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Name Excel
Developer Microsoft 
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Number crunching for the masses...

Native alternatives for non-windows platforms
- OpenOffice Calc
- Gnumeric

VersionDescriptionRatingWine versionTest resultsComments
'95version 95 of this popular office spreadsheet application.Gold1.1.3920
'97Version 97 of this popular office spreadsheet application.Silver1.5.2650
2000Part of Office 2000Silver1.1.2911
2002 (XP)Is the version that comes with 2002 (XP)Garbage1.0.110
2003Part of Office 2003.Silver1.3.31150
2007Part of Microsoft Office 2007Bronze1.6.2170
2010 (32 bit)Part of Office 2010Gold1.9.291
4.0Version from the early Caveman Era.  16-bit.  Works with Windows 3.1.  Copyright 1985-1992.Garbage1.1.4410

Application Name Description
Microsoft Office (installer only) This entry is for testing the installer of Microsoft's Office application suite. The individual applications included in the suite have their own AppDB entries; test results for running the applications should be submitted through their individual AppDB page.

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