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KeyNote NF

KeyNote NF (New Features) is the successor to KeyNote.

A note taking / organizing app, with a cult following of users who have used it for years/decades, due to an unmatched UX (user experience) and unique features.

KeyNote NF's Unique Features:

  • RichText notes are organized as nodes within a tree structure
  • Multiple Trees can be stored in Tabs
  • Lightning Fast:
    • Robust search: Global search of all text notes across all tree nodes, or scoped search
    • Manual Navigation through the nodes of the tree using arrow keys
    • Node creation and edit via keyboard shortcuts (Enter, Ctrl Enter, Shift Enter, Space)
  • Rich Text Formatting can be applied to both:
    • Nodes in the tree (think file names)
    • Text Contents
  • Image support (*wine has partial support, see below)
  • Robust automatic backups and auto save functionality to avoid data loss.
  • Fully Offline simple file backed database. (No data privacy concerns.)

Summary of App's Compatibility on Linux using Wine (Silver):

  • Most of the critical functionality works. 
  • Performance is nearly identical to Windows. (seems to work a smidge faster on Wayland than X11, verified from screen recording, but both work great.)
  • Main 2 things that are broken on Linux:
    • Image support (known issue as of wine 9.3):
      KeyNote on wine can't add new images, but it can show pre-existing images existing in a notes.knt file, if they were added from KeyNote on Windows.
    • Scrollbar visual glitch: 
      When navigating from 1 tree node to another the scrollbar won't immediately graphically update.
      Workaround: Click the scrollbar and the visual will correct itself to reflect actual state.

Actively Maintained:

The App's Maintainer, dpradov (Daniel Prado Velasco), has been maintaining the app for over a decade!

They became more active in 2023, and mentioned they've seen enough users request Linux compatibility, that they'd be willing to investigate if any tweaks could be made to the app's logic to improve Wine compatibility.

If you're a fan of the app, consider donating and thanking the app's maintainer / developer.

For more details and user comments, view the versions of this application

VersionDescriptionLatest RatingLatest Wine version testedTest resultsComments Note is a Tabbed notebook with RichText editor, multi-level notes and strongBronze1.3.1020 Dec 29th, 2023.Bronze9.0-rc420 Feb 3rd, 2024.Silver9.110 March 17th, 2024.Silver9.510 April 1st, 2024.Silver9.510