Sub CategoryDescriptionNo. Apps
Audio PlayersMP3, WAV, and other format audio players.  95  
Sound EditingSound editing suites, recorders, mixing and sampling.  143  
Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
0CC-FamiTracker"0CC-FamiTracker is a modified version of FamiTracker that incorporates various bug fixes and new features which work in exported NSFs as well."  2
3DSoundThe essence of RightMark 3DSound is the creation of an  1
3MLEA MML music editor able to play music realtime and export to WAV file.  1
AATON MajaxMajax Software is an audio track meta-data management for AATON Cantar professionnal hardware sound recorder. Majax can edit the sound report easyli and tag xml metadata onto the wav soundfile, then finally create a pdf ready to use sound report, and more...  1
Ableton LiveAbleton Live is the music-production solution that allows you to spontaneously compose, record, remix, improvise and edit your musical ideas. Live brings your acoustic, electronic and virtual instruments, as well as your digital audio recordings, together in a single interface with unparalleled ease of use. In the end, Live lets you focus on what really matters: your music.  8
ACID XPressXPress is the basic software version of Sony ACID that you can download and  2
Adobe AuditionAdobe Audition (formerly Cool Edit Pro) is a digital audio workstation from Adobe Systems featuring both a multitrack, non-destructive mix/edit environment and a destructive-approach waveform editing view.  6
ADSR Sample ManagerADSR Sample Manager makes your entire sample library searchable with smart and custom tags. Preview any sample in your local library or purchased on ADSR in the context of your track (BPM and/or key synced) using MIDI or drag audio directly to your project.  2
AFDeClick­­­­­­­Great program  to remove clicks from vinyl recordings  1
AirfoilWith Airfoil for Windows you can take audio from any application and  2
Alter/EgoVocalized esk singing synthesizer.   1
Amazon Cloud PlayerDesktop application which allows access to your Amazon Cloud Music library and to the Amazon MP3 store to purchase new content. Allows playback as well as download & upload of the mp3 files.  3
AmplitubeIK Multimedia Amplitube is a popular guitar amp and effect simulator (similar to Guitar Rig). It allows to simulate various amplifiers, cabinets, stompboxes and rack effects.  3
Another Audio ManagerAnother Audio Manager for Nokia 5510  1
Any Audio ConverterA freeware (closed-source) conversion tool to work with several different video and audio formats in Windows.  2
ARTAARTA is a software to measure the acoustic behavior of loudspeakers and rooms. This includes impulse response measurement, spectrum analysis, frequency response measurements and is able to generate different types of graphs and parameter tables for further processing/analysis.  2
Arturia Software CenterLicence manager and downloader and updater for Arturia software, instruments.  2
Atmosphere LiteThe software generates natural sound scapes by parameter selection.  1
AudacityAudacity is a Free, Open-Source audio editor for Windows, Linux and OS X.  6
Audials One RadiotrackerThe most-sold and internationally most-often awarded Web radio MusicFinder Music  1
AudialsOnecontains radiotracker, mp3videoraptor, tunebite, tagrunner  2
AudibleManagerAudibleManager is a media management program that allows to you download Audible audio to your computer, transfer audio from your computer to your mobile audio player, burn audio to CD, listen to Audible audio on your PC and manage audio on your mobile audio player. The program also has a built in player that allows the play of the DRM'ed audio files from Audible.  5
audio key utilityAudio Key Utility is a very simple tool needed to map .wav files on a USB key to specific keys on digital pianos, at least on fp-7 rd-700gx rd-300g.  1
AudioGateAudioGate converts 1 bit audio files which have been recorded on a Korg MR-1 or MR-1000 to multibit WAV or AIFF files. It can also play 1 bit or multibit audio files.  2
AudiograbberAudiograbber is a powerfool freeware-utility used to rip Music from CD as MP3 or WAV to - also copyprotected ones. (Be sure to be allowed to do so since it is forbidden in some countries by law.)  1
audiolabelMaking labels for CD's and jewel case labels.  1
AudioLog 4AudioLog 4 is the fourth generation of AudioLog, the well-known hearing training program that is particularly valued by experts. It includes an extensive collection of playful exercises to promote auditory perception and central language processing. The program includes exercises at the level of noise, sounds, syllables and words to promote the following parts of central auditory processing:  1
AutomapAutomap is a piece of software that comes with all Novation controllers. It has been designed to make the job of assigning your hardware controls to various software parameters quick and easy.  1
AX8-EditUtility to setup audio signal chain and effects for an AX8 Pedalboard from Fractal Audio Systems.  2
BaseHead - SFX DatabaseSFX Database for searching and finding mass sound fx and transfering them to your workstation..  1
Beatport SyncMusic player based on traktor 3 and capable of basic mixing of tracks  1
Behringer DeepMind 12 (remote control app)Allows to remote control most aspects of the hardware synth in software  1
Best Practice 1.03Tool for playing .mp3 or .wav files, loop them or parts of them, slow them down and alter the pitch in order to practice them.   1
BIAS FXGuitar amp simulation including cabinets, mics and effects. Includes a VST Plugin and a standalone application.  2
BlipGenApplication designed to create chip samples and low resolution sine, square, saw and triangle waveforms for tracker musicians.  1
BluOS ControllerThe applications is used to connect and configure bluesound products  2
Bome's Midi Translator ClassicTranslates incoming MIDI signals from one midi code to another allowing full customization of MIDI equipment. Useful for using a MIDI floorboard (like a Line 6 FBV) as a sample trigger.  1
BonkEncBonkEnc is a free audio converter and CD ripper which integrates various popular formats and encoders. It currently supports MP3, MP4/M4A, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC and Bonk files.  1
Boss BR Wav ConverterThis is the latest version of the BR Wav Converter software for use  2
Boss Tone Studio for KatanaThe additional software for Boss' Katana series guitar amplifiers.  2
Bounce MetronomeMetronome capable of any time signature with any number of subdivisions (including odd time), additive rhythms, polymeters, polyrhythms, and rhythms with mixed note values. Swing capabilities.  1
BR Series Wav ConverterImports and Exports sound files from the Roland Boss series of audio recording decks. Converts audio from Roland's proprietary format to wav, and back.  1
BurrrnBurn audio CDs the easy way!  1
CadenciiPiano roll editor for singing synthesis, supporting VOCALOID, VOCALOID2, UTAU, WORLD, AquesTone synthesis engines  1
Cantabile SoloCreate music, mainly with MIDI.  1
CD WaveAllows you to split wav files into multiple files along the sector boundries allowing gapless playback on CDs when burned.  1
CeVIO Creative Studio - FREEA software let you synthesis Japanese speach/song by entering words and pitch.  1
ClipIncClipInc is a program for recording online radio streams in mp3 format.  2
CQ MixPadCQ MixPad is the graphical console for the CQ series of digital audio mixers from Allen & Heath.  1
CUEToolsCUETools is a tool for lossless audio/CUE sheet format conversion. It can be used, for example, to verify CD rips against the AccurateRip and CTDB databases, split single-file CD rips, convert audio files and repair and manipulate CUE sheets.  2
Dainusoft MP3 Wav ConvertorA powerful Audio Converter to convert audio  1
DCart32DCart32 is a powerful audio editing software package designed for restoring phonograph record recordings.  1
DFX audio enhancer for WinampGive your digital music files more vibrancy with DFX™ Audio Enhancer.  2
Digital Voice EditorFile downloader, manager, and editing tool for Sony Corporation brand Digital Voice Recorders. For ICD-MX/MS/ST/SX/S/BP/BM/P models.  3
Disc2PhoneAllows you to search for music on your computer or audio CDs, convert  1
DJ Twist & BurnThis app mixes and beat matches your mp3, ogg, or WAV files and burns them to cd or writes a file to your hdd.  1
djDecksdjDecks is a computer mixing program for both beginning and professional dj's.  1
DJUCEDDJ/mixing software with audio track mix, PAD performance, scratch and music recording features.  2
Dragon Naturally SpeakingDragon Naturally Speaking  is high accuracy, full speed voice recognition software. Originally developed by Dragon Software was bought by ScanSoft now called Nuance. It can deliver up to 98% accuracy at full speed dictation.  14
Dream DRM ReceiverSoftware defined radio for receiving DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) signals. In addition the traditional AM, LSB, USB, CW and FM signals can be received.  1
DrumBurpDrumBurp is a free drum music editor, which is fast and simple to use. Serves to make drum tablature  1
DSpeech v1.58.3DSpeech is a program of TTS (Text To Speech) with functionality of ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) integrated.  1
DSS DJ 5Great tool for professional mixing with a lot of interesting features...  1
DTS Play-FiPlay-Fi lets you stream from any audio source on your PC (apps, services, or the Web) including Spotify, Google Play, iTunes and Tidal.  0
DVD Audio ExtractorSimple tool that extracts and converts dvd-audio tracks (from MLP or PCM) to mp3, ogg, wave, flac, or unencoded (dts, mlp etc) format.  1
E-MU Emulator X Sounds: Beat Shop OneThis is one of the sample bank installation CDs that comes with the Emulator X software sampler + E-MU 1212M sound card package.  1
E-MU Emulator X Sounds: X ProducerThis is one of the sample bank installation CDs that comes with the Emulator X software sampler + E-MU 1212M sound card package.  1
EAC - Exact Audio CopyExact Audio Copy, or often simply EAC, is a well known Digital Audio Extractor (CD Ripper) for Windows. It has tons of features, the primary ones are:  11
eac3toSurround sound audio converter / manipulator.  3
Ear MasterEar training program.  2
Ease MIDI Converter  1
EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Silver EditionThe SILVER EDITION of the critically acclaimed EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP  1
Easy CD-DA ExtractorEasy CD-DA Extractor is a music converter that copies music CDs, converts music files from one format to another, and burns music CDs, MP3 CDs, WMA CDs, and regular Data CDs. Supports all popular audio file formats such as 3G2, 3GP, MP1, MP2, MP3, Windows Media Audio, Ogg Vorbis, MP4, M4A, AAC, aacPlus (HE-AAC, AAC+, HE-AAC+PS, eAAC+), FLAC, Musepack, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, Monkey's Audio, CUE and M3U.  2
Easy MP3 downloaderAn app for download mp3 easly.  1
Easy TunerD'Accord Easy Tuner is a program for tuning a variety of string instruments. It captures the sound of the instrument, through your microphone, and then tells you how much you need to adjust.­  1
Eminence DesignerEminence Designer is a speaker box design program for PCs running Windows 8*, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT4, Me or 98.   1
EncSpotEncSpot scans & analyses MP3 files. It can determine the used encoder with very good accuracy and dig out all the possible information of the file. EncSpot also gives you warnings about low quality MP3 files, such as the ones encoded with XING or encoded with too low bitrate.  1
Engine PrimeEngine Prime is a music preparation and management application, aimed at DJs who use Denon DJ equipment.  2
eQSOVOIP app for radio amateurs and SWLs. You can connect from your computer to other classes of nodes: other clients, chat rooms, and amateur repeaters or simplex links. It is the client side of a client/server system.  2
Er FinestraA nice program that creates a virtual item, useful for jokes: P  1
Eventide H9 ControlThis app lets you control your Eventide H9 stomp pedal via bluetooth or USB-MIDI. It also connects to your Eventide account, and enables you to buy more algorithms for your device.  3
ExposeExpose is a software tool that analyzes audio files properties and compares them to know best settings for several use cases (CD Mastering, Spotify, etc).  1
Express RipExpress Rip is a CD ripping program that extracts audio tracks from CDs into .wav .mp3 .wma and others  1
ExpressivoText To Speech System, developed by IVO Software, received one of the highest scores for voice quality at the prestigious scientific event Blizzard Challenge 2007.  2
EZ CD Audio ConverterEZ CD Audio Converter is an comfortable CD ripping application.  5
FalconFalcon is a powerful synthesizer.  1
FamiTrackerFamiTracker is a free program for Windows that allows the user to compose music for the NES/Famicom videogame system.  10
FlasterA programm wich records musictracks from radio, which you choosed.  1
FlingerOGI Flinger as singing synthesis engine similar to VOCALOID and UTAU.  1
Fr-028 Brullwurfel64kb music disk by Farbrausch. it contains some musics from their famous 64kb intros  1
Fractmus2000Fractal Music Generator Open Source under the GPL  1
fre:acfre:ac is an audio encoder and converter for Windows. It encodes to and from MP3, MP4/M4A, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC (FAAC encoder), WAV and Bonk formats. Utilizes the LAME mp3 encoder and all encoders are customizable. CD lookup utilizes the Gracenote database.  2
Freez FLV to MP3 ConverterDownloaded FLV videos are converted to MP3s  1
Fretlight Studio 6Jamming software designed to work with fretlight guitars.  1
G-Force StandaloneG-Force is a music visualizer for media players and can also visualize  1
Giada - Your Hardcore LoopmachineGiada is a free, minimal, hardcore audio tool for djs and live performers. Load up to 32 samples,  1
GigaStudioPolyphonic Sample player  1
Goodhertz Bundle 3Collection of VST effect plugins from Goodhertz  1
Guitar ProGuitar Pro is an all around program for writing and learning music. It's main focus is guitar and it is a great tool for producing and using guitar tabulature. You can write and read the music in either standard notation or tab and there are all kinds of instruments to choose fro­m. You can write songs with up to 8 tracks, and play them back. You can also download tabs from other people and use this program to learn to play them. The playback feature is an awesome tool when you're trying to learn a tough riff.­  7
Guitar RigA virtual guitar amplifier and effekt Rack.  6
HammerHead Rhythm StationHammerHead Rhythm Station is a freeware, very easy to use, lightweight, drum machine, that can help you create some very groovy drum patterns. It can also be used as an advanced metronome, or as a "guide" by new drum students.  1
HarbalAudio Mastering tool for re-equalizing for improved sound balance,  1
Harmony AssistantMusic notation editor and composition tool with many features; additional modules add even more e.g. scanning and virtual singing.  2
HauptwerkHauptwerk is a virtual organ for computers running Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 that via mouse or a MIDI controller allows playing on various historical organs. There are three editions of the program: Advanced, Basic and Free Edition. It is quite a resource hungry application in the Advanced Edition, but the Free Edition, which is the simplest, can be run on computers with a single core processor and 1 GB of RAM.  4
HiQnet London ArchitectHiQnet London Architect is the configuration and control application for BSS Audio's Soundweb London line of networked digital signal processors.  2
HyperscoreHyperscore  1
Igor EngraverIgor Engraver is a music notation program that offers the professional engraver control over most aspects of the production of printed music. At the same time, it is also a music composition assistant and very easy to use for beginners.  1
II II II II Amp SimThe II II II II from Otto Audio – a new amp sim that has emerged  1
iriver LDB Manageririver LDB Manager (iriver Lyrics Manager) is a program that allows you to insert lyrics into MP3, OGG and  1
iriver Music ManagerA music manager for iriver iFP-type devices.  1
iriver plusSoftware shipped with iriver brand portable digital audio players.  2
ITCHMixing software for Vestax VCI-300 and Numark NS7. These controllers connect via USB and use the MIDI Protocol to communicate with Itch.  1
iZotope RXAudio Restoration.  3
JamKazamJamKazam is a tool to enable musicians play together without having to be in the same geographical location.  1
JamoramaA application which allows you to learn how to play Guitar. It includes a metronome, Guitar tuner, and 2 games which help you read and undertand notes.  2
JetShellI'm pretty sure this is almost identicle to jetAudio. It's called "JetShell for iAudio" and comes with most of their mp3 players.  1
Joue PlayMusic synthesis and looping app paired with the Joue Play MIDI controller.  1
Jupiter-8V DemoThe Jupiter-8V is the newest addition to the family Arturia's analog  1
KaraFun"Turn your PC into an interactive karaoke machine with the KaraFun free karaoke software for Windows. More than just a karaoke player, KaraFun offers a complete solution for playing and creating karaoke at home.  6
Kore PlayerFree software instrument with hundreds of MB of ready to use sounds.  1
Korg Kontrol EditorEditor software for several Korg MIDI keyboards  1
KORG Legacy Collection - WAVESTATIONA professional software synthesizer, modelled after the famous Korg Wavestation hardware synthesizer from the early nineties. Comes as a stand-alone version and VST, RTAS and AU (Mac only) plugin. Formerly part of the Korg Legacy Collection, all contained plugins are now available for purchase separately.  1
KORG M1 Digital Legacy Edition SynthesizerThis is a software synthesizer emulation of an original keyboard synth.  Has both stand-alone and VST modes of operation.  Very powerful and up to date software synth.  1
KORG monologue Sound LibrarianSoftware to manage (reorder, rename, backup) patches in a KORG monologue synthesizer. Also used to import sound packs released by KORG.  1
KORG padKONTROL Editor LibrarianMIDI control and configuration software for KORG padKONTROL MIDI drum pad/controller.  1
Lala Music MoverThis program allows you to upload your whole music collection to in a flash  2
LAME ACM MP3 CodecLAME is a high quality MPEG Audio Layer III (MP3) encoder licensed under the LGPL.  2
Line 6 MonkeyDrivers/interface for POD XT Live guitar effects boards  2
Logitech G35Driver and configuration tool for the Logitech G35 surround sound headset.  1
MagicScore Maestro 7MagicScore 7 is a music notation program comparable with Igor Engraver, Sibelius or Finale. It is compatible with all Windows versions from Windows 98 and forward.  1
mAirList"mAirList is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use radio automation software for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista,  1
Mandala USB Virtual BrainVirtual Brain Software for controlling the USB Mandala Drum Pad Mk 2.9  1
MassiveMASSIVE is a sonic monster – the ultimate synth for  2
Max/MSPMax/MSP is an interactive programming environment for music, audio, and media.  4
Maxi-Patch AOThis program is a Max/MSP created program that works like a virtual digital DJ set up. This version (AO) is Audio Only, meaning there is no video control and only audio. It has two virtual decks of playback that can be controlled by input from a time coded vinyl record played on a turntable or a control signal CD on a CD player.  1
MelodicsMelodics is a 64-bit only desktop app that teaches you to play MIDI keyboards, pad controllers, and drums.  3
Melodyne StudioMelodyne is an audioeditor for pitch shifting and time stretching in convincingly natural sound quality, for correcting the intonation and timing of singing, for audio quantization, producing harmonies, and remixing and restructuring the melody, tempo or timing of existing recordings.  2
MetatoggerMetatogger allows correcting or completing audio files tags. It comes with features that allow:  1
MIDI expression controlBonjour,  1
MIDI-OXMIDI-OX is a handy MIDI tool in Windows.  1
Midifighter UtilityThe Midi Fighter Utility is an application used to control, configure, and update a Midi Fighter device.  1
Miles Sound StudioMiles is a  1
MinilyricsDisplays lyrics for various music players. Shareware, but full functionality is available with nag screen.  3
MixlrMixlr is an audio streaming platform that allows users to broadcast audio from their computers or mobile devices.  1
MixVibesMixVibes is a professional dj software for live mixing media files on your computer (PC or laptop) that includes many tools for a complete DJ platform  1
MorphVOX Jr.Free voice changer software with presets and compatibility for a variety of apps such as Discord, Skype, and various games  1
MP3 collectorCatalog, tag and rename your audio files  1
MP3 to iPod Audio Book ConverterConvert MP3 audiobooks to iPod audio books file format. Use your iPod's Audiobook Features. Combine multible MP3 files into a single file for seamless listening. Easy to use. Free. Open Source.  1
MP3BookhelperThis program provides rapid Mp3 (ID3v1, ID3v2) and Ogg/Speex/Flac Vorbis tags editing and file renaming functions. Mass Tag editing is done using special variables and Regular Expressions.  1
mp3DirectCutmp3DirectCut is a fast and extensive audio editor and recorder for compressed mp3.  7
Mp3tagMp3tag is a powerful and yet easy-to-use tool to edit metadata of common  2
Mp3Tag LiteFully featured tag editor for audio files.  1
mp3video raptora tool to record music from social radios and  1
MPK MINI III Program EditorSoftware to configure the Akai MPK Mini MK3  1
mpTrimmpTrim is a simple and easy to use MP3 editor.  2
MU.LABDigital audio workstation with multitrack audio and MIDI supports. Comes in two flavours: one free, with some limitations, and a retail version. Supports Rewire.  1
MusagiAn easy to use but startlingly complex sound synthesizer that comes with preset NES - style instruments, very simple note interface, and a few example songs.  1
Music ExplorerMusic Explorer is the application that is needed to transfer files to e.Digital music players such as the MXP 100, Odyssey 100, Odyssey 200, Odyssey 300, and Treo 10. It is only available for Windows 98, ME, and XP. It is a necessary application as these music players do not support drag and drop through a file manager.  1
Music MakerMusic Maker turns your homemade MP3s into fantastic stereo sound to impress every music fan.  2
MusicatorMusic notation software, capable of MIDI playback, export/import, etc...  Uses a "ruler" method for note entry (i.e. click and drag across how ever many 'ticks' to determine note length), or MIDI input device.  1
MusicBox SapoA music store app from a Portuguese ISP (similar to I-Tunes) that allows streaming and download of songs  1
MusicTimeMusicTime is an old music notation software to produce sheet music. It also support importing and exporting midi files.  1
Musictime DeluxeMusic Notation Software that plays and records midi.  1
MyStreamerMy Streamer  1
Native AccessNative Access is a hub for easy product installation, registration, and updates. Login with registered account to download and install purchased products.  10
Native Instruments KompleteNative Instruments Komplete is one of the worlds largest and massivest audio suite you can get on the market.  1
Natural ReaderThis application converts plain text or rtf documents to a choice of WAV, mp3 or Ogg formats.  1
NCH TempoPerfectNCH TempoPerfect is a metronome software that helps you play music in time. Tempo, beats per measure and subdivision controls are all available.  1
Nokia Audiobook ManagerThe application allows you to convert various audio formats to an audiobook format for use on nokia phones in their audiobook player.  1
Nokia MusicBasically, this application lets you download and organize music from Nokia music store.  1
Nomad Jukebox 2Software for the Creative Nomad Jukebox 2 mp3 player. CD ripper, file manager, audio stream recorder, upload files to creative nomad jukebox 2.  1
Notation ComposerNotation Composer is music notation software that allows users to create sheet music from scratch using either a MIDI instrument or an intuitive keyboard/mouse interface, manipulate every aspect of performance and layout to achieve professional results, transcribe MIDI files from the Internet into sheet music, or simply enjoy following along as the music is played.­  2
Noteworthy ComposerA simple notation app... with most of what u need.  5
nuendoTHE Post Production Audio- and Midi-Sequencer. Basically this is Cubase on steroids with support of all kinds of surround formats.  2
numark cueDj Software application with video support.  1
Numark Orbit EditorA controller editor for the Numark Orbit Wireless MIDI Controller.  1
OggDropXPdOggDropXPd is a drag-and-drop Ogg Vorbis encoder/decoder/player.  1
Ojosoft Audio ConvertorA powerful audio encoder provides you easy and completed way to convert  1
OmniMIDIAn user-mode MIDI driver for Windows Vista and newer.  3
OpenAL InstallerThe installer of the OpenAL libraries.  1
OpenMPTOpenMPT is the newer, open-source version of Olivier Lapicque's ModPlug Tracker. It has many enhancements over the original ModPlug Tracker. This software is used to compose digital music in formats such as ProTracker MOD, Scream Tracker S3M, Fast Tracker XM, and Impulse Tracker IT.  1
OtsTurntables FreeOtsTurntables  1
Overloud TH-UThis application provides everything necessary to simulate many different guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinet combinations. It has all the FX that a guitarist needs to sound like a pro.   2
PAS Spectrum Analyzer ProSpectrum Analyzer Pro is an all-around audio program, focusing on spectrum analysis. It has the capability of displaying peaks, spectrums graphically in bar, line, scroll, etc... There is a tone generator, and it can play wav/mp3 files and record peaks, etc....  1
PianissimoPianissimo simulates a Virtual Grand Piano (Steinway™ Model D).  1
Piano From AboveA slim copy of Synthesia for learning piano.  2
Pinguin Audio MeterLevel Metering: 4 new modes available - Combination of PPM and averaged VU on the same scale  1
pioneer djsDJS is a PC-based software solution for the growing number of DJs who  1
Pistonsoft Direct Audio Converter and Cd RipperPistonsoft's Direct Audio Converter is a windows application for converting between multiple types of files ie:  1
PlexTools Professional LEPlexTools gives advanced control of several extra features only found on drives produced by Plextor themselves (not rebranded drives) such as Q-check tests. PlexTools provides the possibility of secure audio CD rips on these drives.  1
Plogue BiduleModular-style midi and audio app.  Has synth modules, mixers, oscillators, filters and effects.  Has step-sequencers and other little gadgets you can string together.  It's a good VST and Rewire host.   1
Plugin Alliance Installation ManagerDownload/Installation hub program for Plugin Alliance audio software  1
Plugin Boutique RadioRadio, commissioned and sold by Plugin Boutique and developed by Credland Audio, is an internet radio client for music producers in which you can sample music and sound effects from the last 30 seconds of playback and save them for later use. A purchase includes Radio as a standalone program and a VST and AU plugin.  1
PodmanMidi controller for Line 6 POD devices.    1
PowerTracks Pro AudioPowerTracks Pro Audio is a fully-featured music recording and editing  2
Presonus Universal ControlUniversal Control is a control interface for Presonus audio interfaces and mixers like the Revelator IO 24/48  2
PriMusPriMus is a notation editor, that helps to establish scores very easily and intuitively. It can have more than one piece in one document and also gives the possibility to have texts within it. It has strong possibilities regarding DTP also. At the moment it doesn't include any tablatures, but that is planned to be integrated very soon.  6
Pro Tools 7This program is used to create and edit music as well as import live instruments.  2
PWGLA visual language based on Common Lisp,  1
pxtone Collage­Pxtone Collage (pronounced as piston collage) is a music editor for chip-tune. It contains a player and a DLL for including your application. Both are redistributable.­­­  1
R&B 1: Virtual StudiosR&B 1: Virtual Studios is a studio application for home.  1
RadioBOSSRadio Automation Software; Used for Radio Broadcasting (similar to the famous SAMBroadcaster)  2
RadioDJRadio automation software  1
Radiotracker 5You can use this program to rip your favorite music from webradio stations.  3
Rapture3DAudio engine for games based on OpenAL.  1
Rational Acoustics Smaart 7Put simply, Smaart is an analyzer – A dual-channel, FFT-based software  1
RCA Digital Voice ManagerA program to browse, convert, and play back proprietary .VOC (digital voice) files on an RCA digital voice recorder.  2
ReaperREAPER is digital audio workstation software: a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment.  5
Rebirth RB-338Emulates two Roland TB-303's, a TR-808, and a TR-909  1
RecAllRecAll records two way or HAM radio traffic or other audio input into WAV, MP3 or Vorbis file formats. Files can be timestamped and automatically named and saved to your hard drive. You can set the VOX threshold to minimize your file sizes and record only when there is active audio, or use it to automatically start a new recording every hour or every day.  1
rekordboxMusic management DJ software  16
Replay MusicUsed for recording any sound going through your sound card.  Windows equivalent to applications like Audacity.  2
Riffstation ProRiffstation uses automatic chord recognition technology to ‘listen’ to the music and figure out the chords for you. Riffstation even shows you how and when to play each guitar chord synced with the original music. It’s guitar hero for real guitar players! Load any song and our technology will automatically calculate the chord accompaniment in a few seconds. Our chord recognition algorithm detects major and minor chords with approximately 80% accuracy for popular music. You can use our chord edit feature to manually modify the chords if required.  1
RightMark Audio AnalyzerRMAA suite is designed for testing quality of analog and digital paths  2
RME Totalmix RemoteAllows to remotely control the range of RME audio hardware by connecting to the running Windows/Mac instance of the TotalMix application on a PC directly connected to RME audio gear.  1
Roland Cloud ManagerManage your Roland Cloud Library of Instruments and Software.  2
RPGSoundMixerSpecial program for music and effects background for Pen&Paper roleplay.  1
SaikoOld but powerful application able to improvise random patterns made of drums, bass and some synth melodies. It can load user made samples. Useful for techno / trance and ambient productions.  2
SassySassy is an audio spreadsheet. Or, as it stands, it's THE audio spreadsheet.  1
ScoreCleanerScoreCleaner is a program that has specialized on producing music notation via MIDI input which doesn't need much editing before being ready to print.  1
SD-Jukebox 5Software for ripping/uploading/downloading Secure Digital encrypted music files for Panasonic portable music devices.  1
Seer Systems RealityPolyphonic, Multitimbral Software Synthesizer  1
Sibelius FirstSibelius First is a simplified version of Sibelius which is a leading music notation and playback application.  1
Silent Fear Internet RadioAn application that allows anyone to listen to internet streams. Choose from different genres, including Jazz, Pop, Hardcore and more.  1
Sleeping Dragon Forever RadioSleeping Dragon Forever Radio is a background noise program that creates an ambient soundscape of slowly changing tones.  1
Software transcode file audio TL-258Applicazione che converte file video per risoluzioni minori adattandoli ai lettori mp4 t-logic, utilizzabile anche per altri riproduttori (ad es. io lo uso con il mio palmare win mobile 5)  1
Solero Music ViewerSolero Music Viewer allows customers of to view their purchases and print a select number of copies of any purchased songs.  1
SonarSéquenceur audio  1
Sonar ProducerA multi-track recording/non-linear editing program.  3
Sonic Foundry Acid/Sony Acid ProAcid is the original loop-based audio composition workstation.  7
Sony CD ArchitectCD arranging, mastering and burning tools.  1
Sony IC RecorderSony ICRecorder is a digital voice editor with ICD-P Series Support.  1
Sound Cue SystemA very solid no nonsense app for designing and trigger sound cues etc. for theatrical performance.  Can also send midi cues  1
Sound Organizer 2Music player, Audio editor and content organizer for the following Sony Voice Recorder devices:  1
SparkDrum machine software made by Arturia that works with the sparkLE hardware controllers  1
SPD-SX Wave ManagerUSB audio manager for the Roland SPD-SX drum pad  1
Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2Flagship synthesizer software from Spectrasonics  1
SpeechExec Pro DictatePhilips SpeecExec Pro Dictate is a voice recording/management software focused on dictation using Philips hardware. (SpeechMike and Digital Pocket Memo)  2
Spitfire Audio AppFormerly known as the Spitfire Audio Library Manager, the Spitfire Audio App manages the installation and updates of your Kontakt Libraries purchased from Spitfire Audio.  3
SpotimoteThis app is a server for the Spotimote app for your android device. It allows you to control Spotify on your PC from your android device.  1
SQ MixPadRemote mixing console software for Allen & Heath SQ-Series PA Mixers.  1
SRS Audio SandboxSRS Audio Sandbox is an audio enhancement software which will improve the sound quality and apply special effects such as surround sound over two speakers.  1
StereoTool 6.10What is Stereo Tool?  1
Steven Slate Drums 5Steven Slate Drums 5 is a professionally sampled drum library featuring many different sampled drums, cymbals and other pieces of percussion. You can mix & match these samples however you want.  1
StreamerThis app will allow you to listen to peer to peer internet radio stations on the Streamer network.  1
streamWriterstreamWriter is a free application for windows that records music broadcasted by internet-radiostations.  1
Surcode DVD-DTSSurcode DVD-DTS is a commercial DTS audio encoder, it allows to encode PCM WAV files (one monaural file per channel) to DTS format, including dts compact (*.dts) and dts wave (*.wav), at either 768 kbit/s or 1.536 mbit/s. Both 48k and 44.1k sampling rates are supported.  1
SwiftTalkerCepstral SwiftTalker is a simple text to speech program that allows you to listen to text read out bu one of the SAPI5 Cepstral voices.  2
SWiSH JukeboxConvert MP3s to Flash sound players  1
SwitchSwitch sound file conversion software is an audio file format converter that can convert audio files from many different file  5
Sylenth1Sylenth1 is a virtual analog VSTi synthesizer that takes the definitions of quality and performance to a higher level. Until now only very few software synthesizers have been able to stand up to the sound quality standards of hardware synths. Sylenth1 is one that does.  2
SynfulRealistic instrument simulations depend on the transitions between notes, as much as on the individual timbres. Slurs with varying amounts of portamento, lightly tongued or bowed note transitions, fast runs, detached hard attacks – these note transitions are the connective tissue of musical expression. Whether you play live from keyboard or edit directly in a sequencer Synful Orchestra responds automatically with realistic sounding note transitions. There are no special buttons or phrasing tools. If you play staccato Synful Orchestra creates  1
SynthesiaA nice program that allows you to play piano with midi files. The game was formerly known as Piano Hero.  6
SynthmakerSynthMaker is an audio programming  1
Tag & RenameA universal tag editor with abilities to grab data from FreeDB and Amazon  5
TagScannerTagScanner is a multimedia metadata editor compatible with several widely used audio and video formats. It allows to perform some interesting operations over filenames and the audio/video "tags" of each file and easily edit its metadata information. It also has a built-in audio player and a modern-looking interface. It can obtain multimedia information from online databases like Discogs or MusicBrainz.  3
Tak Lossless AudioTAK is a lossless audio compressor, similar to FLAC, WavPack and Monkey's Audio. On average, lossless compression reduces the file size to about 50 percent of the original size; however the compression can vary between approximately 30 and 70 percent, depending on the file. Decompression restores a bit identical copy of the original audio data (that's why we call it lossless).  2
TalkShoe Live!A podcast platform that let's you call in to different shows.  2
The Levelatoradjusts the audio levels within your podcast or other audio file for variations from one speaker to the next, for example. It's not a compressor, normalizer or limiter although it contains all three. It's much more than those tools, and it's much simpler to use. The UI is dirt-simple: Drag-and-drop any WAV or AIFF file onto The Leveler's application window, and a few moments later you'll find a new version which just sounds better. Have you ever recorded an interview in which you and your guest ended up at different volumes? How about a panel discussion where some people were close to microphones and others were not? These are the problems the Levelator solves  3
The Music ProducerMusic Making for the masses  1
The Sitter Downers SoundboardAllows podcasters to have instant access to 18 sound effects and music effects, of their own choosing, in one instance.  1
TigoTagoTigoTago ® is a spreadsheet-based tag editor for media files. This enables you to easily set and modify tags and to rename a huge number of files. Convenient multi-selection allows for flexible mass taging and mass renaming operations. You have full control - all changes are visible before you save them to disk. No typing will be needed when filling tags, since they can by imported from freedb or Discogs on-line databases.  1
Toneprint EditorAllows users to edit and create new tones for TonePrint enable hardware from TC Electronic.  3
Toontrack EZ DrummerToontrack dfh EZ drummer is a commercial drum machine application that runs inside a VST host, like Ardour with VST support.  1
Toontrack SoloToontrack solo is a stand alone application designed to host  1
TracktionTracktion is a digital audio workstation with an uncluttered, eregonomic and intuitive user interface that sets it apart from rivals such as Cubase and Sonar.  2
TruePianosA Piano VST Instrument  1
TTPlayerTTPlayer is one (if not) the most used MP3 player in Mainland China(and given the number of Chinese people the most used in the world).  4
Twitch SingsKaraoke for Twitch users. Perform solos, perform duets with other users, share your performances with others, and more.  1
u-he DivaVirtual analogue-modeling synthesizer plugin  1
u-he Tyrell N6Great sounding software synth.  1
Ugritone: AmpsteinThe modular amp sim from Ugritone, developed in cooperation with a  1
Ultrafunk FXUltrafunk FX is an excellent suite of plugins for sound processing. For example Delay, Equalizer, Reverb....  1
UTAUUTAU is a Japanese singing vocal synthetizer similar to Vocaloid.  3
V-StationSynths VST  1
Valhalla DelayValhalla Delay is a digital delay plugin that has several sound models based on real digital and analog delay equipment.  1
Vaz ModularA virtual modular analogue synthesizer for your PC. Mind bogglingly powerful, very high quality audio tool not for the faint of heart!  4
Virtual DJAn DJ'ing tool for any DJ, beginner or pro. Does in one program what it takes many pieces of hardware to do.  6
VirtualDJThis the the latest version of the virtual dj software that allows anyone to mix like the pros.  2
VirtualMIDISynthA MIDI Synth to play music.  1
VocaloidVocaloid is a singing synthesizer application,  4
Voice TracerThis software allows to play .ZVR audiofiles back and to convert them to the  .WAV format. ZVR files are compressed voice audio files recorded on Philips VoiceTracer voice recorders.  1
Voicemeeter BananaVoicemeeter is revolutionizing the way audio is managed on Windows PC's. It is now possible to connect and mix any audio source(s) with any audio application(s) in an easy way with unparalleled control on sound quality. DVD players, USB MIC, ASIO board, Video Game, iTunes and audio pro DAW can be connected together with Voicemeeter and provide incredible new audio experiences!   1
Voxengo DeconvolverIn a nutshell, this program generates a test tone which you can use to record the impulse response of a room, feed back into the program along with the original test tone (or other test tone that you used) and produce a deconvolved impulse file that you can feed into a convolution effect plugin in your DAW, etc.  1
Wave Agent betaWave Agent is a tool to edit metadata of WAV files that adhere to the Broadcast Wave File standard. This includes editing (And batch editing) of timecode stamps, track labels, notes, etc. Mono WAV files can be combined into a single Poly WAV file, and Poly WAV files can be split into multiple Mono WAV files (Using a matrix interface). Wave Agent also allows for WAV files to be previewed from within the application.  2
Wave CorrectorUsed to editing and correcting wave files.  Especially cleaning up recordings from records and tape and then cleaning them up and splitting the tracks out  1
WaveCartWaveCart is a cart based radio playout system.  1
WavelabWaveLab 5 is the only all-in-one solution for high resolution stereo  3
WhereisitProgram for cataloging compact disk.  4
Winamp Audioburst Studio FXWinamp Audio Plugin  1
Xilisoft Audio converterXilisoft Audio Converter provides an easy and completed way to convert between audio formats including but not limited to MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, M4A, FLAC, OGG.  1
Yahoo Music JukeboxJukebox application for playing music files and listening to streaming radio stations.  2
YAMAHA Musicsoft DownloaderYAMAHA Musicsoft Downloader enables the transport of MIDI files and Style files to supported keyboards/electronic pianos.  3
Yamaha Studio Manager V2 HostThe Studio Manager V2 Host is for use with the Editor software and either the USB-MIDI Driver or Network Driver, to control and manage most of Yamaha devices.  1
Zoom Edit & ShareApplication to control, edit and manage patches for Zoom guitar effects processors.  1