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Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere, a stunningly simple and powerful professional video editing tool, comfortably closes the DV to Web gap while extending the award-winning software's position as the most accessible application on the market today.

With new support for DV on the Windows platform and cross-platform support for all of the leading Web video formats, Premiere aggressively integrates a variety of features and functions into its long-held marketplace position as simply the best video editing tool around.

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VersionDescriptionLatest RatingLatest Wine version testedTest resultsComments
1.0The first Windows version of the series, released in September 1993.Garbage0.9.47.10
4.2The first version to support the 32bit architecture, released in April 1996.Bronze1.1.3410
6.0The first version to support Digital Video (dv). Released in January 2001.Garbage1.8.750
6.5The last version using the old codebase, released in August 2002.Silver1.1.1010
8.0.0 build 169Garbage1.7.2510
Pro 1 (7.0)Rewritten from scratch and rebranded with the "Pro" surname. Released on August 21, 2003.Garbage1.1.3460
Pro 1.5Released on May 24, 2004.Bronze1.0.090
Pro 2.00Added native HDV support, released on January 17, 2006.Garbage4.0-rc760
Pro CC 2018Recent version of Adobe Premiere Pro that looks promising in Wine. The rendering is broken, but with that solved it should run well in side Wine. Apart from the rendering functionality appears to work.Garbage4.12.110
Pro CS3Released on July 2, 2007.Bronze4.0.170
Pro CS4Released on September 23, 2008.Garbage4.080
Pro CS5Released on May 26, 2010Garbage3.020
Pro CS6Released April 23, 2012, part of Adobe Creative Suite 6.Garbage8.1-staging71