially written in C# and probably partially in C/C++. The graphics is modified from original Stronghold.
Flash Decompiler Trillix11897It is an application that decompiles a flash file and allows the user to save Images, sounds, texts, links, morphs, fonts, shapes, sprites, buttons and ActionScript 
AATON Majax11896Majax Software is an audio track meta-data management for AATON Cantar professionnal hardware sound recorder. Majax can edit the sound report easyli and tag xml metadata onto the wav soundfile, then finally create a pdf ready to use sound report, and more...
Punch! Home Design Architectural Studio 4000 v 8.011895Architectural CAD software primarily for Home Design offers wide variety of GUI tools to develop foundation, floorplan, roofing plan, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, outdoor deck and landscape.  Enough detail to meet National Code standards, but still easy to use.
TradeManager11894The Application is developed by one of the biggest Business 2 Business platforms for international business - The Application in its aims must provide easiest way for business to communicate with each other. Use of it is available only for registered users (free membership is available). The usage is free, but protocol is not public and application sources are not available.
Mother - a computer hacking simulation11893Mother is an all-italian "hacking simulation" videogame like Uplink that puts the player into a future where Internet is collapsed on itself and its successor, The Network, is divided into "Corporations", Hackers and "IntraPol" pol­ice. The player must hack several servers and PCs to earn money, respect and discover a global conspiracy.
Fios Media Manager11891Verizon's software package that lets you watch some web videos on your TV thru the settop box, along with playing some of your media from your computer on your TV.
Hellboy: Dogs of the Night11889A first person arcade adventure / shooter featuring comic book character Hellboy.
Crusader: No Regret11888Great shooter game from 199x year!
DesignSpark PCB11887Free schematic capture and PCB design application developed by Westdev Ltd (Pulsonix, Number One Systems/Easy-PC).  It is distributed by electronics distributor RS Components (aka. Allied Electronics, Electrocomponents).
Ultra Video Joiner11886Ultra Video Joiner is a
For the Glory: A Europa Universalis Game11885For the Glory is a game based on Europa Universalis II developed by fans.
Mopsos11884Mopsos (named after two famous seers from the Greek mythology) is a tool that support calculations mainly for geocaching.
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West11883A western 3rd person shooter that focuses on multiplayer.
SpeedBalance 5.011882Free bookkeeping application. Based on spreadsheet.
Kane & Lynch 2: DogDays11881Cooperative third-person shooter.
7.62 - High Calibre118807.62 is a tactical action game, sequel to Brigade E5, similar to such classic titles as Jagged Alliance™, X-Com™, and Silent Storm™.
4x4 Hummer118794x4 Hummer is an off-road driving simulation where players can
Miles Sound Studio11878Miles is a
VeeCAD11877Like a PCB layout program, VeeCAD takes a schematic generated netlist
JADE Development Environment11876The JADE development environment and programming language allows users to design database systems in a graphical environment. 
BrasFoot11875The BrasFoot is a game where you can manage your team, buying and selling players,taking part of national and international competitions, directing times and elections and much more.
iMule11874iMule (invisible Mule) is a free open source anonymous P2P file sharing software which connects through the anonymous I2P network and the Kad network.
ThinkDesign11873Powerful 3D Cad.
Penguin versus Yeti11872Sport competition beetwen penguin and Yeti
KKBOX11871KKBOX offers unlimited music streaming and download service which is
Albelli Fotoalbum11870With this software you can create your own photo albums, calendars, etc. 
Snipping Tool XP11868Unofficial port of Vista's Snipping Tool for Windows 2000 and Windows XP that features Pickhost-upload.
downtown run11867race around tracks pick up powerups/powerdowns use to win
Starcraft 2 Map Editor11866A map editor that ships with Starcraft 2. Allows you to create custom maps for the game.
3D Frog Frenzy11865players control Froggy as he crosses rivers and streets. To cross rivers,
S.U.N. Soul of the Ultimate Nation11863MMORPG korean-like with amazing graphics and unique battle system. Published by webzen
Blacksite: Area 5111862Blacksite Area 51 is a generic first person shooter where you play as a soldier and shoot aliens/monsters/etc.
Alter Ego11860Alter Ego is a typical Point&Click Adventure.
WriteMonkey11859A plain text editor without distraction that tries to recreate the feel of an old typewriter
RawDump11858Enables people to backup their Gamecube and Wii games in conjunction with the proper disc drive.
ape@map Desktop11857GPS hiking and biking maps on the mobile phone
SRTtoSSA (aka Converser)11856Convert file from SRT format to Substation Alpha (SSA) format, which is used by the subtitler.vdf Virtualdub plugin,  for hardsubbing subtitles.
Texmod11855TexMod is the program that extracts the necessary files
CrimeCraft11854CrimeCraft is a free-to-play
A.I.M Racing11853A.I.M. Racing welcomes you to the planet Polygon-4, where deadly
Star Wars: Jedi Knight-Jedi Academy-Knights Of The Force11851This is the unofficial mod to the original Jedi Academy
Doom9511850Doom95 is a port of Doom to Win9x operating systems included in some releases of the Doom games.
Elven Legacy11847Elven Legacy, the sequel to Fantasy Wars, delivers a world filled with
Gramps11846­Gramps is a genealogy program for anyone.
x264vfw11845x264 video for windows codec.
eac3to11844Surround sound audio converter / manipulator.
AutoMKV11843VOB to matroska converter, using x264, XviD, AC3, AAC, MP3 codecs.
Crack Attack!11842Crack Attack!
MDPweb11841A visual adaptation of the Mutual Defense Pact Treaty Web for the online strategy game Cybernations.
Declan Japanese FlashCards11840Free Japanese audio wordfiles totalling over 4000 common Japanese words and useful phrases
Declan ReadWrite Kanji11839Learn to read and write over 1900 Kanji characters with Declan Software's ReadWrite Kanji
Kintecus 3.9611837kintecus is a software to model chemical reactions. it is originally written for windows systems, a linux version is available as well.
Dora's Carnival 2: Boardwalk Adventure11836A boardwalk aventure game with Dora the Explorer.
SpongeBob SquarePants Diner Dash 211835A remake of Diner Dash, with SpongeBob SquarePants characters.
Mistro Farm 511834Mistro Farm maintains a complete stock register and enables all herd recording, mating and health information to be stored ­to meet the needs of the modern dairy farmer. This information can be used by generating reports and viewing on screen 'cards' for individual animals.
Real Lives11832Real Lives lets you experience what happened if you were born in another country by simulating a typical life in a random country based on statistical data.
VT Cash Book11831Free software to record the day to day
Burrrn11830Burn audio CDs the easy way!
Kingdom Heroes11829The empire is falling into chaos, and you and your army get to help nudge it along. Or something.
Profiles11828Software for Windows and Doors. Design, drawing and calculation of constructions from aluminum, uPVC and timber profiles.
DraftSight11827DraftSight is a CAD software with this features:
Wanted: Weapons Of Fate11826Wanted is a third person shooter in the vein of Gears of War or Dark Sector, as it relies heavily on cover. Like said games, you can navigate from behind cover with the flick of the left stick and the push of a face button, however Wanted attempts to stand out by putting players under constant pressure.
WinMU11825WinMU is a complex economical agenda solution for small and medium businesses by WERX System, s. r. o., a Czech software company. It consists of several modules of which some can be sold separately, including deposit management, financial analyses, accounting, banks, salaries, production control (esp. for bakeries), expedition, and branch specific modules (lift machining and servicing, hotel receptions and restaurants, theatre settings and deposits, greenhouse management and much more).
Igneous11824Igneous is an action platformer where you play as a tiki totem trying to escape from a raging volcano. By running and jumping, players have to navigate their way through dark cav­erns, forge raging lava rivers and cross crumbling bridges to make it out of the inferno alive. With stunning graphics and intense physics, each level is a new challenge to overcome. Easy to pick up, but hard to master, Igneous is an adventure you won't soon forget! Escape!
Heroes Of Three Kingdoms11823Heroes of Three Kingdoms is an Asian MMORPG based on the Three
Alien Swarm11822A 2010 Valve game released for free via their Steam platform.
Input Director11821Synergy-like app that allows for remote control of a keyboard and mouse on another computer, to create a seamless experience that feels like using a single computer with multiple monitors.
Alcatraz Tycoon11820Build Alcatraz prison.
WinOLS11819This application allows to modify eeprom chip from cars.
MLB 2K1011818A baseball game that focuses on the batter-pitcher matchup.  The MLB teams and players are included.  This game was also released on multiple other platforms.
Close Combat: Marines11817An iteration of the Close Combat series, specifically developed for USMC training purposes.
Pad2Pad11816Pad2Pad is a CAD/CAE/CAM program for designing and ordering custom-made printed-circuit boards via the site.
Street Fighter Legends11815Great Fighting Game based on MUGEN. 
BeadTool11814­Beading Software, design beautiful patterns.
Pyroblazer11813Pyroblazer is a game of futuristic, full 3D, racing through enclosed tunnels.
Rune: Halls of Valhalla11812­Rune: Halls of Valhalla, the official multiplayer expansion pack for the highly acclaimed PC game Rune. Rune: Halls of Valhalla offers Rune fans the chance to go online and test their mettle against players from around the world. It can be played as both a stand-alone multiplayer game, as well as an expansion to the original.
Ashes Cricket 200911811­Ashes Cricket 2009, is a cricket video game. It includes all the official players of the Australian cricket team and the England cricket team, however the other teams are not lic­ensed.
Autoruns11808Autoruns by sysinternals is used to configure system startup and various other internals of the windows operating system.
iriver Music Manager11807A music manager for iriver iFP-type devices.
iriver LDB Manager11806iriver LDB Manager (iriver Lyrics Manager) is a program that allows you to insert lyrics into MP3, OGG and
Graffiti Studio11804­Graffiti Studio lets you create graffiti without the mess.
Lego MINDSTORMS Education NXT11803Graphical Software Development in National Instruments Labview for use with the Lego Mindstorm NXT controller.
SR 3D Builder11802A 3D CAD program that uses the LDraw library of LEGO(R) parts.
Tenkuu no Sinfonia (天空のシンフォニア)11801Bishoujo game from F&C's COCKTAIL SOFT brand.
Close Combat: The Longest Day11800An enhanced remake of Close Combat: Invasion: Normandy, designed to run on newer Windows operating systems.
supaplex (spfix63)11799This is an adventure game with a small figure solving puzzles. 
WSxM11798Image processing for atomic force microscopy
ManyCam11797A webcam manager which allow to manipulate the webcam signal (fx, capture desktop, add videos, text, etc) and generating a new one.
Tildes Birojs 200811795Random document templates, dictionary (Latvian - English, Latvian - German, Latvian - Russian, ....), some office games, like Flag, Lingo.
Sony XDCAM EX ClipBrowser11794Browse, read, copy, export, name, derush, edit metadatas from XDCAM EX SxS media card to your HDD then use with Premiere, Final Cut, Vegas, Avid, ...
Princess Maker 511793Life simulation game developed by the Japanese studio Gainax (famous for creating the best-known anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion). Its premise is raising a daughter from her 10th to her 18th birthday. You must send her to study, to work, to interact with lots of NPCs... You'll face the headaches and the rewards of being a father in a very realistic manner. The game has more than 50 different endings, and a lot of gaming paths and strategies.
Construction Master Pro for Windows11791One of the best jobsite calculators out there. The Windows version functions exactly like the hand held unit, can copy and paste results and calculations to documents, and contains both the Construction Master Pro calculator and the Trig version.
Heroes of Hellas11790Someone has stolen the scepter with which Zeus controls Heaven and
Arc Aether Anomalies11789Arc Aether Anomalies is a six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) arcade action
Streets of Moscow11788In this sequel to A-Race: Extreme Show, this time the reality show is
Space Trajectory Analysis11787Free software to calculate, plan and visualize space missions, primarily satellite orbits.
Er Finestra11786A nice program that creates a virtual item, useful for jokes: P
Midori11785Midori is a lightweight GTK+ web browser for Linux and Windows.
Monopoly Star Wars11784The traditional game of Monopoly with a Star Wars theme.
Tokimeki Check-In!11783Tokimeki Check-In! is a hentai visual novel.
Inherent Evil: The Haunted Hotel11782Twenty years ago, your parents opened the Reed Hotel, and were
Moonbase Alpha11781Educational multi player game where players must cooperate to perform repairs to NASA's base on the moon.
Mupen64++11780Improved fork of Mupen64.
Gens Plus!11779One of the best Gens forks out there, with support for XInput , multiple graphic APIs such as DirectDraw, GDI and Direct3D, and some nice filters.
Max and the Magic Marker11778Max & the Magic Marker is a puzzle platformer, with a unique drawing
NanoZIP11777There may well underestimate almost all subjects except three improved methods to compress the NanoZIP or "optimum_1" (default selected), "optimum_2" and "nz_cm" [relatively slowest in both compression and decompression]
ARMA: Combat Operations11776This a First Person shooter, with an advanced strategy map.
eXceed3rd -JADE PENETRATE-11774eXceed3rd -JADE PENETRATE- is doujin bullet hell shmup game unveiled at Comiket 72 (2007).
Turba11773Arcade puzzler. Select connected blocks of the same color from a grid to make them disappear. Play along the beat of the music to get combos. Use your own music files to influence the gameplay in multiple ways.
Microsoft VOLT11772An application to add OpenType tables to OTF fonts.
PIE Studio11771Integrated solution for managing and printing images
Starship Troopers Terran Ascendancy11769Based on starship troopers the movie with equipment based on the movie and more advance
DROD: the City Beneath11768Amazing game (first release was in 1997, and this is series of remakes), featuring funny roaches, serpents, goblins and etc
Slice Poker Equity Calculator11767Slice :: A Powerful Poker Equity Calculator
Mayura Draw 4.311766A light-weight vector-based drawing program.
Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge11765The second "special edition" by lucasart, of the second game of "Monkey Island" saga
Exact Compact for Windows11764Exact Compact for Windows is a 'boekhoud programma', a financing program for the Dutch market. It's one of the biggest software companies in the Netherlands on the financial market, and known for their vendor lock-in and VERY expencive support. This particular version is NOT supported for windows 7, and, indeed doesn't work at all under Windows 7 unless you purchase an other expensive upgrade.
Genesis Advantage11763Genesis Advantage is a Windows Point of Sale system for furniture retailers. It is not based on a database. The version tested contains the Inventory Control System, Accounting, Mailing List, Customer Service, and Archives modules. (it does not include the General Ledger, Payroll, or Time Clock modules)
Mobiola Web Camera for S6011762Allows you to use your Series 60 smartphone as a web-cam over USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
Jumpy11761Jumpy by Digital Murder, 2nd at the Volcanic Party 1999
Advanced System Care11760Removes spyware, cookies, etc. Good privacy protection. Helps speed up slow computers.
Spector Photo Software11759Photograph ordering software for the photoprint company Spector active in Belgium
Elka Color Fotoservice11758Elka Color Fotoservice is a application to order photographies and other photo goodies from the Belgian company Elka Color.
Real Pic Simulator11757Software simulator for PIC miccrocontrollers. Supported PICs: 10F, 12F and 16F.
Mafia Bot11756This is a bot that will play Mafia Wars for you, to do the stuff you don't really want to do, or if you want to do the stuff, it will do the stuff you can't do when you're doing other things like sleeping.
Hard Truck 18 Wheels Of Steel11755Truck driving simulation game.
Rmcp Loader11754RMCP Loader offers a Windows platform based user interface that
Cabela's 4x4 Offroad Adventure 311751Forget those fancy, over-priced SUV's that never see anything but paved
Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy11749Buccaneer is a
Comodo Backup11748Backup your files to multiple kinds of targets. SmartDrive11747java app used to up/download multi files and sync function to cloud storage with now owned by
Barbie Cool Looks Fashion Designer11745Create clothes for Barbie in a 1997 style.
Barbie Storymaker11744A 1999 Barbie game where you can create pixelated animations of Barbie.
Crash Time 311743Like its predecessors, Crash Time 3, the new installment of
Cisco Valet Easy Setup Key11742The Easy Setup Key software for easy setup of a Cisco Valet Wi-Fi router (which is contained within a clean, white, Cisco branded 1GB flash drive (Yay, free flash drive!!!!)). I only got as far as searching for a router to configure for fear of messing up my already nicely configured router.
Boys1174164k Intro from Funktion, released at the ­Mekka &­ Symposium 2000 (4th)
Kasparov11740demo from elitegroup released at 'the Party 1999' (1st) 
Alpha II - the sequel11739demo from Astral released at 'the Party 1999' (3rd) 
The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom11738Control time and create clones of yourself to help P.B Winterbottom steal all of the pies in the world!
天源459111737I copy the file from windows to .wine/drive_c/program files, then install the phyX (it could be found in installer file). then run loader.exe, start, login..
Need For Speed: World11736Need for Speed: World was a massively multiplayer online racing game made by EA .
Layo1PCB11735Layo1PCB is an easy to use PCB layout program.
eVoice Player11734The eVoice Player is needed to play voice messages from the eVoice voicemail service. For more information on eVoice, see
MAME32 Plus! Plus!11733MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, one of the best emulators around. The most compatible emulator out there, compatible with a vast number of arcade machines form 1975 to 2003. The Plus! Plus! version is a fork with a number of enhancements, such as CPS3 Emulation and Network support through the Kaillera protocol.
MusicBee11732A freeware audio player that is feature packed! (as of Jun 2010, currently maintained). Standard features include: media database, advanced tag editing, CD ripping, auto-playlists, syncing, and much more. The more unique features include: time stretching, pitch stretching, A-B repeat (useful for musicians).
95411731demo by
Death Track: Resurrection11730Death Track: Resurrection is a racing/action title that takes
UGPlayer11729The p2p test video player for the dutch public broadcasting service (Publieke Omroep), see
Flotilla11727There is no "up" in space.
FoCOM11726FoCOM is diagnostic software for Ford vehicles. Although it was not
SRS Audio Sandbox11725SRS Audio Sandbox is an audio enhancement software which will improve the sound quality and apply special effects such as surround sound over two speakers.
Koiiro Soramoyou (恋色空模様)11724Studio Ryokucha's 7th game.
Chambers Dictionary & Thesaurus11723CD ROM version of the Chambers Dictionary which is widely used for British cryptic crosswords.
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands11722Marking the next-gen console debut of Ubisoft's critically acclaimed
Joker Online11721This is Georgian Online Joker game application based on .NET
TacOps 411720TacOps 4 is a serious turned based tactics game set in modern times.
Transformers: War for Cybertron11719Transformers: War for Cybertron is a third person shooter that
Lego Harry Potter: Years [1 - 4]11718Harry Potter adventure game using LEGO built characters and worlds
Final Fantasy XIV11717MMORPG from Square Enix.
MainType11715MainType is a powerful but easy to use font manager and font viewer for Windows.
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers11714The latest digital version of the Magic: The Gathering Intellectual Property.
MASH11713MASH requires the Microsoft Agent installed with the characters in order to use it in Wine.
Corel Ventura11712Desktop Publishing program
CutList Plus 2011 (Demo)11711CutList Plus woodworking software lets you quickly
Mount and Blade: Warband11710Indie developed action RPG which gives players complex, realistic options for first person melee combat.  Also allows huge multiplayer battles up to 64 simultaneous players which can be modded to allow over 200 players fighting at one time on the same map.
SHOMAR11709This is the official software for tides diary in France.
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