Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
2xExplorerFile browser/manager. Freeware predecessor of xplorer2.  2
A43A freeware multi-view file manager with hierarchical folder trees, menus, lists and built-in zip archiving, hex viewer, text editor, image view, find, quick launch, extras.  1
Active@ UndeleteTool to recovery deleted files and partitions  1
Ad-awareAd-Aware is designed to provide advanced protection from known Data-mining, aggressive advertising, Parasites, Scumware, selected traditional Trojans, Dialers, Malware, Browser hijackers, and tracking components.  4
Advanced Office Password BreakerForgot or lost your password to your MS Word or Excel 97/2000 file and  1
Agent RansackAgent Ransack is a free tool for finding files and information on your hard drive.  1
Alcohol 120%­It is a great CD burning application for windows allowing you to burn protected CD backups without problems. It also has the ability to do real 1 to 1 CD copy. It supports Securom, safedisc, laserlock, ring protected CD-Roms and others.  3
Android CommanderA filesystem explorer for Android devices  1
AnyToISOConvert Disk images into ISO files.   1
awdbeditA tool to view and edit Award/Phoenix BIOSes.  1
BlindWriteApplication for writing CDs.  1
BootdreamsA small frontend which can build Discjuggler/Nero/Alcohol 120% Dreamcast selfboot homebrew games and emulators as well as burn CDI/ISO/CUE images.  1
Bulk Crap UninstallerAlso named BCUninstaller, it's a freeware uninstaller and clean-up program for the Microsoft Windows environment.  2
burnatonceWith this soft, you can write CD or DVD from iso and many more.  1
CDCheckCDCheck is a utility for the prevention,  1
CDmageA useful application to convert and extract different CD images.  1
CloneCDProgram for burning CD  4
CloneDVD mobileCloneDVD mobile converts your DVD movies quickly and easily into a  1
CloneDVD2CloneDVD2 makes perfect backup copies of your unprotected movie DVDs with only 3  2
Cobian Backup 9backing up files and folders with schedule  1
CubicExplorerCubicExplorer is a file manager which is aimed to replace Windows Explorer. It’s goal is to be easy and pleasant to use but still have enough power for more advanced usage.  1
Directory OpusDirectory Opus is a popular, highly configurable file manager.  4
Disk DefragmenterThe disk defragmenter included with Windows.  1
Disk Image ViewerDisk image viewer and file extraction tool.  Supports FAT 12/16, EXT2, and some Disk Dupe (DDI) disk image files.  1
DiskInternals Linux RecoveryDiskInternals Linux Recovery can recover both the files you just accidentally deleted and the files which have been erased long time ago. It's also capable of restoring corrupted files and can read and recover the information located on an inaccessible drive. The files you restore can be saved on any (including network) disk, which is visible to the host operating system.  1
Double CommanderDouble Commander is a cross platform open source file  2
DoubleKiller ProUtility to identify duplicate files. Duplicate can have partly or fully identical names, dates, sizes, or contents. Duplicate testing can include CRC32 and bit-for-bit (i.e., exact) comparisons.  1
DVD-Ranger ISOBuddyA CD/DVD image file converter.  1
Easy Cd CreatorBurns CD-R and CD-RW  2
EraserEraser is a utility designed to securely remove files, preventing later recovery.  1
Explorer++Explorer++ is an enhanced clone of Windows Explorer.  3
ExplorerXPExplorerXP is  1
FAR ManagerFAR Manager is a console mode orthodox file manager for Microsoft Windows. It resembles Norton Commander (for all you old people) or Midnight Commander (for all you linux geeks) or Total Commander (for the weirdos), but mostly it's in the league of its own, developed by egotistical programmers, adorned by awesome plugins and crowned by unsurpassed versatility.  3
Ferro Backup SystemFerro Backup System works within the client/server architecture and enables computers connected to a computer network to be backed up. Backups can cover specific files and folders or an entire hard disk. In an emergency, the program makes it possible to recover archived data as well as the entire operating system with its installed programs.  2
FileDate ChangerAn application devoted to changing the created, modified, and accessed timestamps of files.  1
FileMonkeyFileMonkey can copy, move, split, search, replace, rename, alter case, list or delete duplicate files, trim, truncate, crop, chop, set attributes, encypt, decrypt, wipe, delete, extract and more.  1
FinddupeA command line utility that finds duplicate files, and optionally deletes them or replaces them with hard links.  4
FolderSizesFolderSizes is a program used to calculate, unsurprisingly, the folder size of every folder on your hard disk, give a numerical and graphical representation, and gives you options to increase disk space.  1
FreeCommanderFreeCommander is an easy-to-use alternative  4
FreeOTFEAllows creating and mounting encrypted files or partitions as a new hard disk drive letter, both it's own TrueCrypt-like format, and standard Linux LUKS files.  1
GetDataBack for FATUse GetDataBack for FAT to recover files from drives with FAT file system. GetDataBack for FAT can be installed and runs under Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8.xx/10.  1
Ghost ExplorerGhost Explorer allows you to extract and view files from the proprietary .gho image file format.  2
HD TuneHD Tune is small tool with lot of hdd testing & diagnostic fature.  1
HDD Low Level Format ToolHDD Low Level Format Tool is a freeware utility for low-level hard disk drive formatting.  1
HFVExplorerHFVExplorer is a Windows file manager that allows to access files stored using the HFS fule system of Apple Computer in their Macintosh Computer.  1
hjsplitsplits files into smaller size to make transfers easier  2
HWMonitorHWMonitor is a hardware monitoring program that reads PC systems  1
HxDHex editor capable of reading and writing to large files (>4 GB) guickly, as well as hard drive and memory directly.  1
ImageXImageX is a command-line tool that enables original equipment  1
Inno SetupProgramme to do windows setup  1
iPhoneBrowseriPhoneBrowser lets you browse throught the data stored on the iPhone.  1
iToolsiphone / ipad / ipod manager (audio, video, apps data)  1
IZarcIZArc is the an archive utility that supports many archive formats  3
JkDefragJkDefrag is a free, open source disk defragmentation program that comes in GUI, command line, and screensaver versions.  2
Link Shell ExtensionLink Shell Extension is a utility that allows creation of hard links, symbolic links, and junctions from Explorer. It also features an incremental backup function, using hard links to save disk space.  1
Macrium ReflectThis software is used to make disk/partition image.  3
MainTypeMainType is a powerful but easy to use font manager and font viewer for Windows.  1
MakeLinkMakeLink is a simple command-line file system utility for creating, viewing, and deleting junction points.  1
MiniTool Partition WizardMiniTool Partition Wizard is a Windows based partition manager software. The partition software supports both MBR and GUID partition table (GPT) on 32/64 bits Operating System including Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008, Windows SBS and Windows 7. The software supports all hard disks including IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB external disks, Fire wire disks and all level RAID configurations.  1
Nero BackItUpNero BackItUp is a simple backup software. It supports file and disk partition based backups, possible targets are Harddisks, CD/DVD or LAN  2
Nero Burning RomNero burning ROM is one of the best all-in-one CD-R/DVD-R application on the market.  5
NTBackupNTBackup (ntbackup.exe) is a program distributed with Windows until Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. Microsoft released read-only add-on versions for Win7/2008; but removed the storage provider for later releases so it is no longer usable in Windows either.  1
PassMark DiskCheckupThis software allow to view, log, and monitor the SMART values of a HDD (hard disk drive) or a SSD drive.  1
PhoneBrowse@charset "utf-8";  1
Primitive Disk IndexerPrimitive Disk Indexer  1
PrintFoldersA directory printing tool with TXT and HTML output  2
R-StudioIt is a family of data recovery and undelete utilities.  1
RaceRecoverSimple utility to directly recover JPEG's and videos from memory cards and other drives, regardless of the filesystem type or having been quick formatted.  1
RegseekerA registry scanner that scans for various registry inconsistancies, including outdated file extensions, invaild files/activeX paths, and invalid startup entries. it also includes many tools such as windows GUI tweaks, clears browsing/windows history, runs unistallers for programs, edits startup programs, and has an intergrated registry search function.  1
SalamanderServant Salamander (the new version is called Altap Salamander) is a superb Explorer replacement, and alternative to Total Commander.  3
ShadowExplorerFrontend for accessing Volume Shadow Copies. Very useful in case trying to access snapshots on, for example, FreeNAS from a non-Windows client.   1
SizeMeM­akes it possible to scan a directory and compare it to how many floppy/zip/CD-R/DVD-discs you need. (Many calls it spanning or span of elements over a medium). It tries to fill each disc up as much as possible, and gives you the result on each disc.  1
SpacemongerSpacemonger is an application that has been around for a while, probably as long as irfanview, it displays your file system in a 2D map with small files as big boxes and small files as small, you can instantly see space hogging files and delete them, locate media files easily, without doing a filename search.  1
Spectate Swamp Desktop SearchAccording to it's author, it is "the most powerful program on the planet". Allows you to search a file among other things.  1
SSD DashboardWestern Digital application supporting SSD and other Western Digital drives.  Enables the user to update firmware, monitor drive performance, enable drive features such as game mode.  1
SSD ToolBoxSSD Utility for ADATA and ADATA XPG drives to diagnose disk problems, update firmware and optimize usage.  1
StarWind Software Image ConverterThe application converts Microsoft Hyper-V files to VMWare .vmdk files.  Worked perfectly the frist try!  1
syslinuxSet of utilities to install lightweight bootloaders on PC hardware.  1
theRenamerAutomatically rename and organize your TV shows and Movies. Also moves them to your Media Library!  2
Total CommanderTotal Commander is a two-pane file manager with a tabbed interface, featuring integrated archivers (ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, TAR, GZ and many  6
TransmacThis application is used to access Mac partitions and format according to the Mac file system.  1
Ultimate boot cd for windows UBCDthis application allows you to make a windows recovery cd with a ton of handy tools on it. the cd is self booting and copies data form your original cd and add extra tools to allow for easy data recovery when windows fails to boot or has errors  2
UUByte DMG EditorUUByte DMG Editor is an innovative utility to easily create bootable Mac OS X and macOS installer USB on Windows PC. It is also capable of extracting content from DMG. Currently, it supports latest Windows 10 as well as Windows 8 and Windows 7.  1
VisDirA program which evaluates the amount of space taken up by files in various directories and displays this information as a graph.  1
Visual RenamerVisual Renamer - you won't imagine renaming template that it can not perform! This most powerful batch renaming tool is unique. Apart from common features of batch renaming, preview & undo options, it can rename karaoke files, supports THM, EXIF, MP3 tags, and has lots of different filters to sort out files, including manual sorting. Visual Renamer also allows you to create your own custom scripts. Any renaming can be easily done if you have VR.  1
win-bashA port of GNU bourne again shell that runs on Windows. The win-bash archive contains a bunch of files with familiar Unix names with an .exe extension, such as ls.exe, echo.exe, which.exe, cat.exe, dd.exe  1
WinCDEmuWinCDEmu is an open-source CD/DVD/BD emulator - a tool that allows you to mount optical disc images by simply clicking on them in Windows Explorer. If you have downloaded an ISO image and want to use it without burning it to a blank disc, WinCDEmu is the easiest way to do it.  1
Windows Task ManagerThe Windows Task Manager that is included in the Windows XP Distribution  1
WinfileThe file manager used in Windows 3.1. Also included in Windows 98, NT and others... Replaced by Explorer.exe. It was officially removed in Windows 3.1  1
winimageWinImage is a fully-fledged disk-imaging suite for easy creation, reading and  4
WinLaunchOSX Style launcher for windows  1
WinMergeA visual text file differencing and merging tool for Win32 platforms.  11
xplorer2 ProDual-pane filemanager, with tabs. Integrated search utility. "Scrap-containers", for holding collections of links to files (from different places). Highly customizable. Small executable, and fast application.  2
xplorer�File manager.  Available in Lite (freeware with limited features), Professional (built-in file/text search and more options), and Ultimate (better search, network deployment).  2
ztreewinztreewin is windows file manager.  it is an updated version of an old DOS file manager, XTreeGold. XTreeGold is similar and was a competitor to Norton Commander.  1