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Name CorelDRAW
Developer Corel 
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­CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is composed of:

  • CorelDRAW
  • Corel CAPTURE.

VersionDescriptionRatingWine versionTest resultsComments
10CorelDRAW 10 for WindowsBronze1.3.418
11CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11Platinum1.7.6234
12Vector programaGarbage1.5.28200
7.0 - Select EditionThis version is a suite to small offices.Bronze1.0.160
8Corel Draw Suite 8 with Corel Draw and Corel Photo PaintSilver1.0.110
9CorelDRAW 9Bronze1.661
X3 (13)CorelDRAW X3 Graphics suite (version 13). Vector and bitmap drawing suite.Bronze1.4.1190
X4CorelDraw X4 Graphics Suit includes:Garbage1.4.1130
X5CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5Garbage1.5.3090
X6Key new features and enhancements: (a) Advanced OpenType Support (b) New Custom-built Colour Harmonies (c) New Native 64-bit and Enhanced Multi-Core Support (d) New Creative Vector Shaping tools (e) New Styles Engine and Docker (f) New Corel Website Creator X6 application (g) New Smart Carver (h) Improved Page Layout Capabilities (i) Redesigned Object Properties DockerGarbage1.5.1010

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