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BioSys is a biology/environment simulation and "Myst"-like adventure game that gives you control over 4 different biospheres (a closed, self-regulating systems containing ecosystems) to experiment with.

You take over the role of Allan Russell, a genetics professor and environmental activist who lives in a complex of four giantic greenhouses named Biosphere4. They each contain complete ecological system (rainforrest, savannah, ocean and accellerated evolution) which have different needs, animals and fruits which you can eat if the biome is healthy.
After some horrible events you wake up in the rainforrest and have to survive in and escape from the complex. To accomplish this you will have to keep the ecological systems alive (for your food suppply) and even reanimate one biome in order to flee.

Never again, before or after, I have seen a game teaching so much about environmental connections by simply using the human play instinct! Every piece of technological equipment supporting the ecological systems can be controlled by the player, directly on location or by the Bio/SYS 4 - GUI. The impact is fed back by a bunch of sensor data and an overall "condition".

In the course of the game you will discover a background story of environmental terrorism, a sinister multinational corporation and some "loung-sucking mutant plants".

After all, despite being older than a decade, it is quite timeless and, sad enough, the only of it's kind.

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Developer: JumpStart Solutions Ltd.

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1.00The only version ever published.Silver5.0.360
HOWTO 1. Videos
To get the videos in BioSys running copy the msvidc32.dll from a generic Windows installation ("C:/windows/system32/msvidc32.dll" for me) to the respective folder in your wine directory tree ("$HOME/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/" for me). Then set in the wineconfig -> Library menu msvidc32 to "Native (Windows)" only.
Tested with msvidc32.dll file Version 5.1.2600.0 (size 25 kB) on Ubuntu 10.10 and Debian and 7.0 .
HOWTO 2. Path Issue
To start BioSys.exe from the command line without problems you have to make the BioSys directory your present working directory by typing cd /path/to/BioSYS ("cd '$HOME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Jumpstart Solutions/Biosys'" for me) before running BioSys.exe with "wine BioSys.exe".
Tested in Ubuntu 10.10 and Debian and 7.0 .