ChessBase is the most popular software in the chess community to analyze and prepare its games.

The program permits searches for games, and positions in games, based on player names, openings, some tactical and strategic motifs, material imbalance, and features of the position. It permits you to create and manage chess databases and opening trees

Chessbase can import engines either those such as Fritz or Shredder in native Chessbase format or Universal Chess Interface (UCI) engines such as Stockfish or AI-based LeelaZero, that can either run on the CPU or on the GPU.

Application Details:

Developer: ChessBase

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VersionDescriptionLatest RatingLatest Wine version testedTest resultsComments
10Released in 2008. New features: Integrated online database, Split-second online search results, Preparation for specific player, Chess 960 support, New look. More information here.Bronze4.0.470
11Released in 2010. New features: New indexes and fast board, Fast search with online db, Novelty annotation, CBONE format, New look. More information here.Silver7.1842
12Released in 2012. New features: Cloud computing, Let's Check function, Dynamic analysis tree, Similar endgame search, Similar pawn structure search. More information here.Bronze1.9.1810
15Released in 2018. New features: Replay Training module, Fashion index, Endgame probability, Instant Evaluation profile, Plan Explorer, Search for Combinational Themes, Material and Manoeuvre Search with Examples, Ray Tracing 3D board, Chess Movies. More information here.Silver5.010
7.0Obsolete version, released in 1998.Bronze0.9.5.10
9.0Obsolete version, released in 2004. New features: The Big Database 2004 is included right on the disk, and there is a video manual guide.Silver1.3.2570
Light 2007Released in 2007. Free restricted version of ChessBase 9. More information here.Bronze1.0.160
Light 2009Released in 2009. Free restricted version of Chessbase 10. This trial version has limitations e.g. database size. From this version, you can upgrade (and pay) for a Light 2009 premium version with no limitations. More information here.Bronze1.450
Light 6.0Free restricted version of ChessBase 6.0.Garbage1.3.620