Category: Main Scientific/Technical/Math CAD/CAE Saturn PCB Design Toolkit

Saturn PCB Design Toolkit

Calculators for PCB designers and engineers (current capacity of a PCB trace, via current, differential pairs, etc.)

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VersionDescriptionLatest RatingLatest Wine version testedTest resultsComments
5.4.1Version 5.4.1 Updates & Additions:Garbage1.3.2510
6.6.4Version 6.64 Updates & Additions:Gold1.7.3310
6.7+All releases of version 6 series or later starting with 6.7 (using Caphyon's Advanced Installer)Garbage1.9.2320
6.8xW+All releases of the 6.8x "W" series or later (using Wine-compatible GkSetup)Platinum1.9.2320
7.x+All releases of version 7 series or later (using Caphyon's Advanced Installer)Gold3.20-staging30
7.xW+All releases of the 7.x "W" series or later (using Wine-compatible GkSetup)Platinum1.9.2310
8.xAll releases of version 8 seriesGold9.030