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Name DiagNET
Developer CDP LTD 
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CDP CD/DVD distributor system enables physicians and patients to review and transfer studies using a labeled CD or DVD which contains our full featured viewer.

CDP viewer is the only solution in the world that offers a diagnostic quality images on CD, which means physicians can read the image knowing that their decisions are based on a high resolution diagnostic quality image.

At CDP we believe that every user has the right to enjoy all of our functionality, even if he doesn't even own our system, and just want to review the study as the referring physician, or even the patient. Our viewer includes the exact functionality that our workstation and web viewer includes, and it offers the same super fast performance as if you are working on a professional PACS workstation. Users no longer have to wait for long minutes until the software on the CD loads, install itself, and start loading the studies. The data is available in seconds.

The viewer is working on all windows based operating systems, including Microsoft latest operating system WINDOWS VISTA



VersionDescriptionRatingWine versionTest resultsComments
UnknownThis software comes on CDs given by Hospitals in some countries.Garbage1.1.3220

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