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Quick 'n Easy Web Service

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Quick 'n Easy Web Service is a windows service that allows you to run an asp (vbscript or jscript) web server based on Quick' n Easy Web Server but without a graphical interface.
Additionally, it can be configured through a cpl configuration panel.

Key Features:
- Easy to setup and configure.
- Runs to NT Service.
- Multi threaded.
- Native ASP support (Request, Response, Server, QueryString and Form collections, Global.asa, Session and Application objects, etc).
ASP Engine supports VBSCRIPT and JSCRIPT (new in version 3.2!)
- CGI support for running PHP, Perl, MySQL and much more!
- Cookie and Session support
- SSI (Server Side Includes) support.
- Support for SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
- Generates XML statistics file (REPORTS.XML)
- ASP Cache Manager to improve performance of ASP pages.
- IP Filter to block / allow only specific IP addresses.
- Support for GET, POST, and HEAD methods (form processing).
- Advanced server settings which can be used to optimize performance.
- Configurable MIME types.
- Virtual Directories.
- Multiple domains.
- Authentication (password protected directories)
- Unlimited user accounts.
- Custom error pages.

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VersionDescriptionLatest RatingLatest Wine version testedTest resultsComments paid version of the application was used.Gold5.0.110