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Name Mozilla Firefox
Developer Mozilla 
Super maintainers:
The Mozilla foundation's next generation browser, currently under heavy development, will simplify and speed up your browsing experience with tabbed browsing, spell checker, incremental find (via the Find toolbar), Live bookmarking, an integrated download manager, and intergrated search.

Native version for non-windows platforms
- Firefox

VersionDescriptionRatingWine versionTest resultsComments
11.0Firefox 11.0Platinum1.5.010
12.0Firefox 12.0Silver1.410
15.0.xFirefox 15.0Platinum1.5.1210
16.0.xFirefox 16.0Platinum1.410
17.0.xFirefox 17.0Platinum1.5.1920
18.0.xFirefox 18.0Gold1.5.2310
2.0.0.xxFirefox 2Silver1.0.0170
21.0Firefox 21.0Platinum1.4.110
26.0Firefox 26.0Platinum1.7.820
29.0.xFirefox 29.0Platinum1.7.1810
3.0.xxFirefox 3.0Platinum1.1.23187
3.5.xxFirefox 3.5Gold1.3.293
3.6.xxFirefox 3.6Platinum1.3.14100
31.xFirefox 31Platinum1.7.2310
32.xFirefox 32Platinum1.7.2810
39.xFirefox 39Bronze1.7.4810
4.0.xFirefox 4.0Platinum1.3.950
43.xAll releases of the 43.x series. Specify exact version, architecture (32/64-bit), language, and GPU/video card/driver when submitting test reports.Silver1.810
5.0.xFirefox 5.0Platinum1.3.2210
7.0.xFirefox 7.0Platinum1.3.3010
8.0.xFirefox 8.0Platinum1.3.3310

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