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Name EverQuest II
Developer Sony Online Entertainment Inc. 
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EverQuest II was Sony's attempt to go beyond what it had done in EverQuest and was released in November 8th 2004. The game became Free-To-Play on December 6th 2011.

VersionDescriptionRatingWine versionTest resultsComments
Destiny of VeliousThe seventh expansionSilver1.3.3490
ExtendedA Free-To-Play version of EverQuest II. It uses the same game and graphics engine, but a different patcher and server list.Gold1.3.2750
Full Install ClientThis is the full install, where the entire game downloads before playing. It uses a freemium model.Gold1.8281
Sentinel's FateThe latest EQ2 expansion.Silver1.3.1027110
Streaming ClientThe streaming client version of Everquest 2 removes the need for long downloads by incrementally fetching content as it is needed.Silver1.7.142365
The Shadow OdysseyEverQuest II is a massivelyGarbage1.2-rc340148

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