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Name MUSHclient
Developer Gammon Software Solutions 
Super maintainers:
32-bit MU* client, supporting ANSI color, macros, triggers, scripting in LUA, built-in timers, MXP and MCCP support. MUSHclient is user friendly, and quite a powerful MU* client.

VersionDescriptionRatingWine versionTest resultsComments
3.17MUSHclient now runs fine under Wine - see this page for installation notes and screenshots:Garbage0.9.2.11
3.85Since version 3.17, there have been many upgrades to MUSHclient over all, as well as changes and fixes for the 'wine' option for Linux users. Most recently:Gold0.9.43.20
4.37Released on June 11th 2008Platinum1.1.1010
4.43Released on 09 Aug 2009Platinum1.1.3621
4.71Released on 13 December 2010Silver1.3.911
4.73Released on July 19, 2011Platinum1.3.3320

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