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Name Blockland
Developer GarageGames 
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Blockland is a multiplayer (network play) game were you build stuff with blocks. This game is usually played with mods such as BLM, TBM, AiO and RtB (more information is available at the forums).

 The game costs $20 but a free demo of the game is available of their site, where you are limited to 150 blocks and no online gameplay, with the exception of a LAN server.

VersionDescriptionRatingWine versionTest resultsComments
Retail (v11)This version adds a handful of bugfixes and features.  The most notable one is the physics brick support.Platinum1.1.2730
Retail (v12)Blockland v12, released on June 7th, 2009Platinum1.1.3630
Retail (v14)This version adds a good bit of bug fixes, removes the need of port forwarding for most people, and adds some other features.Garbage1.1.4310
Retail (v16)Just bug fixes.Platinum1.3.140
Retail (v17)Fixed console errors if client sends bogus trust invite dataPlatinum1.2.120
Retail (v19)This should fix all issues with v18 and the high speed download systemPlatinum1.3.2770
Retail (v21)Revision 1682 added shaderized graphics, such as Dynamic Shadows, Specular Highlights, and removes Vertex Lighting.Platinum1.8.460
Retail (v9)The commercial version with many new features. Availible as demo or commercial. Some source code availible.Platinum1.1.340

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