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Star Trek: Birth of the Federation

­Star Trek: The Next Generation: Birth of the Federation is a 4X turn-based computer strategy game, based in the Star Trek fictional universe. (From Wikipedia) ­


  • Perfect support of single player gaming, including sound and 3D graphics
  • Problems with network gaming. Hosting crashes game after you select race screen, but it is possible to join game hosted by a Windows user.


There are two ways of installing the game within Wine:
  1. Run SETUP.EXE from the CD or a mounted CD image and install as you would on Windows. This also creates Start Menu links which should show up in your window manager (confirmed for KDE).
  2. Create symlinks to the files of an install of the game on a Windows partition. Those can be read-only if you make local copies of these files:
    • *.sav
    • msdaemon.dll
    • crash.log
    • stbof.ini

Running the game

There's a few ways to ensure the game finds the CD-ROM it looks for on startup:
  • Mount a CD image of the game to somewhere (e.g. mount -o loop,ro /var/botf.iso /mnt/image) and map the mount directory to a "CD-ROM"-type drive in Wine. Then enter that drive as CDPATH in stbof.ini.
  • Copy the contents of the CD to a local directory and map that directory to a "CD-ROM"-type drive in Wine. Then enter that drive as CDPATH in stbof.ini.
  • Replace trek.exe with a non-CD-checking version. You'll have to find those on your own, though...
The game slowdown after playing for a while (~50-200 rounds) due to memory leaks and the random crashes during gameplay are no better or worse than they've always been on Windows.

Note that the game grabs focus and changes the resolution to 800x600. It will stay at that if the game crashes (see above), and you have to set it back to your normal resolution with a command like xrandr -s 1152x864. You won't have this problem if you use Wine's Virtual Desktop mode.

Application Details:

Developer: MicroProse Software, Inc.

Super Maintainers: About Maintainership

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VersionDescriptionLatest RatingLatest Wine version testedTest resultsComments
1.0.2Retail version in English or German language, shipped as 1.0.2 or updated from 1.0 with the official patchPlatinum4.0.1119