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Questrade IQ

This is a desktop trading application for stocks and options. In order to get the application you must log in to your account. I've provided a download link to my website so that you can have the exact exe file that I downloaded from my account at questrade. This link should allow you to save the file locally on your system.

Here is the link:

The application install exe (downloaded from Questrade) seems to execute fine. After the installation is complete, I get the Questrade IQ shortcut launch icon on the desktop.

But the application does not open. I get an immediate error with the following error details:

******* Error details start ****************************

Unhandled exception: unimplemented function msvcp110.dll.?_Init@locale@std@@CAPAV_Locimp@12@_N@Z called in 32-bit code (0x7b83aace).
Register dump:
 CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:0063 GS:006b
 EIP:7b83aace ESP:0033f924 EBP:0033f998 EFLAGS:00000246(   - --  I  Z- -P- )
 EAX:7b82695d EBX:7b8b5000 ECX:00000000 EDX:80000100
 ESI:80000100 EDI:00000001
Stack dump:
0x0033f924:  0033f9c0 00000008 7b87bd64 80000100
0x0033f934:  00000001 00000000 7b83aace 00000002
0x0033f944:  7e6de884 7e6e0d56 00000000 00000000
0x0033f954:  0000011c 00000005 00000001 00000a28
0x0033f964:  00000002 00650053 00760072 00630069
0x0033f974:  00200065 00610050 006b0063 00330020
000c: sel=0067 base=00000000 limit=00000000 32-bit r-x
=>0 0x7b83aace in kernel32 (+0x2aace) (0x0033f998)
  1 0x7e6de868 in msvcp110 (+0xe867) (0x0033f9d0)
  2 0x7e6db091 in msvcp110 (+0xb090) (0x0033fa34)
  3 0x00406009 in questradeiqedge (+0x6008) (0x0033fa34)
  4 0x00420ad4 in questradeiqedge (+0x20ad3) (0x0033fa7c)
  5 0x00414aa6 in questradeiqedge (+0x14aa5) (0x0033fa90)
  6 0x00409e31 in questradeiqedge (+0x9e30) (0x0033fba4)
  7 0x0041ce9a in questradeiqedge (+0x1ce99) (0x0033fc40)
  8 0x0040b8dc in questradeiqedge (+0xb8db) (0x0033fcd0)
  9 0x004043c4 in questradeiqedge (+0x43c3) (0x0033fdf4)
  10 0x0044fddd in questradeiqedge (+0x4fddc) (0x0033fe60)
  11 0x7b85e5cc call_process_entry+0xb() in kernel32 (0x0033fe78)
  12 0x7b85f653 in kernel32 (+0x4f652) (0x0033feb8)
  13 0x7bc799b0 call_thread_func_wrapper+0xb() in ntdll (0x0033fed8)
  14 0x7bc7c93d call_thread_func+0x7c() in ntdll (0x0033ffa8)
  15 0x7bc7998e RtlRaiseException+0x21() in ntdll (0x0033ffc8)
  16 0x7bc4e8fe call_dll_entry_point+0x7ed() in ntdll (0x0033ffe8)
  17 0xf753e50d wine_call_on_stack+0x1c() in (0x00000000)
  18 0xf753e5cb wine_switch_to_stack+0x2a() in (0xff8a2088)
  19 0x7bc541e2 LdrInitializeThunk+0x3a1() in ntdll (0xff8a20e8)
  20 0x7b865bdd __wine_kernel_init+0xa0c() in kernel32 (0xff8a3208)
  21 0x7bc547a3 __wine_process_init+0x192() in ntdll (0xff8a3298)
  22 0xf753bc70 wine_init+0x30f() in (0xff8a32f8)
  23 0x7bf00fdc main+0xfb() in (0xff8a3748)
  24 0xf7360a83 __libc_start_main+0xf2() in (0x00000000)
0x7b83aace: subl    $4,%esp
Module    Address            Debug info    Name (112 modules)
PE      400000- 137f000    Export          questradeiqedge
PE    10000000-1097d000    Deferred        qtwebkit4
PE    61000000-6105b000    Deferred        qtxml4
PE    64000000-641f3000    Deferred        qtnetwork4
PE    65000000-65832000    Deferred        qtgui4
PE    67000000-67277000    Deferred        qtcore4
ELF    7b800000-7ba5b000    Dwarf           kernel32
  \-PE    7b810000-7ba5b000    \               kernel32
ELF    7bc00000-7bcdb000    Dwarf           ntdll
  \-PE    7bc10000-7bcdb000    \               ntdll
ELF    7bf00000-7bf04000    Dwarf          
ELF    7d2c6000-7d2e5000    Deferred        wintab32
  \-PE    7d2d0000-7d2e5000    \               wintab32
ELF    7d32b000-7d35b000    Deferred
ELF    7d35b000-7d364000    Deferred
ELF    7d364000-7d36b000    Deferred
ELF    7d36b000-7d383000    Deferred
ELF    7d383000-7d3ce000    Deferred
ELF    7d3ce000-7d40a000    Deferred
ELF    7d40a000-7d41e000    Deferred
ELF    7d41e000-7d4a4000    Deferred
ELF    7d4a4000-7d4b0000    Deferred
ELF    7d4b0000-7d4e0000    Deferred
ELF    7d4e0000-7d59e000    Deferred
ELF    7d59e000-7d5b0000    Deferred
ELF    7d5b0000-7d676000    Deferred
ELF    7d676000-7d6bb000    Deferred
ELF    7d6bb000-7d728000    Deferred
ELF    7d733000-7d746000    Deferred
ELF    7d746000-7d77d000    Deferred        uxtheme
  \-PE    7d750000-7d77d000    \               uxtheme
ELF    7d77d000-7d783000    Deferred
ELF    7d783000-7d78e000    Deferred
ELF    7d78e000-7d79e000    Deferred
ELF    7d79e000-7d7a2000    Deferred
ELF    7d7a2000-7d7ad000    Deferred
ELF    7d7ad000-7d7b8000    Deferred
ELF    7d7b8000-7d7be000    Deferred
ELF    7d7be000-7d7c2000    Deferred
ELF    7d7c2000-7d7c9000    Deferred
ELF    7d7c9000-7d7cd000    Deferred
ELF    7d7cd000-7d7ef000    Deferred
ELF    7d7ef000-7d923000    Deferred
ELF    7d923000-7d936000    Deferred
ELF    7d936000-7d93b000    Deferred
ELF    7d93b000-7d93f000    Deferred
ELF    7d93f000-7d944000    Deferred
ELF    7d944000-7d952000    Deferred
ELF    7d954000-7d9e6000    Deferred        winex11
  \-PE    7d960000-7d9e6000    \               winex11
ELF    7da5a000-7da83000    Deferred
ELF    7da83000-7dabe000    Deferred
ELF    7dabe000-7dae6000    Deferred
ELF    7dae6000-7db00000    Deferred
ELF    7db00000-7dba0000    Deferred
ELF    7dbbe000-7dc8d000    Deferred        crypt32
  \-PE    7dbd0000-7dc8d000    \               crypt32
ELF    7dc8d000-7dcb8000    Deferred        msacm32
  \-PE    7dc90000-7dcb8000    \               msacm32
ELF    7dcb8000-7dd72000    Deferred        winmm
  \-PE    7dcc0000-7dd72000    \               winmm
ELF    7dd72000-7dd97000    Deferred        imm32
  \-PE    7dd80000-7dd97000    \               imm32
ELF    7dd97000-7decd000    Deferred        oleaut32
  \-PE    7ddb0000-7decd000    \               oleaut32
ELF    7decd000-7df0d000    Deferred        winspool
  \-PE    7ded0000-7df0d000    \               winspool
ELF    7df0d000-7e014000    Deferred        comctl32
  \-PE    7df10000-7e014000    \               comctl32
ELF    7e014000-7e08e000    Deferred        shlwapi
  \-PE    7e020000-7e08e000    \               shlwapi
ELF    7e08e000-7e2c1000    Deferred        shell32
  \-PE    7e0a0000-7e2c1000    \               shell32
ELF    7e2c1000-7e3ac000    Deferred        comdlg32
  \-PE    7e2d0000-7e3ac000    \               comdlg32
ELF    7e3ac000-7e3e4000    Deferred        msvcr100
  \-PE    7e3b0000-7e3e4000    \               msvcr100
ELF    7e3e4000-7e41e000    Deferred        msvcr110
  \-PE    7e3f0000-7e41e000    \               msvcr110
ELF    7e41e000-7e4e0000    Deferred        msvcp100
  \-PE    7e440000-7e4e0000    \               msvcp100
ELF    7e4e0000-7e588000    Deferred        msvcrt
  \-PE    7e4f0000-7e588000    \               msvcrt
ELF    7e588000-7e6c5000    Deferred        msvcp90
  \-PE    7e5c0000-7e6c5000    \               msvcp90
ELF    7e6c5000-7e71c000    Dwarf           msvcp110
  \-PE    7e6d0000-7e71c000    \               msvcp110
ELF    7e71c000-7e752000    Deferred        ws2_32
  \-PE    7e720000-7e752000    \               ws2_32
ELF    7e752000-7e7d3000    Deferred        rpcrt4
  \-PE    7e760000-7e7d3000    \               rpcrt4
ELF    7e7d3000-7e90f000    Deferred        ole32
  \-PE    7e7f0000-7e90f000    \               ole32
ELF    7e90f000-7e981000    Deferred        advapi32
  \-PE    7e920000-7e981000    \               advapi32
ELF    7e981000-7ea9e000    Deferred        gdi32
  \-PE    7e990000-7ea9e000    \               gdi32
ELF    7ea9e000-7ebf8000    Deferred        user32
  \-PE    7eab0000-7ebf8000    \               user32
ELF    7ebf8000-7ec05000    Deferred
ELF    7ec05000-7ec11000    Deferred
ELF    7ec11000-7ec2a000    Deferred
ELF    7ef9c000-7efe2000    Deferred
ELF    7efe6000-7f000000    Deferred        version
  \-PE    7eff0000-7f000000    \               version
ELF    f7347000-f74f5000    Dwarf 
ELF    f74f5000-f74fa000    Deferred
ELF    f74fb000-f7517000    Deferred
ELF    f7517000-f7520000    Deferred
ELF    f7535000-f76ea000    Dwarf 
ELF    f76ec000-f770e000    Deferred
ELF    f7710000-f7711000    Deferred        [vdso].so
process  tid      prio (all id:s are in hex)
0000000e services.exe
    0000001e    0
    0000001d    0
    00000014    0
    00000010    0
    0000000f    0
00000012 winedevice.exe
    0000001c    0
    00000019    0
    00000017    0
    00000013    0
0000001a plugplay.exe
    00000020    0
    0000001f    0
    0000001b    0
0000002a explorer.exe
    0000002c    0
    0000002b    0
0000002d (D) C:\Program Files (x86)\Questrade IQ Edge\QuestradeIQEdge.exe
    0000002e    0 <==
System information:
    Wine build: wine-1.6.2
    Platform: i386 (WOW64)
    Host system: Linux
    Host version: 3.19.0-26-generic
******* Error details end ****************************

Application Details:

Developer: [Freeware]

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any versionThe version won't matter but it's the latest version available from Questrade.Silver6.14-staging50