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Star Citizen / Squadron 42

Star Citizen is a next-generation free-to-play AAA space simulator scheduled to be released in 2015, featuring dogfighting, trading, bounty hunting, exploration and a single player campaign known as Squadron 42.

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VersionDescriptionLatest RatingLatest Wine version testedTest resultsComments
2.6.3This version runs already Star Marine, a ego shooter module, Arena Ommander, an space ship shoot em up, and a very small version of the final game. Announced with Lumberyard engine, but getting still a cryengine error, if using native dx11 libs.Garbage2.710
3.0.0ag PTUPTU (Public Test Universe) version 3.0.0ag.Garbage3.0-rc111
3.12.1Implements star system wide events.Gold6.650
3.13.0p Alpha PTUIntroduction of ship to ship docking. Testing release, very unstable.Garbage6.610
3.2Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 LiveGarbage3.1331
3.3.0 PTUVersion 3.3.0-PTU 958784 (Public Test Universe)Bronze3.18-staging24
3.3.6 LIVEBuild 998172 version 3.3.6 Live Persistent UniverseSilver3.21-staging10
3.4.3Star Citizen is a space simulation MMORPG currently under development in alpha state.Bronze4.230
3.4.3Latest PTU version. Gold4.0-staging10
3.5 LIVEStar Citizen Alpha 3.5.0 LIVE.1464364Silver4.6-staging12 NON PTUGarbage4.1510
3.9.1 AlphaMy config and system :Silver5.9-staging10
Alpha 3.12The best way to install this game is through Lutris.Gold6.210
ALPHA 3.8 LIVEALPHA 3.8 LIVEGold5.3-staging44
Hangar ModuleThe hangar module early release of the game, featuring the player's hangar with their spaceships, weapons and an in-game store.Garbage1.7.43410