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7th Level has released an exciting new game featuring 50 foot tall armored, robotic war machines called HAWCs (Heavy Armor Weapons Chassis). These deadly behemoths exist solely to wreak havoc on those unfortunate enough to be called enemies. There are four antagonistic races vying for control of the Phygos system: Human, Scorp, Darken and Bendian Mercenary. The Scorp have threatened to upset the balance of power by secretly developing a race of mutant warrior-machines called the G-NOME. These G-NOME were created by genetically engineering Human prisoners of war. The Human's Union Intelligence Agency has discovered this abomination and wants to send

YOU to destroy it. You will pilot your HAWC into enemy territory and emerge victorious - or valiantly die an excruciating death!

There is a wide variety of more than twenty HAWCs. Some resemble spiders, tanks, scorpions, dogs, people and airplanes.

They are all bristling with a wide array of nasty weapons. There are rockets, missiles, lasers, machine guns, ion cannons, pulse weapons, poison gas, high-explosives, and plasma cannons.

My personal favorites are the Pulse Plasma Meson Cannon and the Armor-piercing Tricore Tritium Reaper Gun.

I was able to install the game easily and without any problems - quite a treat in today's environment of constantly changing drivers and protocols. The program automatically installs an updated version of DirectX on your hard drive. DirectX allows your video card to take advantage of special Windows 95 programming for

displaying 3D objects. The game can also use MMX technology for enhanced graphics gameplay.

I suggest you start with the three training scenarios provided.

They will help you master the fairly steep learning curve required to play the game. You must learn to maneuver your HAWC and control your weapon systems before encountering the experienced enemy. With many HAWCs it is possible to look, aim and fire in a different direction than the HAWC is traveling by twisting its torso. This is a tricky maneuver that takes some getting used to. The Heads-Up-Display view from inside the cockpit of the HAWC is impressive. In the center of the screen is a large view of the battlefield.

Around the edges of the screen are the sensors and indicators that inform the pilot of weapons status, shield strength, target selection, heading, pitch, and speed. Along the bottom are a radar screen and two holo-displays. On the right is a holo-display of your HAWC and on the left is a holo-display of the currently targeted enemy HAWC. In addition to just being cool, these holo-displays give a damage assessment for each vehicle. Each scenario begins with a detailed mission briefing that explains the terrain, objective, and enemy forces that will be confronted. In some missions you will be accompanied by computer controlled wingmen to whom you can issue orders. This is a feature that most other games don't offer.

This game offers the ability to play against other gamers around the world via the internet. This multi-player phenomenon is changing the way computer games are designed, and for good reason. Experienced human opponents are much more challenging to play against than the computer's artificial intelligence.

There are two kinds of multiplayer games: death matches and cooperative games. Death matches pit player vs. player in an every-man-for-himself fight to the death. The cooperative games encourage teamwork amongst the players to achieve a certain objective. To be able to play a multiplayer game, you must have a modem with Internet access, a LAN or a serial connection.

G-NOME requires a 90-Mhz Pentium, a quad-speed CD-Rom, 16-Meg of Ram, Win95, 30-Meg of disk space and an MPC compatible sound card with amplified

speakers. If you use a Joystick, it should have four buttons. Some HAWCs have four different weapons so four buttons are a must for maximum firepower.

Although tricky at first, controlling your HAWC with the keyboard is surprisingly efficient. Don't turn your back on a Scorp Predator Tactical Defense HAWC! You'll be lucky to live long enough to regret it. Happy hunting!

(by Nick Doran of KIPCUG)

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