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The first real Xbox 360 emulator :), which is also open-source but use several Windows components, like the Windows 8.1 API, and open standards like the OpenGL 4.5 which is gradually replaced by the Vulkan API.

The emulator requires a powerful multicore CPU with AVX2 extensions (or the emulator will refuse to run (!)), and a GPU natively capable to use the newest Vulkan API, or at least the OpenGL 4.5 (4.4 or less will not work (!!!)).

 An Haswell i7-4 core is the minimum (!) supported CPU or the new Skylake i3-4 core or i7-8 core are better.

A graphic card like the GTX 960 or 970 is the minimum supported GPU, but the new GTX 1080 are better for benchmarks.

 Also you need at least 8 GB of RAM, and about 2 Gb of Video RAM to play some advanced game, if the emulator supports it.

Xenia requires a 64-bit CPU, and a 64-bit operating system.

 The emulator implements a custom, built form scratch, Xenos (modified hyperthreaded tricore Power PC G5) to Intel dynamic binary translator, and also implements the Xbox 360 operating system, using several sources, including Wine :).

 In pratice, from all tested games, the only dependency was the Xbox 360 kernel (xboxkrnl.exe), and the xam.exe library, which both are derived from a very trimmed down Windows 2000 kernel, with several custom code from several Windows NT components, like the first Xbox. The actual Xbox One use the same operating system of PC, but all legacy code was stripped, and replaced by a custom WinRT runtime, and a custom DirectX 12, along the same Windows 10 kernel.

The last versions of this emulator are the first ones capable to run some AAA games.

And also, and it is clearly sane, any access to Xbox Live is not possible, and prone to be banned.

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Developer: Ben Vanik

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VersionDescriptionLatest RatingLatest Wine version testedTest resultsComments
2016-08-19-git-emucrBuilt from the source-code on official Github account, by the third party company EmuCR.Garbage1.9.1710
2019-01-19-emucrDirectX12 version compiled by EmuCR using gitGarbage4.0-rc710
2019-01-19-masterDefault build on Xenia official website that supports Vulkan.Gold4.020
emucr-xenia-20170922-gitVersion updated and compiled from the 22/09/2017 git by the EmuCR website team.Garbage2.17-staging10
emucr-xenia-git-2019-05-09Xenia built by EmuCR team using the latest git source at 2019/05/09.Gold4.8-staging10
Xenia build oct 22Build from todayGarbage3.18-staging10