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Name Kerbal Space Program
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KSP is a fun little free rocket simulator in which you can design, build and fly your own rocket or design whatever you want.

As of 0.18.4, Kerbal Space Program has a native linux release 

VersionDescriptionRatingWine versionTest resultsComments
0.12.xKSP 0.12Bronze1.3.3210
0.13.xKerbal Space Program is a lightweight alternative to Orbiter, where you can build and launch rockets, fly to orbit and land on the moon.Platinum1.4-rc510
0.17.xReleased September 2012 -  adds new planets and moons, some new parts and new UI stuff. For more details, please see the official announcement at kerbalspaceprogram.comPlatinum1.5.1334
0.18.xReleased November 2012 - Adds docking, solar panels, more planets and moons, and art redesigns.Gold1.5.2341
0.24.x (x86)Platinum1.7.3010
0.8.xStill an alpha version but seems to work well, more parts can be obtained from the KSP community.Bronze1.3.2430

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