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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (often abbreviated JK or DF2) is a first person shooter computer game released on October 9, 1997, by LucasArts based on the Star Wars franchise.

It was both the first game in the Dark Forces series to include multiplayer capabilities over the Internet or a Local Area Network, and the first game to allow players to take control of a Jedi character using both the Force and lightsabers. Jedi Knight is also known for its use of live-action cutscenes to further immerse the character in the Star Wars universe.

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VersionDescriptionLatest RatingLatest Wine version testedTest resultsComments
1.0CD released versionGold2.0282
1.01Address the problem with loss of joystick control during play with someGold1.7.51-staging44
DemoDemo versionGold7.0-rc5140
Direct2DriveFor the newly released Direct2Drive version.00
JK 1.01 Unofficial patch 2008.1Information about this patch can be found on jkhub.netBronze1.7.5120
JK13 Unofficial patchRetail CD-ROM release with Jedi Knight 2013 Unofficial Patch (JK13) patch.00
SteamFor the newly released Steam version of the game.Silver1.9.040