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Windows 7 Install9706This is the install file for windows 7 which manages the first part of the Windows 7 Install. The latter part is done by Windows itself.
Killing Floor9705First person co-op horror survival game. Started off as a UT2k4 Mod but lost native Linux support when the game went retail via Steam in May 09.
PEBrowse Professional9704PEBrowse Professional is a static-analysis tool and disassembler for
Cosmic Rift9703Cosmic Rift is a sequel to Subspace (see Continuum)
Exeinfo PE9701Win32 PE identifier for packers, compressors, used compilers, exe protectors, obfuscators and more.
sm50b9700SM50B is a tool to get the connection information of some ADSL routers used i.e. by Arcor and others (SpeedModem 50 and 200)
Army Men 29699Sequel to Army Men
UserBar Generator9698Is a program to facility the creation at userBar
AntiTwin9696- A changelog is currently not available
cryptload9695Downloading from One-Click-Hosters
Superbike 20019694The officially licensed Superbike race sim.
Ultimate Othello9693Ultimate Othello is a cross-platform game that allows you to play Othello (aka Reversi) against the AI or against real people on the web.
Charma9692That stupid colored small beasts want to die in a dark cavern. You have to save them making them disappear. To do this you can move them and when there are 3 or more of the same color they disappear.
Fresh9691Update tool for navigation devices from Navigon. It installs updates for software, maps and other services.
artisteer.exe9690It is supposed to be able to create WordPress Blogs, Joomla! and Drupal templates
Gang Garrison 29688­2D Side-scrolling shooter. Gang
Mage Knight: Apocalypse9687"An action role-playing game based on the collectible
Championship Manager 20089686Championship Manager 2008
Championship Manager: Season 01/029685Championship Manager: Season 01/02
Multiplayer Poker Room9684Another online poker game, with real money. You can able to engage with players around the world in daily freeroll games and many tournaments.
In Cold Blood9681You are John Cord, an MI6 Secret Service agent who has been sent to
eXe Learning9680The eXe project developed a freely available Open Source authoring
Realm of Empires Power Tools9678This is an application that maps the villages in the Realm of Empires web based game. It also allows you to schedule attacks.
AMH CD-ROM9677Drug reference primarily intended for pharmacists, doctors and nurses in Australia.
WaveCart9675WaveCart is a cart based radio playout system.
Excalibur 2555 AD9674Search the underworld for items and solve puzzles. Fight the baddies and help the goodies and recover Excalibur for Merlin.
Entrepreneur9673Start a company, conquer the world. Entrepreneur is a real time multiplayer or single player strategy game in which you must build a global corporate empire while competing against ruthless opponents. Create new technologies, manufacture them faster than your oppponents, and try to make sure your marketing can fend off the nasty rumors your competitors may spread.
Vector Magic Desktop9672A very useful application that can vectorize a bitmap very quickly with an astonishing quality.
kbasic9671An other basic variant
GoogleMV9670Google Maps Viewer is application which allow to download maps from google maps, browse them, and produce offline calibrated maps.
CrysalisPro9669CrysalisPro is proprietary software (Oxford Diffraction, Windows only currently) that is used to process X-ray diffraction data.
Out of The Park Baseball 59668OOTP5 is a very statistically detailed text baseball simulation. It was released as freeware by the developers after the next version came out. The player acts as the GM of a team & can set lineups, depth charts, rotations, make trades etc.; anything a GM does, the game has. Players, teams, and even entire seasons can be imported from the Sean Lahman Baseball Archive at
RadioSure9667Internet radio player with thousands of stations pre-configured. Ability to save streams from most of the stations to individual MP3's. YMMV
ImTOO DVD Creator9666ImTOO DVD Creator is powerful DVD burn software which can convert AVI,
teXXas9665This application allows you to see the actually running tv program, adding your favorites and get reminded of them.
Eco Tycoon9664Another tycoon game! This one you manage a country (or continent?) micromanaging food, industry, while maintaining popularity and trying to lower your nation's CO2 output.
AaAaAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity9663You dive off a skyscraper, relying on quick reflexes to negotiate the
Rottatouille9662Never have action taste better!
SHReK the THiRD9661SHReK the THiRD is a adventure game and you play characters
Star Wars T.I.E. Fighter Collector's CD-ROM9660­Star Wars T.I.E. Fighter Collector's CD-ROM is a spaceflight combat simulator developed by Totally Games and published by Lucasarts which takes place in the Star Wars universe. ­; It is the sequel of X-Wing, and includes both T.I.E. Fighter and the Defender of the Empire expansion pack.  The original T.I.E. Fighter game improved on X-Wing by including gouraud shading and 640x480 resolution, and the Collector's CD-ROM supports hardware 3D acceleration.
Plants Vs. Zombies9657defend your house from hoards of zombies using an army of plants and plant-related weaponry. 
Battlenet system check9656Simple application that is supposed to gather data about your pc and submit them to blizzard so you can join for beta testing.
pxtone Collage9655­Pxtone Collage (pronounced as piston collage) is a music editor for chip-tune. It contains a player and a DLL for including your application. Both are redistributable.­­­
CADdy++/SEE Electrical9654CADdy++/SEE Electrical is an application to help design electrical installations
Cryostasis9653Cryostasis takes place in 1981 on a nuclear ice breaker called the
S151 Maths for Science9651Maths for science is one of a series of short, flexible 10-point courses introducing fascinating topics in science.
Gage Insite9650Asset management software and calibration lab managements.
Pikachu Volleyball9649Simple game of volleyball involving two pikachu characters.
Evochron Legends9648Freeform trading, racing, mercenary and combat simulator.
Twelve Sky 29647Martial-arts themed MMORPG
Suunto Training Manager9646Software application for viewing data recorded on Suunto t6/t6c heart rate monitors or Suunto memory belts.
Araneae9644Multilingual, extendable, lightweight and fast code editor, without many extra features.
RS Audials One9643A easy software for legaly free downloading music and videos from Youtube etc.
SRWare Iron9642SRWare Iron is a powerfull Webbrowser, based on the free "Chromium". It has no User-ID like in Google Chrome, which gives you more privacy.
The Online Trader9641The Online Trader is an advanced and sophisticated information-
John Tiller's Campaign Series9640John Tiller's Campaign Series stands for a game pack containing TalonSoft Campaign Games Series as reedited by Matrix Games. This is a turn based strategy games using hex map.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine9639Action game based on the movie.
Infovox Desktop Voices9637A collection of speech synthesizers in English (various accents) and other European languages, supposed to be very human-sounding.
Tanya Grotter9636This quest game tells about Tanya Grotter 's adventures. This game named of the same name of Dmitry Emets book serial.
Starshatter: The Gathering Storm9635A versatile space combat simulation with a newtonian flight model and dynamic campaigns.
Velvet Assassin9633Velvet Assassin is a 3rd person assassin game similar to Thief and Assassin's Creed but set during World War 2.
Borland dBase9632Database admninistration.
Parkan: The Imperial Chronicles9631Legendary russian game from far 1997 year. One of the first, or even the first game with merged genre 'Action (Shooter) / Simulator (Space) / 3D / 1st Person'.
Die Voelker9629A charmfu Strategy Game, with 3 folks, which are new on a planet called Lukkat
SUPERAntiSpyware Free9628Removes all the spyware, not just the easy ones!  It is actually a very good program for removing spyware from your infected Windows computer.
8th Day9627Postapocaliptic MMORPG from Russia.
Yamaha File Utility for CLP Series Clavinova Pianos9626The Yamaha File Utility is supplied with their CLP-150 and CLP-170 "Clavinova" digital pianos. It allows MIDI files to be transferred to and from the piano.
Supportworks9625Supportworks is a centralized ticketing system that technicians use to keep track of current issues, assets, as well as pre-defined problem profiles.
AGON The mysterious codex9624AGON is a peculiar and mysterious story about a certain Professor Samuel Hunt. The story itself unfolds in a series episodes and locations.
ace ventura9623Move to various locations arouind the world. Move the pointer around until it becomes a magnifying glass (examine the object) or a hand (perform an action). Witty (if your sense of humour is Ace) comments and animations from the man himself.
windows mobile device center9622the new version of activesync. it works only with windows vista or higher
Teeworlds9621Teeworlds is game created by Magnus Auvinen and under develompment
Free Realms9620Free Realms is a children and teen orientated browser based Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) from Sony Online Entertainment. This game relies on the SOE Installer plugin that is installed by the Free Realms installation program.
london racer9619Racing game based in London. Race through tracks to win money. This money can be used to buy performance parts and buy new cars. Can win new cars doing time trails. 
Mystat 129618Mystat 12 is a free student version of the systat statistical calculation software. It includes functions for importing from excel and a lot of commonly used statistical methods. The main advantage is that it is free, but you have to sign up to download it.
The Chronicles of Riddick - Assault on Dark Athena9617First person shooter from Starbreeze Studios.
Van Dale Groot woordenboek Engels9616Dutch - English/English - Dutch dictionary from Van Dale.
Kallisto9615Russian and Brazil Checkers, Pool, Checkers Losers.
SST (Secure Shuttle Transport) Client9614Instant Messanger with secure transfering of messages and files. Feature of secure FTP upload, e-mail sending. Has support of VoIP and video chat. Tiny Hexer9612hexer is a free hex editor for binary files. It will allow you to edit multiple files (mdi), sectors of disks and other data media (disk editor) and modifiy virtual memory of other processes. tiny hexer is scriptable, lets youview data structures in a special browser in human readable format and has a plugin interface for third party extensions.
Snail Mail9610A fun little game where you take control of a constantly moving snail who tries to deliver his mail packages by avoiding the space monsters who despise mail.
Hold'em Manager9609Keeps personal statistics on texas hold'em games played at various online sites.
Microsoft Math9608An advanced calculator.  It does 2D and 3D graphing.  It has a triangle solver and many other features.
Intype9607Code editor for Windows.
AvaTrader9606vaTrader 3.1is an online FX platform, that will let you perform financial trade.
miniVNA9605Software for the miniVNA vector network analyzer.
Tom Clancy's EndWar9604From wiki
RealVNC9603Control and view your PC screen from a distance.
S103 Discovering Science9601Discovering
Notia Business Server - win klient9600Comprehensive ERP and CRM system focused primarily on the Czech environment.
Cities Online (beta)9599A strategy game based on Settlers of Catan. Written in VS2008 C++ (runtime needed).
Adlib Library Lite9598This is a great tool to register you book and art collection. It has all the features you need to administer your own library. It has the ability to import data from csv files and proprietary formats.  There is a freeware version which I installed and tested as well as a Business Edition. Check this one out.
VDrumLib9597Editing Software
ActionOutline9596ActionOutline helps you store and arrange all your information in a tree outline form. With ActionOutline, you can create and manage to-do lists, recipes, project notes, personal contacts, bookmark lists, reports, term papers, etc. It includes an Explorer-like interface, the ability to link to web or local files, and much more.
3D Ultra Pinball - Creep Night9595An excellent Pinball game with three tables, good graphics and sound. Beware the Wraith and the Gobbler Ghost. Especially The Wraith, she'll have your balls everytime!
Arsenal29594"Arsenal 2 - Extended power" is the Win32 version of "Arsenal - Taste the power" by the french software house Tactical Soft.
OSAM: Autoruns Manager9593Utility to contol all way of autoruns (startup applications, loading drivers, services, plugins to explorer, printing monitors, URL hooks, etc).
Occult 49592An application to calculate very accurate lunar occultation times, of planets and stars.
Procaster9591PROCASTER is a free software download available at
S197 How The Universe Works9590How the Universe works is one of a series
S180 Life In The Oceans9589Life in the oceans: exploring our blue planet
Font Validator9587The Font Validator is a tool that evaluates how closely a TrueType or OpenType font adheres to the current font format specification, as well as whether the font meets basic recommendations and deliverable guidelines from Microsoft.
Amplitube Metal9586Amplitube Metal is a "virtual guitar amp" allowing users to plug their USB-based guitars (or guitars plugged into a USB adapter) into their computers and use the computer as an effects chain and amplifier.
WinPlex9585Remake of wellknown DOS game SupaPlex. Added a lot of new levels.
Infestation9584Infestation is a vehicle-based shooterThe single player game features a
Jyotish Tools for Windows9583Enter birth date and time and location and the application will draw various forms of the birth chart.
FarmCraft9582A very good arcade game with beutiful 2D graphics.
osu!9581osu! is a free-to-play game based on a variety of popular commercial rhythm games. While keeping some authentic elements, osu! adds huge customization via skins/beatmaps/storyboarding, online rankings, multiplayer and boasts a community with over 100,000 active users! Play the way you want to play, with your own music, and share your creations with others.
Mini #379580Mini#37 is a great racing game featuring a simple to understand interface and fast game play using Mini Coopers from throughout the ages.  Fun and Free, it features leaderboards, arcade mode, championship mode, and real-life locations to race in.  Mini#37 promises more content to come through episodes which will all be free to download a play.
gBurner9579Can create, edit and burn VCD/SVCD discs.
Legend of Ares9578Choose between four characters to adventure in a pseudo Chinese based world. Learn new skills, level up, and complete quests.
WYD - With Your Destiny9577An MMO that allows you to choose between four different characters to level up in the daily MMORPG grind.
Zeno Clash9576Zeno Clash is a ground-breaking action fighter set in a visually rich, fantasy world.
Logitech QuickCam9575This is the software that records video and takes pictures form Logitech webcams.  It also contains the drivers.
LSynth9574Lsynth is a program that reads in LDRAW format files (produced my LDRAW and MLCad), and writes out the
ProfiCAD9573czech CAD software
Nutrition & Exercise Manager (U.S.)9572Our application lets you work out exactly what you need to do to shed pounds quickly and effectively.
Fox Edit9570[Polish] FOX Edit to lekki edytor tekstu napisany z myślą o programistach.
Checkpoint VPN-1 Secureclient9569Client for connecting to VPN service of Checkpoint firewalls.
Demigod9568Demigod is a real-time, tactical strategy game that includes extensive role-playing
Livewire9567An application to design and test electric circiuts
Princess Waltz9566This is a Japanese visual novel translated into English. It was developed by Pulltop and localized/imported by Peach Princess.
Rainmeter9565Rainmeter is a free program (GPLv2) which allows the user to display utility information concerning their system (memory available, processor speed, etc.) utilizing various skins available from the community to display on the desktop.
The Book of Unwritten Tales9564A German fantasy adventure with funny references to other famous games.
TX-Line9563TX-Line is a transmission line calculator.  The user enters physical layout constants and it calculates the electrical constants, or vice-versa.  Handles popular PCB structures (and more).
TrioBet Poker9562TrioBet poker client.
MX Monitor9561Upload Manager and "Leech Killer" to use in conjunction with WinMX.
Orca MSI Editor9560Edit the properties of any MSI. Change the title,
GodsWar Online9559GodsWar Online
cluedo9557Cluedo (IPA: /kluːdoʊ/; Clue in North America) is a mysterycrime fictionboard game originally published by Waddingtons in Leeds, United Kingdom in 1949.[1] It was devised by Anthony E. Pratt, a solicitor's clerk and part-time clown from Birmingham, England. It is now published by the United Statesgame and toy company Hasbro, which acquired its U.S. publisher Parker Brothers as well as Waddingtons.
DigiSpel9556A freeware computer program implementing some popular games like Mastermind, Tangram and Tetris.
DigitAal9555A freeware computer program for people that suffer from aphasia developed by Atie Köbben and Eelco de Smidt.
Barbie Mermaid Adventure9554Colorful, graphical, music exploration of an undersea world with mermaid Barbie, on a search for the rainbow dolphins. Verbal instructions make it suitable for ages 4 and up. English.
Busou Shinki9553busou shinki is a game consisting of two parts, battle rondo and diorama studio. these are both launched from the same app. in battle rondo players pit their characters (shinki) against eachother in battles, in diorama studio one may pose their characters in 3d environments and take pictures.
Farming-Simulator 20099552A complete farming simulation.
Rockstar Games Social Club9551Rockstar Games Social Club is a free online service and application provided by Rockstar Games for use with their latest generation of games.
F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point9550This is a continuing story from F.E.A.R. It begins after the explosion the leveled the Origin Facility. Paxton Fettle returns for revenge. Alma has some new friends that are even creepier and more deadly then the Shadow Ghosts that attacked you in the first one. I find the creep factor in this one 10 times higher then F.E.A.R.
Sony Ericsson Update Service9549Replaced by Sony PC Companion.
Chariots of War9548Strategy game set in the Near East during the Bronze Age. Sequel to "Legion".
TVgenial9547Offline TV guide, offers a range free channel data. More channels are available for different subscription models.
Mystery PI: New York Fortune9545A fun-loving New York billionaire has hidden his will somewhere in New York City!
Escape Rosecliff Island9544An unexpected storm has left you shipwrecked on a mysterious private
Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II9543Third-party modification for Half-Life 2.
Combat Chess9542Combat Chess is a version of the classic chess strategy but with
Aion: The Tower of Eternity9541Aion: The Tower of Eternity­ is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)
Shure Wireless Workbench9540From the Shure website:
Signus: The Artefact Wars9537Signus is turn-based strategy developed by Czech company Zima Software and issued in 1998.
WinDirStat9536WinDirStat is an open source application for making a graphical analysis of your hard disk. It also contains cleaning tools for deleting files you no longer need.
Braid9535Braid is a 2d-side scrolling game. It features time-manipulation. You can rewind time by pressing the shift-button. Because of this you can not die.
Calmira XP9532"Calmira XP is a shell for Windows 3.1, based on Calmira II, that gives
Dietrich`s9531Dietrich`s CAD/CAM - design software for any type of wood construction, especialy for engineering and building.
No-IP DynamicUpdateClient9529By using the free No-IP service you can assign easily rememberable address like which is automatically updated by the No-IP DUC software to match your current IP. The service is best used with computer directly connected to Internet.
Resolver One9528Resolver One is a spreadsheet designed to be more reliable, programmable and extendable than traditional spreadsheets. It integrates the 'Python' programming language, which is used in cell formulae, and to create functions or classes that define the behaviour of the spreadsheet. Specifically, it uses the 'IronPython' dialect of Python, which gives seamless interoperability with .NET classes and libraries.
openBVE9527openBVE is a railway simulator compatible with routes and trains, developed for an existing simulator, BVE 2/4 by "Mackoy", but is a different programme, written by michelle.
Styrateg9525Fantasy turn-based RPG/strategy game for Mac OS X and Windows.
EZ2ON9524A south korean music game like DJMax and EZ2DJ. It needs a KSSN to work, so you must be korean to play it (or get one from a korean).
The Operational Art of War III9523Latest version (2006) of a long-running series of strategy games covering major land battles of the 20th century.
Windows Installer XML (WiX) toolset9522The Windows Installer XML (WiX) is a toolset that builds Windows
Dora The Explorer, Carnival Adventure9521Learning adventures for very young children with Dora the Explorer, the famous Latin heroine.  
Winbar9520It is a windows 9x style taskbar for Win 3x.
The Godfather II9519The Godfather II is a 2009 video game based on The Godfather Part II, a 1974 crime drama film directed by Francis Ford Coppola and co-written by Coppola and Mario Puzo.
Cilea9517Small tool for easy conversion between a lot of units.
Pragma 59516Best machine translator for ukrainian and russian to others. Free usage.
RWF Talking Dictionary9513Talking dictionary desktop application with word look up, browse and speech.  Product works with or without a screen reader on Win. 
Unimatic Addon9512Unimatic Addon is used for United Pilots to access schedules and other important information
Swift Spanish9511It is a multimedia spanish tutor, that employs animation sound affects and music to teach a person spanish.
ProjektW9510ProjektW is a turn-based strategy game for world domination. You start out as one of five super nations, which has the ability to research new technologies, fight wars, and take land from other nations. Once a nation has no land, they are considered dead. Destroy all nations to bring peace to the world and win the game!
Star Defender 49509It's a 2D game that you can shoot aliens in space ships to kill them and defend stars:)
Tag: The Power of Paint9507Tag: the Power of Paint is a first person shooter / puzzle game developed by the Tag Team.
Irssi9506Irssi is an IRC client written for UNIX-like systems. However, there are Windows binaries available. This entry is for the Windows binary being run within Wine.
Design Expert9505Software for experimental design and statistical analysis
Sothink FLV Player9504This Flash video player can play all files with an FLV
Website-Watcher9502Website-Watcher is an application for checking multiple web pages for changes and updates. It has many nice features such as filtering, automation, and more.
Painkiller: Black Edition9501Includes Painkiller and expansion pack "Battle out of Hell"
computerized war in europe9500This game is a port of one of the largest board games ever made to a computer. There is no AI.
Hawkes introductory and intermediate Algebra9499college algebra software.
EasyChat Client9498The Client for the Freeware EasyChat. Similar to IRC.
GoldenEye: Source9497A great modification for the half life 2 engine that brings back the fun we all used to have playing GoldenEye for the N64
IcoFX9496IcoFX is a freeware icon editor. It is an all-in-one solution for icon creation, extraction and editing. It is designed to work with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Macintosh icons supporting transparency.
Delta Flight Schedules9494Delta Flight Schedules is a program offered by Delta Airlines to provide flight schedules, aircraft, and airport information offline without accessing the website. The program attempts to update itself over the Internet to provide new information on a weekly basis.
fr-25: the popular demo9493Very impressive graphics demo by Farbrausch.
Chaos Theory9492A computer generated movie, Chaos Theory creates 4 minutes of vibrant
Stuffit Expander9490The freeware version of Smith Micro's Stuffit that can be used to decompress archives created by Stuffit.
Liberation Day9488Sequel to Fallen Haven, also known as Fallen Haven 2.
Copernic Desktop Search Home9487Easily
Usenet Explorer9486Multiserver, multi windows, multitasking newsreader for text and binaries.
Flock!9485Flock! is a puzzle game where you are a UFO tasked with herding animals into a mothership.
SVN-Monitor9484NOTE: The SVN-Monitor project has been discontinued. The successor (commercial product) is called Vercue.
Ultra Hal Assistant9483Ultra Hal Assistant is both an office assistant and a companion.
Shortkeys9482ShortKeys is a utility that allows you to set up replacement text or paragraphs for any given number of user defined keystrokes. ShortKeys monitors the keyboard activity on a global nature and anytime a user defined keystroke combination is typed in, it will be replaced with the replacement text.
Quest3D9481Quest3D is a 3D engine and development platform that is generally used for architecture, product and design visuals, computer games, training software, and simulations in virtual reality.
djDecks9480djDecks is a computer mixing program for both beginning and professional dj's.
Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures 101: Fright of the Bumblebees9479The first episone of the adventure games based on the animation film series "Wallace & Gromit".
pyscripter9478An easy to use, free open source IDE for python with lots of features.
VR-NetWorld Software9477Online-Banking software used by Volksbanken/Raiffeisenbanken
ConvWPT9476ConvWPT is a VB6 app that is a companion to TrekBuddy (, a J2ME application for GPS navigation and tracking.
Silent Hill: Homecoming9475"Silent Hill Homecoming is the sixth installment in the Silent Hill survival horrorvideo game series, developed by Foundation 9 Entertainment and Double Helix Games. The game was announced on July 11, 2007 by Konami at their E3 press conference, and was originally entitled Silent hill V
zero . nine nine seven9474zero . nine nine seven is a puzzling space game in which the challenge is that you have no realtime control over your ship. Instead you have to carefully plan at which points the boosters of the spaceship have to be engaged or disengaged.
ServInfo9472ServInfo is a freeware utility that provides integrated information for the on-line flying activities in the
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