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Name Ahnenblatt
Developer Dirk Böttcher 
Super maintainers:

Ahnenblatt (german, "ancestral sheet") is a software for genealogical research. You can enter lots of data about ­single persons and then create family trees and tables. ­

There are a couple of Linux alternatives:

  • Gramps (Debian package) - XML-based, written in Python. Good data-model (reads all of GEDCOM 5.5).
  • GeneWeb (Debian package) - Written in OCaml, with CGI interface. Simpler data-mode, but handles 400k-name families without trouble.

VersionDescriptionRatingWine versionTest resultsComments
2.51 (Zip-Version)Current version of "Ahnenblatt" in a .zip-file, to avoid installer.Platinum1.1.310
2.62Current version, common installer and zipped.Platinum1.1.4210
2.63Current version, common installer and zipped.Platinum1.2.210
2.70released at 2011-10-28Platinum1.3.3010
2.81released at 2014-07-07Platinum1.7.2110
2.88 (Zip version)Portable Zip version 2.88 (16.06.2015)Platinum1.6.210

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