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Russian mission based "space-shooter", with very nice graphics and real physics. Quite buggy and very hard (because of dumb AI), but with very good and unpredictable plot (officially non-linear, but actually there is only a few "bonus missions"). Playing with joystick is much better than without it =).

Russian description:

Free translation:
After inventing a hyperspace drive, wide and wild colonisation process was started. There was no organisation, far colonies was completelly cutted off of central planets and degradating fastly. This chaos was stoped by merging main colonies into Earth Confederation, colonisation became more aggressive and controled, great project of building hyperspace gates network was started. But. at the end of 4 centure of space epoch, because of unwise Confederation's politics, few big colonies declared their independence and Confederation goverment was moved from Earth to Alexandia Ruta (aka Earth-2).

One of separated colonies was Klotto, which was resource rich planet with advanced industry and science. The most well-known invention of Klotto scientists was neuro-implants. While they was invented in peacefull thoughts, soon it appears, that neuro-implantation can be used to competelly enslave any person, granting master an ability of completelly control it's body. In 750 year, after a loose of "clean" in civil-war between "clean" humans and "neuro-depended", the last "clean" human on Klotto was implanted, and all population on planet was separated in 27 militaristic clans.

Smaller of this clans, your clan, Troiden, have most advanced technologies in neuro-implantations and medical bio-stimulation. In 772 year, founder of clan, Lans Troiden, was killed and underground laboratory "LT-Farm" was destroyed by forces of bigger "Riis" clan. In answer, his son, Rif Troiden, ordered general Stroud's brigade to destroy Sinho-city, biggest of Riis clan's cities, with help of new neuro-stimulators. But use of this stimulators makes soldiers uncontrollable even with neuro-implants, and they was destroyed only by merged forces of Rongo and Riis clans' gunships after two days of constant battles. Cities Riis' Sinho, Plaktor's Roul and Rongo's Nemez was completelly ruined. In pursue for this and other Troiden's "crazy" technologies, Riis, Rongo, Plaktor and Devian clans begin incursion into unprotected Troiden's territories. Rif Troiden with rest of clan's fleet and laboratories run away from Klotto...

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Developer: Revolt Games (dead)

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2.0.0 (Gold)Collection version of original game, with improved graphics, additional missions and multiplayer. Patched (without version change)Platinum1.0.010