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Name 3D Studio MAX
Developer AutoDesk 
Link Native alternative (Blender)
Super maintainers:

Highly customizable and scalable 3D animation, modeling and rendering solution for creative professionals and large-scale pipelines.

Native alternatives for non-windows platforms
- Blender
- Maya

VersionDescriptionRatingWine versionTest resultsComments
2.xVersion 2.0 of this awesome 3D modeling program.Gold0.9.51.11
2008The 2008 version of Autodesks 3D packageSilver1.5.1071
2009Trial download - Autodesk3dsMax2009_ENU_TrialDownload.exeSilver1.5.2760
2010Another year, another release.Garbage1.3.2730
20112011 32bit 30-day-trial (not design version)Garbage1.3.1620
2012Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2012 32bit 30-day-trialGarbage1.5.1310
2013 (32 bit)Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2013 32-bit (30-day-trial)Garbage1.9.710
4.xVersion 4 of this application.Silver1.0-rc420
5.xVersion 5 of Discreet 3D Studio Max.Garbage1.7.1344
6.xVersion 6 of the program. Only runs on Windows 200 or higher.Garbage1.9.240
7.xVersion 7 of this application; runs only on Windows 2000 and newer.Silver1.3.19110
8.xOnly runs on Windows 2000 and better.Garbage1.1.24104
9.xThe latest in the 3D Studio Max series.Silver1.6.22714

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