Dude Star

Software to RX/TX D-STAR, DMR, Fusion YSF, NXDN, and P25 reflectors and repeaters/gateways over UDP

This software connects to D-STAR, Fusion, NXDN, and P25
reflectors and gateways/repeaters over UDP. It is similar in
functionality to BlueDV (except not as pretty), and is compatible with
all of the AMBE3000 based USB devices out there (ThumbDV, DVstick 30,
etc). If a compatible DV dongle is detected, TX is enabled. If no DV
dongle is detected, or is in use by another instance of DUDE-Star, then
it become a software AMBE decoding application, formerly known as
DUDE-Star RX. This software is open source and uses the cross platform
C++ library called Qt. It will build and run on Linux, Windows, and Mac

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January 23, 2022Portable version, posted on https://alphamike.createaforum...Platinum9.1-staging10