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Descent 3 ( main difference between this version and current versions is that this is acquired digitally only. It has been tweaked to work within Windows XP and Vista out of box. Also, the Laserlock DRM has been removed. No disc media is required to play this version.
cmd.exe8995Command Prompt (Windows)­­ - c­md.exe is the command line interpreter on  Windows NT-based operating systems (including latest Windows and Windows Server).
Gran Larousse Ing-Esp8994The electronic version of the Gran Larousse English-Spanish dictionary.
Engarde8993Software to manage a fencing comptition
Chemcad8992Process simulation for chemical engineering process
Hook Up 3D8991An adult-oriented software title, this online-enabled sexuality simulator allows for people to interact and get it on in realtime 3D. Choose from 6 realistic 3D characters, 3 unique environments, 8 sexual positions, and over 80 different moves. Playable with others or by yourself.
CashComm8990CashComm is one of the leading Swiss personal
Athena Visual Studio8989Chemical process simulation and analysis package.
Bowling Evolution8988A great bowling simulation with realistic physics and good graphics.
LCD Smartie8987LCD Smartie is a great program to configure many different kinds of LCD and VFD screens that are typically serial or USB based.  Its easy to use, very efficient, very compatible, and lots of features.
Infinity8986"Infinity is a massively multiplayer online game set in a persistent futuristic universe, currently in development.
chinese chess deluxe8985its chinese chess. a deluxe version at that. less than 30 sec install on windows
PIXELA ImageMixer 3 SE8984Used to extract, edit, and burn .MTS files recorded with Canon HG20 HDD Camcorder.
HDD Unlock Wizard8983The HDD Unlock Wizard will scan devices attached directly to the motherboard and check if any are locked.  It will then unlock the HDD after a Unlock Code is purchased (For as little as $5 for 40GB and less).  This works for X-Box drives, etc very well.
Full Throttle8980Commonly considered the best graphic adventure game created by LucasArts.
Rise of the Argonauts8977Rise of the Argonauts is an action RPG set on an epic scale, in the world of Greek myth and legend.
Virtual Hottie 28975Virtual Hottie 2 is an advanced sexual simulation with detailed graphics and 3D animations. It offers interactive sex, character creation and the recording of your own movie.
BaseHead - SFX Database8974SFX Database for searching and finding mass sound fx and transfering them to your workstation..
Note Attack!8973This is a game aimed at helping people learn to read music using their keyboard or a Midi piano
FlukeView8972FlukeView ScopeMeter software helps you get
huperVision 40008971HuperVision4000 is CCTV surveillance system software and is developed using C++.
Danea Professional Manager8970Personal finance manager for families and small businesses
DX Keeper8969­DXKeeper is free, comprehensive amateur HAM radio logging software.
TYPSoft FTP Server8968A tiny and easy-to-use FTP Server.
G51 Skin mod system8967G51 Skin mod system is a simple template to create skins for G51 surround sound speakers.
SolidConcept89652D and 3D CAD
Rival Chess for Windows8964Chess game
VSO Inspector8963VSO Inspector is a freeware application to report various information about your CD/DVD hardware as well as CD/DVD media. Reported information includes: Vendor, Model, Region Code, Buffer Size, Firmware, Media Type, Capacity, Sectors and much more.
Secret Maryo Chronicles8962Secret Maryo Chronicles is an open-source platform game.
RealXtend Viewer8961realXtend offers a free open source virtual world platform with which you can create your own applications using it as a base.
My Roots Conversion Utility8960My Roots Conversion Utility is needed for importing data from a GED file into My Roots,
Castle Smash8959Castle Smash is a strategy game developed by Hamumu Software for the Ludum Dare 24 game competition.
Haushaltsbuch8958"Wo ist das ganze Geld geblieben?"
Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum8957Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum provides HD video editing, 5.1 surround sound mixing, over 100 video effects
Behold Genealogy Software8956­Behold is a GEDCOM viewer that uses a Everything Report to presents all your data to you. Fast and easy to reorganize the families how you want. All indexes are included in the report. People, places and sources are all linked together in a html type linked report.
Kaspersky Internet Security8955Kaspersky Internet security is an extensive and very effective protection suite!
PalmToCSV8954Extracts data from Palm Log Pro files and exports it to a CSV file.
Composer Pro8953Software used to program Control4 systems.
DGIndex+DGMPGDec8952The successor of DVD2AVI+MPEG2DEC pair for creating reliable d2v project files. These are useful for other apps, like HC Encoder.
HC Encoder8951A lightweight, rich-featured, high quality MPEG2 video encoder, aimed to DVD compliant contents. A great freeware tool no-one should miss.
Personal Address File8950ADDRFILE is a utility which can be used for keeping personal
Easy Mail8949A full-featured envelope utility which can quickly and easily . . .
EasyWebGallery8948WebGallery is a simple software for easy creating online and offline web galleries. Every image can be described and later searched by its description. It stores all needed information about the gallery in a separate XML file, which is read and visualised in web browser. It automaticly generates image thumbnails and if requested - resizes big images ready for web publishing. Every gallery is easy edited, so one can add or remove images in a matter of a click. Currently, only IE 5.0 and higher is supported for the only template.
DSTool8947DSTool is a freeware application, developed for StampIt certification authority. It can be used to digitally sign, verify, encrypt and decrypt files using digital certificates.
Amorous Professor Cherry8946A classical japanese erotic i-fiction. Hentai.
Cypher - Code of Ruin8945This is a sequel to Traitor's Gate. As a secret agent you have to rescue the world by destroying a secret lab.
SkillSoft Course Manager8944SkillSoft Course Manager allows you to use Skillsoft training software locally.
Clue Classic8943The classic Clue board game.
AniDB O'Matic8942AniDB O'Matic is an application aimed at users of the site, and like the site the application is also meant to easily keep track of the anime you have watched.
Eversion8941Eversion is a cute-looking side-scrolling platformer with simple controls and a terrible secret being unveiled as the player progresses. The goal consists of completing eight levels while collecting gems and finally rescuing the princess. At certain places the player gets to use the power of "Eversion" to shift between alternate realities, each of which deteriorating a little bit more.
iGuidance8940Car navigation software using a serial or usb GPS. Looks and feels like a dedicated car GPS/SatNav.
Ten Ton Ninja8939Ten Ton Ninja is a 2D Jump'n'Run Game with Online-ranking
PC Wetterstation8938Database program with chart generation for use with a Conrad/ELV WS 7000 weather station. The weather station consists of a set of external sensors and a small stand-alone logging device, which is connected via COM port to the computer. PC Wetterstation reads the data from the logger, stores them in a database and draws charts for the measured values (temperature, wind, rainfall etc.). Description (in german) on
Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual (a.k.a. The Testament of Sin)8937Point-and-click adventure with prerendered animated background and 3D player character. Fixed resolution to 1024x768.
Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek8935Another interactive game in the Nancy Drew series by HER Interactive.
Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice8934Another interactive game in the Nancy Drew series by HER Interactive.
ДубльГИС (2gis)8933ДубльГИС is a free GIS system for cities of CIS and especially Russia.
FOTOJOKER Fotoswiat8932Photo print suite used for online ordering photos and more.. see
Ankh 3 - Kampf der Goetter8931Part 3 of the Ankh series in which Assil and his friends have to fight the gods.
Vextractor8930Vextractor converts raster (bitmap) images into vector files. 
Tournament Indicator8929An online poker tool that attaches to a particular game, provides player profiling and hand analysis.
BlockBall Evolution8928Go with a ball through various Levels and collect diamonts on the hunting for the Highscore.
MYOB BusinessBasics8926MYOB BusinessBasics is an entry-level accounting package for small companies and sole traders. It includes VAT accounting, creation of quotes, and will subsequently let you convert quotes to invoices. A very useful feature is that you can download and try the software before you buy it. This is in contrast to QuickBooks.
Akta PrimeView FPLC Software8925Software to acquire and evaluate data from AKTA (ÄKTA) Prime plus column chromatography equipment used for (eg) protein purification.
MotorM4X: Offroad Extreme8924MotorM4X: Offroad Extreme is offroad racing game
The Responsa Project8923­­The Global Jewish Database (the Responsa Project) contains the world's largest electronic collection of Jewish texts in Hebrew ever recorded, which embody thousands of years of Jewish learning. The database includes numerous works from the Responsa Literature - rabbinic case-law rulings which represent the historical-sociological milieu of real-life situations. In addition, the database includes the Bible, the Talmud and ­ their principal commentaries;works about Jewish law and customs; major the codes of Jewish law, such as Maimonides' Mishneh Torah and the Shulchan Aruch with its principal commentaries; midrashim, Zohar, and the Talmudic Encyclopedia. ­
Chess Mates8922Chess Mates is a chess game developed by Presage Software Development Company and published by Brainstorm, a division of Interplay.
Virtual Pool8921­Virtual Pool is the definitive pool simulation game — from teaching novice players the rudiments of the old games to improving the skills of the seasoned pool shark. Interplay worked with a team of physicists and professional pool players to bring Virtual Pool to life and provide the highest degree of accuracy. Balls roll, skid, collide and move on a beautifully rendered pool table that mirrors reality.
YuuGuu8919Yuuguu provides an online meeting/whiteboard and screen sharing.
Albert Heijn Fotoservice8917Albert Heijn, a large supermarket chains in the Netherlands, offers a popular
Traxmeet sync8916Uploads data from Traxmeet compatible device i.e. outdoor sports GPS tracker, to the Traxmeet website.
RtoolDS8915rtools aids in keeping track of sav games and roms used w/ many linkers for the nds. 
AGON Lost Sword of Toledo8914AGON is a graphic adventure project of 14 episodies. The Lost Sword of Toledo is the fourth of them and it was developed in 2007.
AIM8913This new ant­enna analyzer measures the complex impedance (magnitude and phase) at each frequency of interest in the range of 0.1 to 170 MHz. A PC is used to calculate several parameters, including SWR, and plot the results.
Poison Ivy RAT (Remote Administration Tool)8912A tool to control a computer over internet.
MesNews8910MesNews is probably the best newsreader (nntp client)
Kagetsu Tohya8909Kagetsu Tohya is a sequel to Tsukihime visual novel. Although it is considered more as an fun disc rather than a serious sequel.
Fire Fight8906Fire Fight is an isometric 8-way scrolling shoot 'em up. Despite being futuristic, it is very similar to games like Desert Strike and Jungle Strike, also published by Electronic Arts.
Renegade Racers8905Get ready for hilarious watercraft racing, as you choose from 12
Xiah Rebirth8904online rpg
Jahshaka8903An Open Source Alternative to After Effects.
RTG Bills8902Legal billing and time management software.
Virtual CloneDrive8901The virtual CD/DVD drive from Slysoft, makers of CloneCD. Mount any CloneCD supported image file in a virtual drive.
IvAe8900The Eye of IVAO (or: IvAe). IvAe is a data client application (like
Big Kahuna Reef 28899This is a classic Match 3 game with an underwater theme. Unlike the original Big Kahuna Reef, this version contains bombs of various magnitudes, including nukes, which adds a lot of fun to the gameplay.
Perseus8898Perseus is an astronomical simulation program. It's able to
The Sitter Downers Soundboard8897Allows podcasters to have instant access to 18 sound effects and music effects, of their own choosing, in one instance.
Dora the Explorer Animal Adventures8896Ages 3 and up. Join Dora, Diego and Boots in an exciting adventure into the rain forest and discover all sorts of animal friends.
Hmailserver8895This application is a fantastic email server unfortunantly it was written for the wrong O/S
SNMP Traffic Grapher STG8894­This freeware utility allows monitoring of supporting SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c devices including Cisco, Livingstone, Riverstone etc.
Imperium Romanum8893Set in the time-honoured Roman Empire players will marvel at the
Defense Grid: The Awakening8892­Defense Grid: The Awakening is a unique spin on tower defense gameplay that will appeal to players of all skill levels. A horde of enemies is invading, and it's up to the player to stop them by strategically building fortification towers around their base.
Climate Consultant 3 to 58891Displays and manipulates data to do with heating and cooling, sun and shade etc., with respect to climate and seasons, monthly and yearly cycles. Intended for architects designing heat-efficient buildings.
Gorasul : The Legacy Of The Dragon8890In Game Gorasul: The Legacy of the Dragon, you take the role of the dark, resurrected hero Roszondas in a quest to regain his lost powers and deliver the world
Lula: The Sexy Empire8889Adult management game. Manage a porn production/distribution empire.
Spider-man Web of Shadows88873D fighting/adventure game starring Spider-man. Side with heroes like Wolverine or villains like Venom, depending on your actions.
Heaven & Hell8886Heaven and Hell is a real-time strategy game where players choose to play as either god or the devil.
Hellforces8885Hellforces is a first person shooter game where the heroe fight against hell's creatures like zombies, demons, witches...
Moorhuhn Kart 28884The typical Phenomedia-characters are having Kart racings. The tracks are diversified and the driving physics are good. There are pick-ups on the road, so for instance you can put a hole in the ground, shoot a rocket onto the leader or have some boost.
Reise Nach Nordland8882A continuation of Cultures 2
BorderZone8881Third-person action-RPG.
SSC Service Utility8880The SSC Service Utility for Epson printers, will allow you to do simple or very advanced things with your Epson printer.
Valor Universal Viewer8879It's a gerber viewer to see PCB layout used in R&D hardware laboratory (Electronics,  telecomunication etc )
LittleWing Pinball - Golden Logres8877LittleWing Pinball - Golden Logres is a pinball simulation set in the time of medieval England as told in Arthurian legend. The kingdom of Logres has been destroyed but a weakened King Arthur has survived. Arthur must revive the 11 Knights of the Round Table and restore the Kingdom of Logres. The game involves completing ten missions across three separate but connected game tables (Camelot, Fisher King and Land's End).
Intercon Accessible FormNet8876A visual or verbal form-completion application.  Used by the US
Warcraft II8873Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness is the sequel to Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. It was released on 1995 for MS-DOS and Mac OS. It was re-released, along with its expansion pack Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, in 1999 in a new special edition, which expanded the game to support online multiplayer gaming on This is the original 1995 version of Warcraft II, prior to integration.
Helium Music Manager 20098872Helium Music Manager 2009 is an application designed to manage huge amounts of music.
Spirits of Metropolis8871Spirits of Metropolis is a unique puzzle game by independent game developer Vertigo Games which intends to breath new life into the tired match-3 gem game. The game boasts over 120 levels, 10 game play modes, a level editor, and colour blind options.
4th Dimension8870runtime application for 4D relational db.
NCH Tone Generator8869This Program basically generates tones of different frequencies, waveforms, etc....  It supports continuous, duration, linear and logarithmic spectrum sweeps. It can also export the tone as a sound file.
Uo AutoMap8868Uo Automap is a tool for the classic Ultima Online 2d client.  It tracks your moves through out the facets of Britannica. 
ObsCure 28867ObsCure II is a survival horror video game by Hydravision Entertainment and publisher Playlogic Entertainment for PlayStation 2, Wii and Microsoft Windows. The game was released on September,2007 in Europe.A North American release stated by Playlogic on 25 March 2008, under the name of ObsCure: The Aftermath.
Sea3D8866Sea3D is a free Windows version of the popular german board game, Settlers of Catan.
Silverfall : Earth Awakening8865This is a standalone add-on of Silverfall
Aquanox8864Aquanox is a submarine-based shooter/simulation game set in distant future.
DipTimer8863DipTimer is a little program which looks after deadlines for FtF Diplomacy games and
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland8862A skating Game from and with Tony Hawks.
The Spirit Engine 28861Sequel to The Spirit Engine, with similar gameplay, but set in a different fantasy world.
CHAOS;HEAD8860Visual novel, only for 15+
Allied General8858First sequel to SSI's Panzer General, Allied General is the same game set in a different theatre in World War II, with some slight improvements.
Diet & Exercise Assistant Desktop8857Take Charge of Your Health! Tired of not getting the weight-loss results you want and work so hard for? We make it simple to achieve your weight loss goals. Diet & Exercise Assistant is the perfect companion to any weight loss program. Select one of our diet plans to fit your lifestyle or configure the application to support any of the popular diet programs today.
Image Composite Editor (ICE)8856A powerful panorama creator made by Microsoft Research.  It stitches together any number of images into seamless panoramas.
ljArchive8855A tool to browse and download journal entries and comments from LiveJournals and other blogging sites using the LiveJournal software.
Laridian PocketBible8854Reader for Bibles and supporting literature
SOLA Rx Lens Calculation Package8853The program allows interactive input of optometric Rx, eye measures, frame data, which conducts to the obtention of final output related to lens shape, sizes, weights and other parameters which, in turn, allow to generate, fine and polish ophthalmic lenses.
Hitta Kursvinnare8851With 'Hitta Kursvinnare' (Find Stock/Share winners) you improve your chances to find interesting stock/share winners. Something that many, sucessfull users will agree upon.
USGRIB8848This program is downloadable from and offers an excellent service to windows users.
Winamp Remote8847WinAmp Remote is based on Orb technology. It allows the sharing of video and music between yourself and friends, mobile devices and even your PS3, Wii or XBox 360.
iCCup Anti-Hack launcher8846Antihack for Starcraft and Warcraft III gaming laddder on ICCup (The Abyss) server.
The Emperor's Mahjong8843Like in many Mahjong games, the objective is to match sets of tiles together to clear them from the board and advance to the next challenge. You can choose from 3 different levels of skill and 72 color layouts that are grouped in 6 themes. Whenever you feel ready, you can take on the Emperor's challenge.
Radsport manager 2003-20048842YOU are the Chef of a "Tour de France"-Team
Moorhuhn Kart 38841Racing Game with the famous Moorhuhn and its friends
Die Gilde -Gold Edition-8840A Game where you have to live your life in a medieaval City (for example: Nuernberg, Germany)
PortraitPro8839Automatic airbrushing/photo editing and touch-up software.
Shikigami No Shiro II8838Shikigami no Shiro II (式神の城II) is a vertically scrolling shooter released in the arcades, using the Sega NAOMI arcade system board.[1] It was subsequently ported in Japan to the Nintendo GameCube, and then later to Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows PCs. The game was also released in the U.S. on the PlayStation 2 by XS Games as Castle Shikigami 2, and in Europe as Castle Shikigami 2: War of the Worlds. XS Games released its prequel as well, under the name of Mobile Light Force 2.
OverDrive Media Console8836A console to download audiobook files with the .odm extension for viewing.
Shikigami No Shiro EX8835Shikigami no Shiro II (式神の城II) is a vertically scrolling shooter released in the arcades, using the Sega NAOMI arcade system board.[1] It was subsequently ported in Japan to the Nintendo GameCube, and then later to Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows PCs. The game was also released in the U.S. on the PlayStation 2 by XS Games as Castle Shikigami 2, and in Europe as Castle Shikigami 2: War of the Worlds. XS Games released its prequel as well, under the name of Mobile Light Force 2
miLog8834This is a amateur radio contact general and contest logging program with many user-definable fields and comprehensive search functions. ­It does dupe checks in contest mode, tracks needed entities like countries and states for DXCC and Worked All States awards and shows contact rate in contest mode. It imports and outputs files in standard ADIF and Cabrillo formats. It connects to amateur radio license databases such as Callbook, Buckmaster, and QRZ to lookup names and addresses for amateur radio call signs and fills in the related blank data fields, and also connects to the internet to look up call signs at It prints QSL cards and labels with automatic lookup from QRZ, Callbook or Buckmaster.
Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue8833Join Flo as she helps four restaurants defeat the greedy tycoon, Mr. Big, in this smash hit sequel!
Cosmic Bugs8832Some creepy critters are trying to take over your space station,
iCorrect EditLab ProApp8831This application enables easy color correction of photographs.
Hog 3 PC8830Hog 3 PC is the offline editor for the WholeHog 3 line of lighting consoles.  It can also control lights online by using a proprietary widget.
Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned For Danger8829Another interactive game in the Nancy Drew series by HER Interactive.
Drivey8828Drivey is a non-photorealistic driving simulator
Holic Online8827Holic Online is an extremely detailed and graphically pleasing 3D fantasy MMORPG with gourgeous cartoony anime inspired graphics.
VOBMerge8826An application to merge two or more files into one. Mainly for Vob video files. But can also be used to merge other extentions(as per the readme included with the application's zip file).
Boppin'8825Boppin' is a gruesome but fun puzzle game originally released on Amiga, then ported to DOS and finally Windows.
GrandMA OnPC8824grandMA OnPC has taken over the job of the grandMA Offline Editor.  It allows for creation and editing of shows offline, as well as networking with consoles online and controlling MA Lighting NSPs and 2Port Nodes for direct DMX control.
GenoPro8822GenoPro is a software application for drawing fam­ily trees and genograms.
WeGame Client8821WeGame is a free tool for capturing footage of your gameplay. It is much better than FRAPS for the fact that it has more options, works equally as well withough slowing down your gaming and is FREE.
Star Wars: DroidWorks8820Star Wars Droidworks is an educational video game made by Lucas Learning, where the purpose is to create a droid using many different parts that can be assembled in almost endless combinations and have said droid complete a mission. These missions are where the educational properties come into play, as the missions puzzle specifies, it will teach the player about Energy, Force and Motion, Simple Machines, Light, and Magnetism.
Minos8818Minos is a logging program for many VHF and UHF amateur radio contests. Written by Mike
SQLite Administrator8816A GUI tool to create, edit and process SQLite databases.
Space Giraffe8815A Jeff Minter space shoot 'em up, in the style of Tempest.
Sony IC Recorder8813Sony ICRecorder is a digital voice editor with ICD-P Series Support.
MusicTime8812MusicTime is an old music notation software to produce sheet music. It also support importing and exporting midi files.
iSite8811Client software for management and monitoring of iDirect DVB-RCS satellite modem/router.  Software is only available with hardware from manufacturer to my knowledge.
Faceworx8810Faceworx is a very user-friendly program that guides the user in modeling a 3D representation of a human's head. The user provides the program with two 2D pictures (front and side), and the program creates a 3D model using keypoints. Models can be exported using the popular OBJ format to import into other 3D modeling programs.
Xara Xtreme Pro8809Xara Xtreme is quite simply the world's fastest graphics software, with
Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire (VGA remake)8807VGA remake of the original Quest for Glory 2 game made by Sierra many years ago and still in its AGI interface (keyboard based). Now it has been remade with VGA interface, like Quest for Glory 3 and 4.
Votre Budget 20078806Votre Budget 2007 is a personal finance application.
Channel Master8805Create, edit, compile, and load channel lists to the following FTA receiver brands:
Viewsat Loader 18804Loader application for Viewsat Platinum and Viewsat Xtreme FTA satellite receivers
САМО-Тур Агент (SAMO-Tour Agent, client_sqlnet.exe)8803Computer software for tourism applications, automation solutions
Chicken Tournament8802Chicken Tournament is a little 3D multiplayer-shooter. My friend had the idea to that game. He said: "Make a game, where I can kill chickens with a harvester." Great idea: In the game, chicken and farmers fight each other ;)
PExpert8801Design Software for Magnetic Components
Maxwell8800Electromagnetic Field Simulation for High-Performance Electromechanical Design
Netpas Distance8799Netpas Distance is the world's best port distance table supporting more than 10000 ports and 50,000,000 distance table.
BulletProof FTP Server8798Full-featured ftp-server which allows full control over user, connection, ratio, bandwith and other settings. Live config-update supported, kick/ban users and watch logged-in users possible. 
Forensic Toolkit8797AccessData's Forensic Tookit (FTK) provides a suite of software tools for computer forensic investigation, in one interface.
Prince Of Persia 20088795The new Prince Of Persia is arrived. Little more than a smooth-talking thief, the Prince gets lost in a sandstorm while searching for his donkey, Farah.
Midnight Club 28794Members of the world's most notorious
Go Diego Go! Wolf Pop Rescue8793Help Digeo rescue wolf pups.  From the familiar children's TV show.
Sony CD Architect8792CD arranging, mastering and burning tools.
Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice8791This application is used to connect your Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice game pod to your computer via USB cable to download additional mini categories for the Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice board game.
Sven Coop8790A popular Half Life modification focused on cooperative game play. 
VSTHost8789A program for load VST plugins.
Ski Challenge 098788Free online skiing game originally from the austrian TV (ORF).
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 HD8785Sonic the Hedgehog 2 HD is a project that aims to recreate Sonic 2 with better graphics.
Belltech Greeting Card Designer8784Create and print your own personalized greeting cards.
Wootalyzer8783Wootalyzer is a small application which sits in your system tray, and
BlueVista8782BlueVista is UNIX terminal emulator for windows that simulates IBM 3151, IBM 3164, VT100, and VT220 terminal.
Juris Data8781Juris data permette la consultazione e la ricerca off line di legislazione, giurisprudenza e dottrina.  
Au coeur de lascaux8780At the heart of Lascaux is a historical adventure game that takes place in full prehistory, specifically in Paleolithic
The Daedalus Encounter8779Interactive movie/puzzle game from 1995, starring Tia Carrere.  Released for PC, Mac, and 3DO, it uses Quicktime 2.0 for movie elements.
U38778Utilize utilities in Gator Cruzer via Linux.
PSX Multi Converter8777A Playstation 1 movie player and file converter.
Garnet OS Development Suite8776Software for programming GarnetOS Software
sfArk8775sfArk is a lossless compression application optimized for soundfont files (*.sf2). Decompressing tools are available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, but compression tool is available only for Windows.
Post Mortem8774It supposed to be an adventure game.
Sygic DRIVE8773Sygic DRIVE is a viable alternative to running a fully-featured Satellite Navigation system which closely resembles the TomTom Navigator program.  It's still an early development app, but is promising to be quite a good alternative to the likes of Destinator.
Frontline Attack War Over Europe8772Frontline Attack - War Over Europe depicts the struggles of armored and
c't offline update8771Download Updates for Windows (2000/XP/VISTA/2003/2008) and Office (2000/XP/2003/2007) to use offline.
WinMSS8770Match Scoring System (WinMSS)
Axure RP Pro8768Website and application prototyping/documentation tool running on Windows and MacOS.
-Out Client8767Allows members in an office to note their locations.
Klabutong8766Oh no! Santa parked his sleigh too far from the factory outlet! All the
Happyland Adventures8765This is a very enjoyable and well made platform game. It contains lots of nice levels over different courses and it even includes a level editor. 
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