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Black & White

Eden. The perfect world. A lush, unspoiled paradise of small islands in a cobalt sea. Eight tribes live their lives here in harmony. They work the land, fish the sea, build homes and farm animals. They only want for one thing. A god.

It's divine intervention ? the villagers, in trouble one day, shout for help and you swoop from the heavens and save them. From that moment on, everything changes. You are their god and they set about constructing a temple in which to worship you. And, as is the way of gods, the more worship you receive, the stronger you get.

The villagers also take you to the most precious things on their island. These are the creatures; animals which frolic in a hidden oasis. You, as a god, may pick one of these and make it yours. The chosen creature will be you­r physical manifestation upon the realm and its appearance will reflect the kind of god you choose to be. You must teach it what to eat, where to sleep, how to help the tribespeople and how to fight.

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Developer: Lionhead Studios Ltd.

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VersionDescriptionLatest RatingLatest Wine version testedTest resultsComments
1.0original retail versionPlatinum2.0-rc2240
1.100Black & White V1.100 - a few bugfixes and features addedSilver1.5.12140
1.20Black & White V1.20 - Clan patch.Garbage1.7.4453
1.30Official patch 1.30.Silver4.1710
1.41 (Fan Patch)This patch incorporates all the features of both the V1.10 and V1.20 patches.Garbage4.6-staging20
1.42 (Unofficial Fan Patch)Black & White Unofficial Patch v1.42Gold9.420
Creature Isle (1.4)The Creature Isle Expansion PackGold1.3.1540

To run Black & White (and Creature Isle) without being affected by bug 14939 (texture bug) and bug 15984 (crash bug), you have to run a version of Wine patched with the DXTn to ARGB texture conversion patch, blitting patch and the button click patch. To install this patched version of Wine, copy and paste the following commands into a terminal:

mkdir ~/src
cd ~/src
git clone git:// ~/src/wine
cd ~/src/wine
wget -O wine-dxt13-to-argb4444-xrgb1555-conversion.patch
wget -O wine-dderr.patch
patch -p1 < wine-dxt13-to-argb4444-xrgb1555-conversion.patch
patch -p1 < wine-dderr.patch
Check to make sure you get all necessary packages, or if you encounter trouble compiling. Then copy and paste the next set of commands:
./configure --prefix=/usr
make depend
sudo make install

With these three patches, Black & White is fully and perfectly playable through Wine.  If you encounter trouble patching, try looking at the bug threads for an updated patch (they are attended to more frequently than this Howto).

Set wine version to win98 for best results.

For 64 bit wine go to