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DGS Phrasen12647The application is a dictionary of German Sign Language. It provides the user with useful phrases to better communicate with deaf people.
Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures12646Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures was released in April 1996, being the first title in the Desktop Adventures series. It is set in 1930s Mexico where you play as Indy in search for lost treasures.
mSpot12645Sync your music to the cloud and playback on your computer and android handset.
Bejeweled 312644The goal is to align three or more gems, and more in the eight game modes.
Dream Pinball 3D12643Dream Pinball 3D is a pinball simulation game. The game features six tables to play on, each with a distinct theme, including a medieval table, an aquatic table, a monsters (zombies and vampires mostly) table, and a dinosaurs table. Apart from the different visual styles, each of these tables pose a different challenge because of their varying flipper, ramp, and bumper positions.
Jack of all Tribes12642Jack of all Tribes
PocketCloud Windows Companion12634Wyse PocketCloud allows IT administrators and end users to securely access their PC and virtual desktops remotely through the convenience of their iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Android phone.
TurningPoint 200812633TurningPoint is software to integrate questions into power point presentations so that participants can answer the questions using a small RF transmitter, and the answers can be instantly recorded and processed in different ways. It has many polling functions with which I am not very familiar, but it can be a useful teaching tool. The software is free, but you purchase the hardware it works with.
EgyptBall.exe12631EgyptBall is a combination of arcade and puzzle. EgyptBall  
A Kingdom for Keflings (Demo)12630In a land full of little Keflings, you are a giant. Can you help the Keflings build a kingdom to call their very own?
Havij Advanced SQL Injection12625Havij
Statgraphics Centurion12622A powerful statistical analysis program
DX Studio12621DX Studio is a complete integrated development environment for creating interactive 3D graphics. The system comprises of both a
DC Universe Online12620Sony's new MMORPG based on the DC universe. Be a hero or villain in 2 humongous cities.
RPGSoundMixer12617Special program for music and effects background for Pen&Paper roleplay.
Desura12616Desura is a game and game mod distribution platform. Facilitating the purchase and downloading of games as well as mods while also finding games purchased from other services to act as a launcher and mod manager. From the Desura website: "Desura is a community driven digital distribution service for gamers, putting the best games, mods and downloadable content from developers at gamers fingertips, ready to buy and play"
NetTalk12615NetTalk is a free and open-source lightweight IRC client that has several unique features, such as command autocompletion, nickname autocompletion, mouse gestures, syntax hints, a spellchecker, connection profiles, encryption, a full-fledged DCC file transfer manager, customizable right-click menus, on-screen displaying of messages (for example while playing games), a BASIC-dialect scripting language, unlimited preconfigured commands after authenticating on a server, customizable colors and background, and a very intuitive interface that is geared towards new users but still has many powerful features as mentioned above. It has support for several languages (English, German, and several others).
PICoPLC12614PICoPLC is a ladder diagram programming language editor. It supports various MCU platforms. It generates HEX file from ladder diagram.
Shoot12613Projectile trajectories when fired from firearms.
Multiupload Batch Uploader12612Multiupload Batch Uploader is an application which will
Sonic Foundry Vegas12606Non-linear professional video editing software. It DOESN'T need .NET framework as Sony's releases do, and that's a good new for the people who want to use Vegas under Wine.
Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes12605Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes is an ironical, story-intensive fantasy role-playing game with tactical elements. The game has only single-player mode.
MultiPlay12604Application is used to cue sounds for theatre's, rock shows or musicals. You can use "Multiplay" as well to edit sounds. Very useful for sound engineer's like me.
Phantasmat Collector's Edition12601A new horror/puzzle/adventure game by Big Fish Games
War Leaders - Clash of Nations12600War Leaders - Clash of Nations is a real time strategy game set during World War II that incorporates both tactical combat and strategic planning.  You take the role of one of seven world leader involved with the struggle.
Anglonas12599PC version of Bronislovas' Piesarskas' "Didysis anglų-lietuvių kalbų žodynas" (The great English-Lithuanian language dictionary). It has approximately 118000 English and 145000 Lithuanian words and phrases. ISBN 9955-9825-0-0.
VidaOne Diet and Fitness12598This is an application providing a simple database, reporting, and charting tool for tracking, summarizing, and calculating values related to exercise and food consumption, including nutrients associated with foods, calories expended and consumed, distance, time, and health data. It synchronizes over wi-fi with mobile applications from the same developer for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Palm OS. 
Lunascape12597Lunascape browser allow you to use all-in-one the most used web engines (trident, gecko and webkit) in all their functionalities (extensions, activex, plugins and so on) and it's highly customizable.
Sterling Trader Pro12596Trading programme for high end trading.  Normally charged for, but you may get it with one of your brokers.  Very basic light programme, ideally for high frequency trading.  (Not algo trading)
Curse:The Eye of Isis12595A survival horror video game.
Angry Birds12594shoot birds at green pigs
Mystery Case Files - The 13th Skull12593Find Mr. Lawson and solve the mystery of the 13th Skull
Mystery Case Files - Dire Grove Collectors Edition12592Solve the mystery that is happening at Dire Grove.
WYSIWYG12591A lighting and set design tool.
ChairGun Pro12589Ballistics calculator for airgun shooters.
Sound Recorder12588A simple sound recorder and editor, bundled with all Windows version.
Weird Wars - The Unknown Episode of World War II12587A role playing game set in the second world war. You have to solve puzzles and fight against german troups. 
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City12586p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }
Tradewinds Odyssey12585Your adventure begins today in Tradewinds Odyssey™, the latest installment in the highly-acclaimed Tradewinds series from Sandlot Games.
Speccy12584A great program to get an overview of your system's specifications.
G-Senjou no Maou12580visual novel from Akabeisoft2 which released on 2008 and fully translated into english in 2010 from tlwiki.
JUICE12579JUICE enable an easy classification work with phytosociological tables to achieve analysis of plant communities.
Map of the Natural Vegetation of Europe12578This application allow you to browse the map of the natural vegetation of Europe from Udo BOHN et al. (2004). With explicative text and legends (in german and english).
Shadow Ops Red Mercury12577The Threat of nuclear disaster is real. Join up with Russian spies to stop a nuclear bomb from being exploded from atop the Eiffel Tower... 
Fathom Dynamic Data12576Fathom is software for dynamic data analysis and statistics.
Secomea GateManager TinyClient12575GateManager is a safety program necessary to login to the Danish online salary program provided by 'Proløn'.
Advanced Archive Password Recovery12574Advanced Archive Password Recovery recovers protection passwords or
Strike Fighters 212573Strike Fighters 2 is a combat flight simulator featuring 1960s jet aircraft, set in a fictional desert environment.
Poker Indicator12571Poker Indicator is a poker calculator that gives odds, and tracks players playing styles to offer suggestions on how to play.
War in the East12570A turn-based game on an epic scale, that attempts to replicate the Second World War on the Eastern Front. Players can engage in massive campaigns involving thousands of units with realistic weather, terrain, orders of battle and logistics.
ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead12569A stand-alone expansion-pack of ARMA 2.
iThink12568Business modeling and simulation software.
Two Worlds II Castle Defense12566"Two Worlds II Castle Defense" is a strategy and skill game in the Two Worlds Universe. The prequel to Part 2 of the Antaloor Saga tells of the thrilling duel between Gandohar and Rogdor in the winding corridors of Vahkmaars before the mighty Emperor struck the Orcs devastatingly. The player's task is to protect Gandohar in reversed roles from the Orcs by committing and organizing his warriors strategically. The first chapter is available as a free download!
Midnight Nowhere12565Midnight Nowhere is a point-n-click horror adventure game.
Swords and Soldiers HD12564Rewrite history as you take control of the brutal Vikings, the devious Aztecs or the crafty Chinese in their global quest to win the favour of the Gods!
Rhythm Zone12563­­­­
Bootsmanoever12562This application simulates the harbour manoeuvres for several types of ships. Its purpose is to train this manoeures.
Rush12560From the twisted puzzle minds behind the award winning Toki Tori comes a
Sol Survivor12559Turret defense game with impressive looking 3D graphics and both single and multiplayer game modes.
Pound of Ground12558MJ lives a carefree rich man's life in his home town – the Snake City. Things take a wild turn when professor Hoffman Vangele, a renowned authority in several complex scientific fields and frequent (yet unsuccessful) client of patent offices, decides to perpetuate his legacy forever and leave everyone in no doubt as to his brilliance. The result is a city swarming with zombies and weirdly mutated professor's assistants terrorizing decent folk and a federal government unable to solve the problem...The game combines action elements – a wide range of finely tuned weapons, varying boss fights and grand, non-stop battles with swarms of undead – a strong story with many unexpected twists and peculiar characters. Very unconventional is the possibility to roam the Snake City in your own tuned super car, that may balance the odds in your favor for this battle of survival.
Medoxis12557program for electronic medical recording run in windows.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 112556Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1: The Video Game for PC
Tropico 3: Absolute Power12555Tropico 3: Absolute Power is the first official expansion pack to the critically acclaimed Tropico 3 and provides all-new options as ruler of a small Caribbean island nation. It adds a new campaign, new missions, new island types, unique buildings and new powers to maximize the length and success of your term in power.
Wings over Europe12552Cold War Gone Hot
Obulis12551The goal of Obulis is to drop all of the colored spheres into their
Fatale: Exploring Salome12550Fatale is an interactive vignette in realtime 3D inspired by the story of Salome.­
Alternativa12548A classic point&click adventure game using 2.5D engine with non-linear story and
Leapster Connect (for Explorer)12547Leapfrog connect update the Leapster Explorer device/game.
Clones12546Clones is a friendly, fun, and engaging evolution to the classic
swan song12545a visual novel from flying shine which translated into english.
SprutCAM12544A CAM software for CNC programming for cutting, wire EDM, 2, 3 and multi axial
Faerie Solitaire12543Faerie Solitaire is a version of the classic golf-style card game.
NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits12542Fly with Nyx across the ruins of the ancient Greece in her dangerous
The Polynomial: Space of the Music12541The Polynomial is a 3D spaceflight music game with abstract,
FreeMill12540FreeMill is a fully functional 3D Milling package with simulation and the ability to output G code.
Back to The Future - The Game12539A point and Click Adventure from TellTale Games.
Cracking the Conspiracy12536A first-person graphic sci-fi adventure game for Windows. Created with Macromedia/Adobe Director.
System Protocol One12535A tower defense game set inside the Tron-like neon world that is the inside of a computer.  As a system operator you must place programs strategically in the way of viruses attacking your data.
Landscape Design Deluxe 612534Software for 3D Landscape Design, with a large variety of plants and trees, fences, lightining and exterior furnitures, acessories and buildings. Comes with a terrain editor for creating plateaus, slopes and paths and a 3DTrueView render for optimizing the final image of the project.
Star Trek D-A-C12533Star
Puzzle Quest 212531Sequel of the greatest (imho) bejeweled-like game ever made.
Fallout Online (fonline)12528A Fallout 2 version made by Fallout fans to play as MMORPG.
Raceroom the Game12526“RaceRoom – The Game”
Sesame Street: Elmo's Reading Basics12524Help Sherlock Hemlock get clues to solve mysteries and match
BioSys12523BioSys is a biology/environment simulation and "Myst"-like adventure game that gives you control over 4 different biospheres (a closed, self-regulating systems containing ecosystems) to experiment with.
RideReady12522Practice for the oral portion of an FAA Practical Test (for example to get a Private Pilot certificate).
Ceville12521Ceville is a classic point-n-click adventure game.
MCC Pilotlog12518Pilot logbook application.
Pac-Man All-Stars12517Compete against other Pac-Man characters in many 3D levels and explore pac-world. There are Story, Arcade and Head-o-Head modes.
Mupen64-rr12516Mupen64-rr is a fork of Mupen64 that enables people to create tool assisted speed runs of Nintedo 64 games. It also allows users to replay .m64 movies downloaded from the TAS Speed Runs website.
Gamersgate Download Manager12514Download manager for games of the gamersgate online store.
Giganews Accelerator12513This program helps enable SSL functionality, header compression, etc. when using a Usenet newsreader to access one of the Giganews news servers.  It sets up a local host that the newsreader connects to, and then acts as the interface between the newsreader and the Giganews servers.
PALmill+12512CNC milling programming training according to DIN 66025.
PALturn+12511CNC turning programming training according to DIN 66025.
Pandora Saga12510A free MMORPG licensed by Atlus.
Prodesis12509Prodesis is an application used by high-school teacher to manage students' data (grades, absences, letters to parents, etc).
Street Hacker12508It's a simulation game that allows you to hack computers and obtain important data around the world!
Lutheran Service Builder 212507Program to plan Church Services and create Bulletins. 
Euphro12506A free server client for Ragnarok Online.
ConsultantPlus Prof12504ConsultantPlus - reliable reference for many russian experts: lawyers, bookkeepers, heads of the organizations, experts of state structures, scientists & students.
Starpoint Gemini12503Starpoint Gemini is an RPG tactical sim focused on the control and strengths of individual vessels. In Starpoint Gemini the ship captains and their skills are in focus and makes the greatest difference in large-scale battles. The games is set in a science-fiction universe where various thriving technological paths exist side by side.
iexpress12502Compresses multiple files into a single EXE that, when run, extracts them to a temporary directory and launches a particular command.
Chime12501A game about placing shapes on a grid to make musik.
Busspur AVV Winter 2010/201112500Fahrplan für Aachen, Niederlande und weitere Gebiete
Star Wolves 3: Civil War12499The third installment in the Star Wolves game series.
Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue12498Hack 'n' slash game with a funny touch. Plays with Steam.
IMAPSize12497IMAPSize is a tool to manage IMAP mail accounts. It is not a mail client. You can use it to locate folders which consume much space and manage then, to avoid storage quota. IMAPSize offers a variety of useful e-mail tools for this, and it can also convert e-mail between eml (Windows Mail/Live Mail) and mbox (Thunderbird) format.
Capsule12496An application required to download and play games purchased from web site.
The Ball12495A puzzle/action game about a mysterious ball in an ancient world.  Based on the Unreal engine.
Police Simulator12494
Salammbo: Battle of Carthage12493Salammbo: Battle for Carthage is a first person perspective Science Fiction Fantasy video game released in 2003. The game was developed Cryo Interactive Entertainment.
Parkan II12491A 1th person science fiction game 
Greed Corp12490Greed Corp is a Turn-Based strategy game developed for PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and the Playstation Network. It features a moderately long single-player campaign and online matchmaking via the Steam network.
Tron: Evolution12489Tron: Evolution is an action-adventure tie-in video game for the film Tron: Legacy by Propaganda Games, is published by Disney Interactive. It was officially announced at the Spike Video Game Awards and is released for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS platforms on 7 December 2010. Additional DLC will be available post-launch. The music in the game was composed by Sascha Dikiciyan (aka Sonic Mayhem), Cris Velasco (God of War) and Kevin Manthei. Two tracks from the film composed by Daft Punk will be included in the game: "Derezzed" and "The Grid".
Screen Tinter Lite12488Some people with perfect vision can experience discomfort when looking at a computer monitor for long periods of time. well no longer will you have to suffer this thanks to the Screen Tinter produced by Thomson Software Solutions.
John Deere American Farmer Deluxe12487Farming simulator
DivX Author12486DivX Author is a video editing software application that works with AVI, MOV (MP4, M4V) and WMW video files, to output DivX video media (DivX Ultra format). Current version runs on Windows Vista/XP - this maintainer has not tried it in Windows 7.
PDG SNCO Gold12485This is the study guide for the USAF promotion.
Rift12482RIFT is a new fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) It currently is in beta state.
Perfect Disk12480It defrags the NTFS and FAT (32 or 16) filesystems ...
Avast! Free Antivirus12479Free version of Avast! antivirus software
Red Ocean12478Red Ocean is an FPS action game with an underwater setting - you take on
Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles12477Sherlock is back with a new adventure based on the books: The Hound of The Baskervilles. Try to stop the curse that envolves the Baskerville family!
Cat Girl Alliance12474Cat Girl Alliance is a hentai visual novel.
Star Wars Battlefront II ModTools12470A special software package from LucasArts, for designing your own maps, sides, weapons, and other mods for SW Battlefront II.
Bazooka Cafe12469Come see me tonight 2 is a hentai visual novel.
The UnderGarden (Demo)12468Explore the unique, wonderful, beautiful underwater worlds filled with caverns and iridescent plants and beings. Solve interesting puzzles while enjoying the great music.
SmartSketch12467Legacy 2D CAD. Full featured, including "snap to" drawing tools, user programmable active symbols, automatic dimensioning, sheets, layers, double lines. Includes templates for AEC, Electrical, Site, Org Chart, Welding. Includes tutorials.
VirtualDJ12466This the the latest version of the virtual dj software that allows anyone to mix like the pros.
Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator12465A crazy distributed Startrek-themed simulator for a spaceship bridge. One computer is the main screen, each one of the rest is one bridge station like helm, comms, weapons etc.
Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord12464Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord takes you from Normandy 1944 to Germany
Nvidia Demo: Adrianne124633D demo created by Nvidia to showcase the capabilities of the Geforce 8 series of graphics cards.
Santa Clause In Trouble12462Very nice Christmas game: 3D Jump & Run platformer. You are Santa Clause and collect presents by running and jumping over flying platforms. Don't fall over ... Professional Quality, well known music (Jingle Bells, etc.). Playable with Mouse, Keyboard or Joystick. Any resolution (see config.txt).
ipTool 1.1.5 printer ink level resetter12461This tool allow reset ink level and EEPROM of printer to  allow use cartridge reloaded with new ink.
MozBackup12460MozBackup is a small application to create backups of Firefox and Thunderbird profiles.
CyberView X12459The driver which makes Reflectas scanners to work.
My Amazing Human Body12458Introduction to human body, internal organs and how it was assembled.
Visionaire Studio12456The Visionaire Adventure Game Studio is a fully equipped IDE for creation of Adventure Games in the style of Point and Click|Point and Shoot -Adventures.
Dead Reefs12455You impersonate a detective sent by the Crown on Dead Reefs Island. You have to resolve the death of a young boy. However, you rapidly discover the inhabitants of the island live in a strange world of pirates tales and mysteries.
The Curse Of Montezuma12454Bejuweled like puzzle game
IrisOnline12453Iris Online is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Eyasoft,
Shatter12452Shatter is a retro-inspired brick-breaking game that merges familiar
General Cadd Pro12450General Cadd - CAD Software
Super Meat Boy12449A cool platformer in which you play the role of a tasty piece of meat
Tidalis12448Tidalis is a block-based puzzle game with casual appeal, hardcore
Lightworks12447a hopefully soon opensourced professional video editing system. Freeware right now. Linux version is planned for 2011, so hopefully wine will be running it earlier.
File & Image Uploader12446You can Upload Files and Image over 140 file hosting server online.
Birthday Reminder12445Birthday reminder will alert you to birthdays and other events you need to remember, in advance of relevant dates
Battle Dex12444Turn-based strategy game for both online and offline play. The game is set in a modern time period with units ranging from infantry to tanks to air. Movement is fairly straight-forward, simply select the unit you wish to move and right-click where you want them to move.
FS-WWI12438FS-WWI is a heavily patched version of "Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons Over Europe", a World War II combat flight simulator, with skins, sounds, terrains, missions, etc. that set the action in World War I; extra configuration and editing tools are also included.
Bluemars12437Immersive 3d experience a unique way to explore, play, shop and
RaidCall12436Raidcall is designed for group communication while gaming, especially
Deadly Sin 2: Shining Faith12435Deadly Sin 2 is a traditionnal RPG developped by Deadly Sin Studios. Inc.
Fussball Manager 1112434This is a football manager.
Dxbx12433Dxbx is Xbox emulator written in Delphi programming language.
RETScreen12432The RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software is
Syndicates of Arkon12431Syndicates of Arkon is a Sci-Fi based MMORPG where you can choose between two realms (Implants and Neovitals) and 3 different classes per side.
Polygon Love 212430Polygon Love 2 is sequel of the best selling game which is mainly an anime style dressing game with adult content.
vzochat12429Video calls, video conferences and collaboration for corporative uses.
Men & Mice Management Console12427The Men & Mice Suite is a management software solution built to
Ride'em Low12426Buy your ride and keep it in a good condition to compete with other
Sebran12425Learning of ABC, letters, words, counting, mathematics, memory, etc. for children. Easy to use, nice, big graphics, neat music.
The Blob (De Blob)12424A funny game also suitable for little children: you roll and jump with a "Blob" through a city and you need to paint the whole grey city by "collecting" coloured people and get their colors.
Flight Control HD12423Flight Control HD is a widely ported casual game from Firemint where the player is an air traffic controller directing planes to their respective runways on various airfields.
King's Quest Collection Series (1997)12422One of several different compilations of games from the renowned King's Quest series, containing:
Ijji reactor12421A game platform that allows the user to install various games from
Diner Dash Flo on the go12420Flo on the go.
Sniper - Art Of Victory12419WW2 like Sniper Elite game
Championship Surfer12418Surf a South Pacific island without ever leaving your living room in Championship Surfer. There are 10 beach locations from which to choose, and each has its own breaking styles and characteristics. Choose among pro surfers Cory Lopez, Shane Beschen, Rochelle Ballard, and five others. There are over 50 tricks and moves to perform, including aerials, 360s, and barrels. Players will experience spray, weather and environmental effects, and huge swells. Avoid obstacles like jet skiers, buoys, boats, and helicopters. Both single player and multiplayer game modes are available, including arcade, split screen, trick attack, and four-player simultaneous rumble mode.
Legend of Martial Arts12417Online role game by perfect world
Decker12416Decker is an old game made by a single man, not a company, Shawn Overcash that features a man who hacks into computers for a living.
MicroVolts12415A third person shooter in manga style. You play as a toy against other people with a huge selection of weapons.
Poker Night at the Inventory12413Poker Night at the Inventory is a poker game that centers around the interactions of four popular characters.
OpenStat12412OpenStat is a free statistical software package written by retired stats professor (Iowa State University) Bill Miller.  It can be used to perform a wide range of univariate and multivariate, parametric and non-parametric statistical analyses. 
MiniReminder12411MiniReminder is a small, but fast, and simple program for Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
Cyberlink Youcam12410Cyberlink youcam 4 is a great application to add effects to webcam like photobooth (on macosx) or cheese (linux) does, but with enchanced funcionality, expecially added in this release.
Prezi Portable12409A portable prezi presentation to show your presentation off-line
SjBoy Emulator12408Utility for emulation Java Mobile Edition (J2ME) Platform.
Evochron Mercenary12407In Evochron, you are free to seek your fortune as an independent mercenary in an adventure directed by your choices, abilities, and accomplishments. Each player can bring their unique skills and interests to the game, forming clans for cooperative goals or remaining solo to complete objectives on their own in true freeform space-sim gameplay.
Exampro12406Allows access to past paper and example questions for AQA's GCSEs and A levels.
Alienware Command Center12405I have no idea what this is, I just had to try and install it.
Titanium Maximum Security 32-bit for Windows12403Trend Micro's 2011 premium a/v suite for home users.
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 (NFS11)12402Hot Pursuit goes back to the Need for Speed series' roots and takes on the gameplay style of earlier "Hot Pursuit" titles in the Need for Speed franchise with exotic cars and high-speed police chases. It is primarily inspired by the original Need for Speed on 3DO. Hot Pursuit lets players be either a cop or a racer and features a full career mode for both roles. The relationship between the cops and racers is described as "a dog chasing down a rabbit", with the cops being more powerful compared to the racers. Each side has several power-ups including calling for roadblocks and radar jamming.
win-bash12401A port of GNU bourne again shell that runs on Windows. The win-bash archive contains a bunch of files with familiar Unix names with an .exe extension, such as ls.exe, echo.exe, which.exe, cat.exe, dd.exe
uLillith12400uLillith is a unicode audio player stemming from the development of Lillith by
Bloody Good Time12399The game takes place on a Hollywood movie set.
Amazon Games and Software Downloader12398Needed to download software and games purchased through Amazon.
Elixir of Immortality12397Adventure game from Big Fish Games
Zen Bound 212396Wrap your way to bliss in Zen Bound 2, the unique down-tempo indie
Create™12395EA game who allow you to create your unique environments....
Forsaken World12391New MMORPG from creators Perfect World, euro servers in CBT status.
SimEnzyme12390Simulation software for analysis of enzyme reactions. Let's you simulate laboratory experiments without having to physically run the lab.
CALL (CCAA English Teaching Software)12389It's a program developed by CCAA, a Brazilian Language School franchiser. It was first launched in 1992. The school's homework, listening comprehension practice and practice tests are done by using this program.
Puzzle Agent123882d puzzle game where the agent character needs to solve puzzles to move through the game.
SClog Fahrtenbuch12387Software to write a logbook for your car.
X-Mouse Button Control12386Excellent tool which permits remapping Mouse Buttons.
Druide Antidote HD 2010 + Visuel Intégré12385French dictionaries and phrasebooks.
2D Design V212384Industry-standard 2D CAD program used for laser cutters.
HyperTerminal12383HyperTerminal is a terminal emulation program capable of
Super Crate Box12382A fun little fast indie platformer, where you don't get points for killing but instead collecting crates.
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