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Teardown is an fun action simulation sandbox heist game with the freedom to achieve the goals in new creative ways. In several open world maps you have to fulfil different tasks like collecting objects in time, breaking in, reaching check points, escaping from wrecking sites etc. By the time you get better equipment like explosives and different vehicles to flatten your paths to success. Almost everything is destructible in that voxel world. You get a sledge hammer, fire-extinguisher, planks etc. Also you get vehicles in a big variety from small cars to big construction machines like a heavy excavator. As a principle of the game developer NO humans etc. are to be killed to achieve the game goals. The only one who might get into trouble because of carelessness against the own virtual life is the player.

Game Story of Teardown:
With some help of your mom you run a small business called "Löckelle wrecking company" which is near bankruptcy. You can hardly pay the bills. By a twist of fate you get in contact with some persons who want some dubious favours from you. You seem to have no choice but to take what you get. But what began as a casual job escalates quickly and the special assignments get more and more difficult. Soon your actions are all over the news. Whatever problems your clients have even among each other you do benefit anyway. Your life seems to get better even though police is searching for you. Suddenly, however, when you got enough money together to finish your classic car restoration, something surprising happens ...

Short History of Teardown development:
Teardown initially started as a series of experimental graphics and physics demos by developer Dennis Gustafsson from the small studio Tuxedo Labs. In that process he discovered the revolutionary potential of voxel based graphics and physics, which were pretty much neglected in the game industry. As a speciality his engine achieves ray tracing without special hardware extensions. Also physics simulations are easier with voxels than with polygons. When developing the voxel custom engine in C++, Dennis Gustafsson especially attached great importance on open standards like OpenGL API. Also modding capability plays a big role and is already vastly utilised by a growing fan base even before the game finished the early access phase. By the time the project got more and more attention till the point big game platforms began to report about it with very positive feedback from players.

Finally teardown was published at steam in late 2020 and is currently available as early access.

Application Details:

Developer: Tuxedo Labs

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