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Name Metin - 2
Developer Gameforge 4D GmbH. 
Super maintainers:
Free online MMORPG. Currently in beta testing for english language. Available in other languages.

VersionDescriptionRatingWine versionTest resultsComments
080603Updated versionBronze1.2-rc442
08082007French version with autoPatch workSilver0.9.45.20
1.8.0Updated versionGarbage1.6-rc410
20070626french versionBronze0.9.42.10
20070703-HotfixI tested the Version in german language.Silver1.1.320
20070924Free german version from 2007/09/24 - downloaded 2007/09/30Gold0.9.46.10
20071203German version from www.metin2.deSilver0.9.53.12
20080205Full English version.Gold1.1.1921
20080908updated versionSilver1.1.610
20100528latest version www.metin2.comGarbage1.3.2310
20111216English. The latest client of the game Metin2.Garbage1.5.110
20111612Newest Version of the Metin2 ClientGold1.5.113
DE 27 Jan 2010German EXE with Torrent PatcherGarbage1.1.3710
Metin2_EN_20090527The most recent version of this games comes with a required torrent support for downloading the latest updates or patches.Bronze1.1.3518
Unsure / BetaEnglish beta of existing game.Garbage0.9.55.20

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