Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
(CEN)KROSplusApplication for budget estimation and management of construction works (aplikace pro oceňovanie a riadenie stavebnej výroby).  1
1Password1Password is a password managementaplication with many features like dropbox integration, strong encryption, iphone sync (separate client) browser integration and many more.  8
a.sign ClientUsed for electronic authentication of citizens for using digital service of the state of Austria.  1
a.sign full installerused for electronic identification of citizen for using services of the state of Austria  1
AbevHungarian tax return software  1
Accu-Chek Connect DeviceSoftware used to synchronize blood glucose measurement devices for people with diabetes with the central server to share data with the doctor and generate graphs showing the amount of sugar in the blood during measurements.  1
Active Directory Users and ComputersApp for administering active directory objects in Windows domain. Allows for control of users, groups, printer objects, certain aspects of exchange accounts and most other AD related tasks  1
ActiveHome ProControl ActiveHome USB interface (CM15a).  This is a device that can send signals over the powerline to control X10 devices (light switches, lamps, etc...)  The software allows direct control (i.e. turn on/off this light) and to download to the CM15a timers and macros that function in a standalone fashion (i.e. even if computer is off).  1
Admiralty RYA Electronic Chart Plotter - Training Versiondeveloped by Meridian Chartware  1
ADMS-4B FT-857/FT-897ADMS-4B is software from RT Systems, inc. The software is designed for memory management of the Yaesu FT-857D and FT-897D All Mode/All Band Transceiver allowing spreadsheet style management of all available memories and other configuration options of the radio.  1
Adobe Postscript DriverThe native Postscript Drivers, developed by Adobe and MS.  1
Advanced Archive Password RecoveryAdvanced Archive Password Recovery recovers protection passwords or  1
AEMTunerApplication to perform real-time analysis and configuration of AEM Engine management computer units.  1
Aikido3DAikido3D is a unique, interactive 3D Aikido training aid, designed to offer innovative ways to explore the Art of Aikido.  2
AiM Race Studio 3Download and analyze data from AiM family of data loggers/lap timers for race cars/bikes/karts.  Also used to set configuration of loggers.  1
AIO CREATOR NEOA GUI designer that lets you create a custom app to control your smart home.  2
airStudioConfiguration Software for LightmanagerAir Smart-Home Software  1
Aladdin Knowledge Systems HASPThe HASP USB Dongle is used in a variety of applications for "protecting" Software from "unauthorized use".   2
Alienware Command CenterI have no idea what this is, I just had to try and install it.  1
ALLPCBNormal  1
alpha traderTrading Terminal, software given to user for share market trading, currency and commodity trading  1
Amazing ChartsAmazing Charts is an electronic medical record system, written by a practicing physician. With an installed base of over 400 practices so far, Amazing Charts is definitely one of the leaders in the affordable EMR market.  1
Amazon Send to KindleSends files to your Kindle content library.  1
Amplitube MetalAmplitube Metal is a "virtual guitar amp" allowing users to plug their USB-based guitars (or guitars plugged into a USB adapter) into their computers and use the computer as an effects chain and amplifier.  1
ampricelisterThe Ampricelister is much the same as the Ebay-Turbolister, but for the auction market Amprice. It allows to create auctions offline and provides a lot of useful tools for doing this. Also it is possible to import the auctions alreadey made in the Ebay-Turbolister.  1
amuleguiaMule is an eMule-like client for the eD2k and Kademlia networks, supporting multiple platforms.  1
Analyst4Cochran Analyst4 is a scuba diving utility application designed to work with Cochran dive computers. Use it to download dive logs and profiles from Cochran dive computers, to upload new settings, to plan dives, and many other functions.  1
Android AVD ManagerThe app allows creation of emulators for Android devices.  1
Ankhbot R2A "Twitch bot", an IRC bot for the streaming website  1
Anthem Room Correction 2This is the Windows application for the latest Anthem Room Correction system in Anthem A/V receivers, a.k.a. ARC 1M. This application is used in combination with an Anthem A/V receiver and a factory-calibrated microphone to measure the sound frequency response of a home theater room and compute correction functions to apply in the A/V receiver for reducing the distortion caused by the room.  1
AntiDupl.NETSmall .NET Application that look for broken and duplicated image, with different size and quality, including turned and mirrored.  3
AnyRailDesgin tool for model railways, with an extensive library of components  3
AnyStreamUtility application for creating your own, personal backups of media from various streaming services. Please note that you must have a valid subscription to the different streaming services  1
AOPA Flight PlannerThis is a flight planner that you can get from AOPA's website.  1
Apollo GPS GX50 (plus variants) SimulatorLearn how to use all of the features of GX units before getting into your  1
Archer's AdvantageArcher's Advantage provides versatile software tools to assist archers in achieving maximum performance on the range and in the field  1
ArduPilot Mission PlannerDrone (UAV) Control  3
Argus DCFA proprietary software that analyzes commercial real estate properties ' investment returns, projected cash flows etc.  1
Arivis License Tool standalonethis tool is useful for managing license keys (e.g. converting between fingerprint file and license file using activation key)   2
ArrayCalcAllows the user to design, configure and simulate the acoustic performance of a loudspeaker system using d&b loudspeakers.  1
Asset StudioAssetStudio is a tool for exploring, extracting and exporting assets and assetbundles.  1
AstrocycleAstrocycle, software and layouts of topic in astrology.  1
AstrologGreat freeware astrology program. Very powerful and flexible.  4
Astrology for WindowsAstrology for Windows is a comprehensive astrology program that  1
AstroMartAstroMart is a shareware astrology software for PC featuring chart calculation, files for localities, states, time zones, transits, progressions, sun and moon returns and more.  1
AstrowinThis is an astrology program that's free for download. It has a lot of functionality.  1
ATCS MonitorATCS Monitor is a program that lets you monitor railroad traffic on railroads that use AARs Advanced Train Control System, either over the air with a scanner or via network servers. The ATCS monitor wiki is here:  3
ATi Radeon BIOS Tuner (RaBiT)Free BIOS Tuner for ATi Radeon cards  1
Auto ClicCe programme permet de générer des clics du bouton gauche de la souris  1
AutodataAn automotive data and service reference application.  2
Avantix TravellerThe National Fares Manual for the UK's 'National Rail' system, the program enables lookup of fares information and off-peak restrictions from all participating operators, from and to every station in Great Britain.  1
AverasellPOS software  1
Avid VENUE StandaloneStandalone version of the VENUE live sound systems controlling software. Allows prebuilding/editing show files, thus preparing for live mixing.  3
AvimarkVeterinary Practice Management program. Avimark is a very popular program used by veterinarians to manage inventory, clients, patients, billing, reminders, and all other aspects of their practices.  2
AvisysPowerful database for keeping track of your birdwatching sightings.  1
Axis CompanionAxis Communications camera management platform for management and operation of Axis cameras. This application enables a user to configure an Axis camera, manage recordings and enable remote access.  2
Badminton Tournament PlannerIt is used for planning and scheduling a Badminton Tournament.  1
badoo desktopWith this application you appear with higest priority in searching results within badoo social network.  2
Bagpipe Music PlayerBagpipe Player is a music engraving and playing software program for the Great Highland Bagpipe. It will run under MS Windows 95/98/2000 and Windows NT . It will read and play BMW DOS and BMW Gold file formats. I have also provided a file conversion utility for converting other bagpipe software file formats (ABC, Electric Pipes, Piob Mhor, BMW DOS, BMW Gold). It has playing, printing and display capabilities that compare to the best commercially available bagpipe software programs.  2
BankIDBankID is a program used with or without an external card reader that identifies you on the internet when for example accessing your bank account or sending files to the tax authority.  1
BASinSinclair BASIC Development Environment for ZX Spectrum Emulation  1
BeadTool­Beading Software, design beautiful patterns.  1
Beer EngineGraham Wheeler's "Beer Engine" Recipe Calculator, is a piece of software designed for designing and simulating the creation of Beer.  1
BeerSmith­BeerSmith  -  A Windows based recipe system and complete set of brewing tools designed for the home and professional brewer. BeerSmith takes the guesswork out of beer brewing by quickly estimating color, gravity, bitterness and even printing step by step instructions for your brewing session. More than a brewing tool - a complete brewing system designed to make your homebrewing life easier.  2
Bentley CONNECTION ClientLicensing Tool from the CONNECT series of applications.  1
Bet Angel ProfessionalBet Angel sits between you and the Betfair exchange and allows you to place orders, faster, more effectively and with much more complexity than the traditional web site interface.  1
BiblioA freeware program, developed in Visual Basic 6, to manage a personal or school library, which can be installed and run on Ubuntu and derivate distributions like MaX, MolinuX, GuadalineX, etc.  1
BimCOMBimCOM is diagnostic tool for BMW/Mini.  1
BleachBit 2.0 portableBleachBit has many useful features designed to help you easily clean your computer to free space and maintain privacy.  1
Bloomberg ProfessionalThe Bloomberg Professional application.  2
BlueIrisBlueIris is a video recording and monitoring application which is affordable and especially easy to setup and maintain. BlueIris makes use of the camera equipment you already have as it's compatible with the majority of security cameras available in the market. Locally hosted AI motion detection which is astonishingly accurate is also available as a FREE ad-on feature.  1
BlueStacks App PlayerBluestacks App Player is a compatibility layer and an emulator that allows a Windows PC or Mac to install and execute Android programs and integrate them on Windows Desktop without need of the Android SDK or a virtual machine.  5
Bluetooth USB 2.0 driversA driver for the Linksys USB Bluetooth adapter.  1
BMC Control-M EMThis is an Workload Automation Application, used to automate processes (schedulle batch routines, file transfer,   1
BMC Remedy UserClient application for database access.  2
BMW Download ManagerBMW Download Manager for updating BMW's navigation maps through USB.  2
BodyMedia SyncApplication to sync BodyMedia fitness monitoring devices to their website. This is a closed source special purpose app developed by BodyMedia Inc.  1
Borders Desktop ebook readerDesktop app to browse and buy eBooks at, and read and manage your ebook library.  1
Boss ES-5 Editor for WindowsThis software provides the following functionality.  1
Botbeetletrading software   1
BoxCar ProBoxCar Pro 4.3 supports all HOBO H-series and StowAway loggers. It is a  1
BpDiaryCool application that can be used with any kind to Blood Pressure monitoring system. Stethoscope & Sphygmomanometer (BP cuff), automatic BP device, pharmacy BP device, or even physician's readings as readings are entered manually.  1
BrainWave GeneratorBrainWave Generator generates binaural beats that change your brain frequency towards the desired state, be it relaxation or enhanced attention.  2
Breeze Downloader ProUtility that will "download" (actually upload) images from camera or memory card to computer while simultaneously backing up to multiple other locations. It does smart renaming of images, adds IPTC (e.g. author, copyright) and other metadata according to user preferences. If an appropriate .gpx file is available, it will geotag images. All done automatically.  2
BumpTopBumpTop is a prototype desktop environment, designed to enhance traditional computer desktop functionality by more closely supporting the normal behavior of a real world desk.  2
BurnPlotA free program for viewing ImgBurn graph data.  1
Bürgerkartensoftwaremanages electronic identification of citizens for services of the state of Austria  1
C-Bus ToolkitThe C-Bus Toolkit software is an application to configure and commission C-Bus hardware installations.   C-Bus Toolkit also installs C-Gate Server software which can be used as a permanently installed control system for a C-Bus Installation.  1
C:\windows\system32\WinFLsrv.exea vault for files and folderss  1
Cable Calc V12This software enables the user to quickly and easily design an entire electrical installation with all required calculations based on the users installation prefrences.  1
Cain & AbelCain & Abel is a password recovery tool for Microsoft Operating Systems. It allows easy recovery of various kind of passwords by sniffing the network, cracking encrypted passwords using Dictionary, Brute-Force and Cryptanalysis attacks, recording VoIP conversations, decoding scrambled passwords, revealing password boxes, uncovering cached passwords and analyzing routing protocols. The program does not exploit any software vulnerabilities or bugs that could not be fixed with little effort. It covers some security aspects/weakness present in protocol's standards, authentication methods and caching mechanisms; its main purpose is the simplified recovery of passwords and credentials from various sources, however it also ships some "non standard" utilities for Microsoft Windows users.  5
CALL (CCAA English Teaching Software)It's a program developed by CCAA, a Brazilian Language School franchiser. It was first launched in 1992. The school's homework, listening comprehension practice and practice tests are done by using this program.  2
CalorieKing Nutrition and Exercise ManagerThe CalorieKing Nutrition and Exercise Manager - Australian Edition for Windows is a powerful food  3
CampfireCampfire is an Electron application used for creating vast worlds with characters and events that link to each other.  2
CamQuestCamQuest is an application that CompCams offers to aid car enthusiasts and racers determine which camshaft is right for them.  Users enter many parameters of an engine's configuration, what the purpose of the particular car will be, and CamQuest provides a list of camshafts that are compatible and recommended.  The application also shows the user what the torque and horsepower curves might be like if they select a particular cam with their engine's present configuration.  1
Carbide.ui Theme EditionA part of Nokia's Carbide suite for Symbian development, Carbide.ui provides an environment for theming the interface of your s60 or series 40 nokia device.  3
CarveWright DesignerSoftware to create designs for upload to the CarveWright Woodworking System.  1
CASSY Lab 2CASSY Lab 2 is part of the data logging solution by LD Didactic.  1
CASSY-LabApp for measuring; works over a special interface, uses serial port.  1
Cconnect AdministratorA utility program used to manage multiple logons to a windows domain. This administrator application lets you search for a user and see which computers they are currently logged into. You can then either force that computer to be logged of delete the entry from the database.  1
CDCover! - Easy LayoutApplication which allows you to create covers for CDs.  1
Ce3x 1.3This program has been commissioned by the Government of Spain. This simplifies the calculation of energy performance of existing buildings.  1
CeltxCeltx, the #1 choice for media pre-production supporting the creation of everything from screenplays to radioplays and in between.  3
Central European Starter KitKeyboard switcher.  1
ChairGun ProBallistics calculator for airgun shooters.  2
Chanalyzer LiteChanalyzer is a 2.4Ghz spectrum analyzer intended for use with MetaGeek's Wi-Spy line of devices. The program shows activity in this spectrum through graphs, charts, and provides other useful tools to visualize and diagnose issues with devices that communicate in this spectrum.  1
Chilton On-Demand 5OnDemand 5 is the best mechanic reference available (almost the only one (digital)), that's a pretty simple program, just text + images, no more, the full suit is like 28 GB of information about almost any actual car.­  1
Cisco Security ManagerA configuration tool used for Cisco routers, ASAs and other devices. Used for mass configure, graphical configuration and change management.  1
CityInfoCityInfo is map of Minsk city (Belarus).  6
CLM Explorer  2
CodewalkerOpen source Grand Theft Auto V modding tool and asset previewer  1
Codexis AdvokacieAn application focused on Czech republic law and court decisions. Provides searchable database of current statutes and court decision and some European union legislature.  1
Cogmed QMCogmed QM is game-like software designed to improve working memory in adults with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  1
ColdFusionColdFusion is a platform including advanced features for enterprise integration and development of rich Internet applications (RIA).  1
Comag System ToolIt's just work.  1
comicalThis is a neat open source reader all operating systems.  1
Command AssistantCommunicates to phone switch to run commands and pull records for various functions. Anything with typical telephone communications IP enabled phone switch.  1
Commvault Outlook AddinOutlook addin for Commvault Email archiver solution  1
CompeGPS AIRCompeGPS Air  1
Composer MESoftware to adjust controls on a Control4 home automation system.  1
CondesCondes is an application for creating orienteering courses.  1
Confinetâ„¢ ClientThe Confinet™ Client allows a user to create, manage, protect, and share confidential information and intellectual property.  1
Construction Master Pro for WindowsOne of the best jobsite calculators out there. The Windows version functions exactly like the hand held unit, can copy and paste results and calculations to documents, and contains both the Construction Master Pro calculator and the Trig version.  1
ConversConvers est un logiciel de conversion de coordonnées géographiques  1
Cookbook USAAccording to the maker: "Over one million recipes". It's a compilation of recipes from hundreds of cookbooks with a categorical browser or title, description and/or ingredient search. You can print the recipes and add your own.  1
CORE 9 University Edition with SP15systems engineering requirement management and analysis  1
Corsair iCueCorsair iCue is an application for configuring RGB controllers in a PC and peripherals.  It is primarily intended for Corsair branded hardware, but may work with others.  3
Corsair SSD ToolboxSSD utility for Corsair devices that is used to perform secure erasure and firmware upgrades  1
Cosmic StarThe Cosmic Star program is also a Freeware program that can produce a Natal Chart and a short natal report.  1
CPF EditorIn the tedius way from the conceptionalisation of a research project on a European Level to the actual delivery of some money, the EU uses the custom CPF format to exchange information between the applicants and its administration.  1
CPUID HWMonitorAn application that monitors various system functions, fan speeds, temperatures, and more.  1
CraftWareCraftWare is a software for slicing 3d models to gcode files for 3d printers such as RepRap or Craftbot.  1
CRCCRC is a virtual ATC client made to work with VATSIM. It is the latest client and designed to work with all of the vNAS programs. You must be apart of one of VATSIM's ATC programs to be able to properly use.  1
Crescendo Music Notation EditorA free program for writing musical scores.  It contains a WYSIWYG composition editor with drag-and-drop capability, a MIDI player to check the score by ear, and export to MIDI or image.  It supports multiple parts, written comments, and the finer aspects of music notation such as grace notes.  1
Cressi PC InterfacePC interface for Cressi scuba dive computers  1
Crestron ToolboxApplication for configuring, loading to, and performing diagnostics on Crestron equipment.  1
Cricut Design SpaceCricut Design Space used to be on the cloud. The company has switched to an application. The app is only Windows and Mac compliant. It does work in WIne reasonably well as of Cricut 7.9.158 and WINE 7.5-staging  5
Crossword MaestroThe only product that can try to solve and explain cryptic (and non-cryptic) crosswords!  1
CS-D800Icom CS-D800 cloning software for the ID-800H D-Star dual-band VHF/UHF radio.  1
CT-ArtCT-Art is a chess tactics trainer. There is to my knowledge no other program of similar standard available that gives this level of quality training to a chess player.  3
cuda-zCUDA-Z shows some basic information about CUDA-enabled GPUs and GPGPUs  1
Currency Strength Meterforex news update and information.  1
CuteRankCuteRank is a free keyword rank checker to check keyboard positions on search engines.  1
CutList Plus 2011 (Demo)CutList Plus woodworking software lets you quickly  1
CyberTrackerCyberTracker allows you to collect data by inputting data into a mobile device and then uploading that data to a computer.  Once on the computer you can manipulate the data on maps.  Used mostly in the environmental and disaster relief fields.  2
CycloAgentApplication to read from and write to a Mio Cyclo GPS. It downloads routes etc.  1
Dartfish 2022Dartfish is a live video analysis software for sports to enable live statistics and player tracking.  1
Datalink IIThis is a program that reads a data card from a racecar computer, then allows the operator to manipulate the data to show various parameters of the performance of the car in various graphical formats.  it also allows the operator to change parameters within the computer in the car through a data cable (serial cable - which I use a serial cable through a USB interface device)  from the laptop computer to the hard mounted computer mounted in the car.  1
DataplexSSD Cache support software.  1
datatrakDatatrak is an old software made by Uwatec for the old aladin diving computer. Uwatex has been since bought by Scubapro. Datatrak is used to download diving data from the diving computer through a serial (RS-232) link.  1
DaytonAudio DATS V3The DaytonAudio DATS V3 Computer Based Audio Component Test System is a bundle of a hardware device sold by DaytonAudio and a complementary piece of software.  1
DbxconvDbxconv is a utility to convert .dbx (Microsoft Express 5.0-6.0) files into the standard mbox format.  1
Decked BuilderDecked Builder for Windows is an application that allows you to create and maintain databases for Magic: The Gathering trading cards as well as view information regarding current prices from various websites, deck testing tools as well as charts and graphs that display various details and information about a deck.  1
Delphi DS150EThis application interfaces with the Autocom CDP+ VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) to perform diagnostics, testing, and maintenance of a large range of makes and models of cars.  1
Delphic Oracle 7Delphic Oracle is the premier astrological software for those interested in Hellenistic and traditional astrology. The software comprises as a complete range of techniques found in the classical and medieval astrological tradition.  1
DiagNETCDP CD/DVD distributor system  1
Diet & Exercise Assistant DesktopTake Charge of Your Health! Tired of not getting the weight-loss results you want and work so hard for? We make it simple to achieve your weight loss goals. Diet & Exercise Assistant is the perfect companion to any weight loss program. Select one of our diet plans to fit your lifestyle or configure the application to support any of the popular diet programs today.  1
DietOrganizerThis application helps people who want to manage their calorie and nutrition intake by letting them record what they eat and see the total of what they eat.  1
Digico SD8 offline editoroffline editor and control software for digico sd8 live mixing console  1
DIGIMASTER 16 Channel Remote Agent SoftwareAllows the owners of GANZ DVR DR16N and others to remotely view security video and manage system configurations.  1
DigitAalA freeware computer program for people that suffer from aphasia developed by Atie Köbben and Eelco de Smidt.  1
DigitalCATDigitalCAT is an application used by court reporters to translate the strokes from their steno machines into English.  0
DING!Provides notification of and access to airfare specials on Southwest Airlines valid for only a few hours.  1
Direct CommanderThis is an application  that lets you automate your Yandex.Direct ad settings.  2
DirectX RedistSoftware utility required to play most current games  1
DirMasterCommodore (C64,C128,etc) disk file manager with graphical interface.  1 was the Internet's first general-purpose distributed computing  1
Dive OrganiserDive organiser is the MARES software to manage diving logs  2
Dive RecorderDiveRecorder is the core program in a suite designed to manage the entire Recording function for springboard and platform diving meets. It can be used at every level from local club events to international meets under FINA Rules. If you ever combine events, run two or more concurrently, split a single event over two boards with two panels of judges - then you should look at DiveRecorder.  1
DjVu SoloThe very old unsupported but useful free program to create DjVu E-Books from scanner or graphics files.  1
DLS2002DLS2002 is a program that allows installers to remotely program, store information and trouble shoot all versions of DSC's line of building security systems.  1
DMX-WorkshopThis application can be used to send, receive and display ART-OSC (DALI over ethernet) frames. Also it can send and receive ART-NET (DMX over ethernet) frames  1
DomDomSoft Manga DownloaderDownload mangas from well maintained online manga websites such as Mangafox, MangaAnimea, MangaReader, etc. which does not have download function for people to enjoy reading offline. DomDomSoft is simply a download manager for that purpose.  2
dot2 onPCSoftware Version for the MA dot2 Series. You can use it to prepare for your next show, use it as a backup or run in standalone-mode with external hardware connected over ethernet.  1
Dota Theme ManagerThe DotA Theme Manager - short: DTM - is a useful tool that allows you  1
Dotalicious Client rev 36Client of, an Page for playing DotA (a map for Warcraft III). The client is essential for playing games there, and also provides some additional functions for the plattform, like checking pings to all servers & reconnecting when you drop from the game.  1
DreamDives SharkPointElectronic SCUBA Dive Log Program  1
DrilldrawApplication to create sports drill drawings, game plans for hockey and other sports.  Designed to simplify the communication between coaches, assistant coaches and players.  1
Drivers Daily LogDrivers daily log is an application that allows truck drivers with a cdl that must comply with the federal DOT hours of service (hos) rules to keep a digital form of their log book on a computer or laptop.  1
DrumIt Five EditorEditor software giving you the ability to create or edit DrumIt kits, multi-zoned samples, and loops.  1
DSToolDSTool is a freeware application, developed for StampIt certification authority. It can be used to digitally sign, verify, encrypt and decrypt files using digital certificates.  2
Соната (Sonata)A program to compose, sign and send various taxation reports to Ukrainian state institutions.  1
E1232XThis is DOS application to program discontinued Panasonic KXT-D1232 PBXs. This version will program the -1 rom version software. It expects to connect to the PBX via a COM/RS232 port.  1
e:cue Lighting Application SuiteAllows controlling DMX fixtures with the e:cue hardware.  2
Eagle Tree Data RecorderData Recorder is the application used to update, program and download from Eagle Tree data loggers, widely used with radio control models.  1
Earth Explorer­This educational program brings a plethora of geographic information right to your desktop. After you launch Earth Explorer, you'll be greeted by a 3D rendition of the Earth spinning in space. To the right of the globe sits a table of information on countries, cities, and islands. Simply clicking on one of the entries shows you its location on the globe, and scrolling over the table gives you data, such as population, size, and capital. You can zoom in o­r out on any area of the map, calculate distances between two points, and change the globe's rotation. Earth Explorer also can be configured to show different views, such as those outlining rivers, major cities, and recent earthquakes. Both students and world-curious folks will find this application a fun, interactive way to learn.­  1
EAS Unlock SuiteSoftware used for programming the EAS (Electronic Air Suspension) found on Range Rover P38 using a DIY modified ODBII-serial cable.  1
Easy Home GardeningEasy Home Gardening is a multimedia application that shows you how to garden, allows you to search & browse databases of plants and pests, includes information on gardening tools & techniques, printable guides and other gardening aids.  1
Easy2Boot E2BEasy2Boot E2B 2.02 - USB multiboot solution (Legacy+UEFI)  1
EasybootEasyBoot bootable CD and bootable DVD creating software easily making your bootable CD with multiple selection, colorful and localized language startup menu.  1
EasyProgIntFaceApplication for ladder programming of the Velleman K8055 USB Interface Experiment Board  1
eBand Song List EditorThis software lets you do the following things:  1
eBay Blackthorne ProeBay utility to facilitate frequent sellers and professional eBay auctioneers.  1
Ecosim with EcopathFree ecosystem modeling software.  1
EdWord and EdWebEdWord is a talking word processor that allows you to combine text with symbols.  1
EEKeeperSave file editor for Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2 (Enhanced Editions and originals).  1
eISLP -electronical information system for medical drugs and toolsThe application offers the doctor a database of medical drugs and tools, with description, prescription information, pictures and more.  1
EisProW2000Special application for garbage management (and more things about ecology). Used mainly in Czech republic, corresponds with law in Czech republic.  1
ElkRP2Elk RP2 is remote programming software for Elk Products' Alarm Panels such as the M1 Gold and M1 EZ8.  1
EmbirdEmbird is an embroidery program for viewing and editing embroidery programs. It works with files from different manufacturers (like Janome, Pfaff, Husqvarna).  2
EmbrillianceEmbroidery design software  1
Emsisoft Anti-MalwareThis is an all-in-one anti-virus and anti-spyware scanner.  This is an update to a-squared Command Line Scanner product.  1
EngardeSoftware to manage a fencing comptition  1
EPANETEPANET models the hydraulic and water quality behavior of water distribution piping systems.  2
EQ5EQ5 is a design and drawing program for quiltmakers. It enables to create own blocks using fabric out of a fabric library or from scanned-in samples. These blocks can set together to form a quilt, either using a template of one of the standard quilts or a user-defined pattern. EQ5 also supports the quiltmaker in the planning of the required amount of yarn and fabric for the projected quilt.  1
EquestA free, full-service building energy modeling program developed by Lawrence National Laboratory at UC Berkeley   1
eReaderThe mandatory viewer for eBooks purchased through  2
ErgoPlanetThe application interfaces indoor bicycles from the company "Daum ergonomics" with Windows (Mono) based PC and googlemaps.  1
ESCORT Console ProThis software allows users of temperature and humidity loggers to configure them and download data from them.  1
ESP Next Gen PCSAC power quality reporting and diagnostic software for use with ESP Inc. "Next Gen" power quality products. Software allows for real-time measurements and diagnostics, and displays historical data collected and stored by "Next Gen" products.  1
EspAnadir Classic REAutosubmitter to online boards  1
EtathermApplication serves for heading regulation unit management. It allows to download and display historical temperature measurement data and to enter new regulation parameters for each room.  1
ETCnomadThe offline editor for desktop of the EOS Family lighting system's software. It is used to edit, manage, and prepare showfiles.  1
ETSThe ETS software is the design tool to create and control the KNX building controlling devices like light, windows, etc.  2
Expression Off-lineProgram lighting ques.  1
eZcatTake advantage of Z39.50 technology and the Internet to obtain  1
ezManagerMaxSpecial database to compile records from Blood Glucose Meter and Insulin Pump. Provieds a number of records for use in diagnosis and treatment of Type 1 Diabetes. Supplied with Animas insulin pumps for Windows and Mac.  1
Faktura Small Business – HandelApplication for bookkeeping and warehouse management  1
Fallout FIXTA massive modpack for Fallout 1 that adds higher resolutions, fixes bugs, and adds new content.  1
FarmPlanC­ommercial software for farms to display maps and measure field sizes usi­ng GPS devices. It contains a windows-program for the PC (mug.exe) and software for a Palm GPS device (e.g. iQue 3600) which may be installed using the PC program.  1
Farmplan Cattle ManagerCattle Manager tracks cattle livestock information and can be linked to  1
FarmWorks View"View" is the freeware component of Trimble's FarmWorks software package, a suite of tools for managing precision farming data and equipment (such as harvest mapping). It allows reading and writing data to/from machinery's onboard computers and uses that data to produce maps and reports.  1
FiCOMFiCOM is diagnostic software for Fiat, Alfa, Lancia and light Iveco vehicles.  1
Fiery Command WorkstationThis program is used to manage print jobs on Fiery print servers. It is the main interface for all digital print machines with a Fiery server attached to it.  1
FitbitConnect_win-20151028_2.0.1.6742.exeThe Fitbit Tracker family records the wearer's activity and reports it to Fitbit by synchronizing with an app through a Bluetooth USB dongle.  1
FitDayFitDay is a weight loss program that tracks your calories, activities, weight, weight goals, etc. It allows you to get feedback on everything you eat and do.  2
Flamco BerekeningsprogrammaThis application calculates required size and model for heating, cooling, sanitary water or solar heating applications.  1
FlexpointsSoftware for Weightwatchers plan.  2
FlexSimAllows to model and simulate logistic and production systems.   1
FlexWallet 2006 Desktop EditionFlexWallet enables you to securely store and carry any type of information on your Windows Mobile device. Bank accounts, credit card information, emergency contact numbers, travel documents, software registration codes, online passwords, calling cards, gift ideas, clothing sizes, ATM Pins, you name it!  1
Flight Planner 3000Produces aircraft flight plans using waypoints from internal DB and downloaded weather.  1
FlightDataManagerThis FlightData Manager tool is a kind of PC version of My Flights in the Parrot FreeFlight app and a whole lot more, for a PC running Windows 7 and 8 and 10.  1
FLIR Cloud ClientThis is the FLIR Cloud Client which can be used to live view/playback/record/configure the Lorex/FLIR cameras.  1
FlopZillaFlopzilla is a poker calculator that has been designed to let you quickly and easily figure out how a range hits a board.  1
FlowSizer Data Acquisition & Analysis SoftwareThe applications seems to be used to control complex setups for scientific setups, including mechanical components controlled by the software.  1
FlyChartFLYCHART FOR WINDOWS allows an owners of one of the following flight  2
flyWithCE Logbook Ver. 4.80The flyWithCE Logbook is a program designed to interface with the flyWithCE GPS USB device.  The flyWithCE device is primarily used by sailplane pilots, and perhaps enthusiasts in other areas requiring GPS logging of position and altitude.  The Logbook software talks to the device after one or more flights, downloads the information, and organizes it in a "logbook" format, also allowing digital "signing" of the flight files and with other features allowing, for example, export of flight files for immediate viewing using Google Maps or Google Earth, or flight analysis, etc.  1
FMSW SiteFMSW Site is a fuel management system that allows many user input (credit card, bar code scanner, keypad) to be linked to an onsite fuel pump and then to be written back to database for processing.  1
FoCOMFoCOM is diagnostic software for Ford vehicles. Although it was not  1
Focused Objective 1.7.2Tool for forecasting project completion times based on lean, Kanban metrics  1
FontCreatorFontCreator has the powerful font-creation tools that typographers and graphic designers require, and an intuitive interface that even allows beginners to become productive immediately.  3
Forensic ToolkitAccessData's Forensic Tookit (FTK) provides a suite of software tools for computer forensic investigation, in one interface.  1
FormTrap designerForm merging software.  Produces professional looking forms (eg invoices, purchase orders, statements) by merging layouts with  graphics, logos etc with text output from operational systems such as ERP systems.  1
FORScanFORScan is a software scanner for Ford and Mazda vehicles. It works over ELM327 OBD2  6
Foto-Mosaik-EddaWith Foto-Mosaik-Edda you can create mosaic-pictures, which  1
FOTOJOKER FotoswiatPhoto print suite used for online ordering photos and more.. see  1
FPS MonitorFPS Monitor is the very first special software tool that not only shows an FPS counter similar to good old Fraps™, but can also display a lot of other parameters. This gives a clear overview of how your hardware is performing whilst gaming.  1
Free Serial Port MonitorAllows you to capture, display, analyze, record and replay serial  1
FreePOSPoint-of-sale terminal software for restaurants, etc.  1
FreestylerDMX controller software for making cues/sequences/programs for light shows. It can send/receive the DMX data i generates/monitors to a number of hardware interfaces.  3
Frex 16Rife Frequency Program developed by Ken Uzzell on Windows XP.  1
Friend Blaster ProA program to automate adding friends on myspace.  2
FritzBox RecoveryThis app allows you to recover your AVM Fritzbox 7050 after broken Firmware.  1
ft-817commanderProgram to control ham-radio transceiver via serial interface  1
FugawiWindows 95/98/2000/NT4.0 pc gps nautical navigation software. when connected to a gps tells you your exact position. you can download/upload waypoints, tracks and routes.  2
FutureTaxA Canadian Income Tax filing software program.  3
G51 Skin mod systemG51 Skin mod system is a simple template to create skins for G51 surround sound speakers.  1
Game Commander ProFree program to assist with multiboxing game software, specifically designed for World of Warcraft  1
GameRangerAllows you to connect with other gamers to play multiplayer games.  1
Garmin 400 Series TrainerThe Garmin 400 series Trainer allows a pilot to practice using a Garmin GPS without the expense of purchasing an aviation GPS or being in an airplane. The software is free to download and use. The software simulates the GNS 430, GNC 420, or GPS 400 products. The software was updated for WAAS (wide area augmentation system) which is available in the actual GPS devices with a software update.  2
Garmin ExpressGarmin Express is a management software for Garmin products. The main features are rolling out software updates and synchronization with Garmin Connect.  1
Garmin FlightbookElectronic Logbook for flights using data downloaded from a Garmin aviation GPS  1
Garmin Lifetime UpdaterAllows to receive map updates for Garmin GPS devices with nüMaps Lifetimeâ„¢ subscription.  1
Garmin Training CenterAn application that downloads and manages data from Garmin GPS units for use as running and biking logs.  4
GB-SOFT Text-to-SpeechCzech text to speech synchronizing engine for Windows. Can be used for Linux.  1
GCRebuilderEdit Nintendo Gamecube .iso images with the ability to extract files and re-create the disc image.  1
GECO2020GECO2020 is the all new CAEN General Control SW for High Voltage Boards and Systems.  1
Genesis AdvantageGenesis Advantage is a Windows Point of Sale system for furniture retailers. It is not based on a database. The version tested contains the Inventory Control System, Accounting, Mailing List, Customer Service, and Archives modules. (it does not include the General Ledger, Payroll, or Time Clock modules)  2
GenuTaxGenuTax is a free Canadian tax filing software. It allows for the filing of Canadian taxes for the years 2008-2019, including multiple tax years at once.  3
GeoSetterShow, Edit, Save geographic information (GPS coordinates, geonames) in IPTC files (e.g. JPG from digital cameras).  2
GFAhnenGFAhnen is the Genealogy Software of the "Gesellschaft für Familienforschung in Franken e. V." (Society for Family Research in Franconia).  4
ghost32  1
Giant's EditorGiants Editor is a powerful and versatile tool designed for the modification and creation of content within simulation games developed by Giants Software, such as the Farming Simulator series.   1
Google EarthGoogle Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program that was originally called EarthViewer 3D created by Keyhole, Inc, a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) funded company acquired by Google in 2004. It maps the Earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and geographic information system (GIS) onto a 3D globe. It was originally available with three different licenses, but has since been reduced to just two: Google Earth (a free version with limited function) and Google Earth Pro, which is now free and is intended for commercial use.  2
Google Earth PluginThe Google Earth Plugin is a virtual globe program. It is a web browser plugin of the Google Earth client, enhanced by a sophisticated javascript API that allows to manipulate 3d and geo content and to build interactive web applications.  1
GoTo Network TestNetwork connection utility to measure  1
GPX EditorGraphical editor for editing recorded GPX tracks.  1
grandMA Off-line EditorOffline editor for the GrandMA lighting console.  3
GrandMA OnPCgrandMA OnPC has taken over the job of the grandMA Offline Editor.  It allows for creation and editing of shows offline, as well as networking with consoles online and controlling MA Lighting NSPs and 2Port Nodes for direct DMX control.  3
GrandMA2 3DThis application provides a 3D visualization of light shows that can be controlled by GrandMA2 software and consoles in realtime.  2
GrandMA2 OnPCThe grandMA2 onPC software is especially designed to control lights. The grandMA2 onPC software incorporates all functions of a grandMA2 console. It can be used for running, programming or offline pre-programming, as well as a smart backup solution within the grandMA2 system.  4
GraphWeatherThe application is used to store, manipulate and publish on the web the weather data deriving by the main used weather station (Professional and Semi-Professional).  1
Grid 3Grid 3 is a complete communication solution that enables people to have a voice, control their environment and live more independent lives. It’s designed for anyone with complex communication or access needs and includes a wide range of resources that you can control with touch, switch, eye gaze and pointing devices.  1
Grim Fandango LauncherLauncher utility for Grim Fandango.  1
GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)   4
GTK+ for WindowsWindows version of the GTK+ runtime library. This is required for using DIA, GIMP, GRAMPS and related programs.  2
GunVaultKeep track of your firearms, wishlist, ammo, components, and load data. Some nice features include tabbed records for easy organization and even a little something that tracks how much your ammo stockpile is worth. Enter as much or as little information as you want, from firearm specifications to how you acquired a particular item. There's nothing to install, just unzip it and run GunVault from the folder.  1
Haali ReaderA reader of electronic books in the fictionbook format.  1
HADES -2000Speleological Computer Aided Cartography  1
Ham Radio DeluxeVery popular Windows Amateur Radio logging and control program.  5
HanDBase DesktopHanDBase is a light and fast relational database manager for desktops,  2
Harmony RemoteLogitech's Harmony 890 remote control uses both radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) wireless signals to deliver powerful complete control of your home-entertainment system that may be hidden behind cabinets. With a wireless range of up to 100 feet, the Harmony 890 remote sends RF commands to a wireless receiver, which then blasts infrared signals to the components. The Harmony 890 remote makes universal control for home entertainment and advanced lighting systems simple.  7
Haselo WinToUSB FreeWinToUSB (also called Windows To USB) is the best free Windows To Go Creator which allows you to install and run a fully-functional Windows operating system on an external hard drive or a USB flash drive. It is so easy and efficient, with just a few simple steps and a few minutes, you can create your first portable Windows 10/8/7 directly from an ISO, WIM, ESD, SWM, VHD, VHDX image file or a CD/DVD drive, or you can use it to clone an existing Windows OS installation (Windows 7 or later) to a USB drive as portable Windows. WinToUSB also supports creating a Windows installation USB flash drive from a Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/2016/2012/2010/2008 installation ISO file, so you can install Windows from the USB flash drive easily.  2
Heavy WeatherPC Application for gather weather data from lacross technology weather stations - using serial port.  1
HelloDOCHelloDOC is french software that helps managing a doctor's practice  1
herolabThe product is designed to help the customer quickly and accurately create characters for tabletop RPG's such as Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, D&D, Shadowrun, and more.  1
HiCOMHiCOM is diagnostic tool for Hyndai and Kia vehicles.  1
HiToolHiTool is a utility which allow you to burn programs on an HiSilicon-based development board.  1
Hog 3 PCHog 3 PC is the offline editor for the WholeHog 3 line of lighting consoles.  It can also control lights online by using a proprietary widget.  3
Holley Commander 950 ProThe Commander 950 software allows you to program the Holley 950 EFI computer, providing text and graphical means to adjust the spark and fuel maps for your engine.  1
HolmesApplication for synchronising data from the Wattson energy monitoring unit, uploading it to the DIY Kyoto community site, and viewing the retrieved data.  1
HomerHomer is a freeware made (or at least development is coordinated by) the NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory).  2
HoneyminerHoneyminer is a mining application which currently only supports Windows. It's meant to improve the mining process by automatically mining the most profitable currency.  1
HP Photo & ImagingThis program helps you scan documents, pictures, slides, and negatives  1
HP PrecisionScan ProThis is the driver and application software specific to the HP ScanJet 4400C/Cse/Cxi and the 4470C/Cse/Cxi series flatbed scanners.  1
HP Service Manager ClientClient for the HP Service Manager help desk and CMDB solution  1
Huawei HiSuiteApplication to transfer pictures and backup them.  1
HuggleHuggle is an application for dealing with vandalism, writ­ten in .NET. It was originally developed by Gurch.  1
HY-TEK Team Manager for Track and FieldProgram for maintaining a track & field team roster.  Can be used to do entries for an upcoming meet, and also store performances from previous ones  1
Hyundai Atoz 2002 Shop ManualHyundai Atoz / Atos workshop manual - 1998 - 2002  1
I-ChingThe I Ching is ­the oldest of the Chinese classic texts. A symbol system designed to identify order in what seem like chance events, it describes an ancient system of cosmology and philosophy that is at the heart of Chinese cultural beliefs.  1
i-Dixel One Volume Vieweri-Dixel OneVolumeViewer comes with X-Ray image copies on CDs. It is required to view the images.   1
I-Doser­I-Doser is an application that sends frequencies of certain hertz to emulate drugs.­  2
i1Profiler / i1PublishYet another color calibration app. Though can be downloaded and installed freely, it requires a HASP key to be fully functional. The key usually comes with a "spectrophotometer".  1
i1StudioSoftware for color calibration and color profiles editing.  1
i2 ProMoTeC i2 is data analysis software that can be used to analyse data stored by MoTeC data loggers or ECUs.  1
IATA DGR Dangerous Goods RegulationsIATA DGR Dangerous Goods Regulations is a quite costly commercial handbook issued yearly, defining the legal regulations for air transport of dangerous goods. It is available in several languages as a printed book (since around 1960) or on CD-ROM (since a few years). It is indispensable for every commercial shipper of dangerous goods.  1
IconsExtractExtracts icons from *.exe, *.dll, *.ocx, and *.cpl files. Saves them as *.ico files. Actual *.ico files. Not a bmp that was simply renamed to *.ico.  2
iDo Wedding Couple EditioniDo Wedding Couple Edition is a Wedding Planning Package designed for the Bride & Groom.  1
IEDScoutIEDScout is a client to IEC 61850 servers, such as substation Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED). It provides functions for testing of IEC 61850 communication protocol.  1
Ignitech DC_CDIP2Software for mapping ignition curve of Igni-tech programable ignition for SPARKER DC-CDI-P2 - tunable two channel capacitive ignition.  1
Ikea Home Planner - Mozilla Firefox plug-in"Ikea Home Planner - Firefox plugin" is the browser version of the "Ikea Home Planner" program.  1
Ikea kitchen plannerThe ikea kitchen planner is used for planning a kitchen. Of course, you can only use Ikea stuff with it, but it's quite easy to model any kitchen in it that fits to the standard width of cupboards etc. Models the kitchen in 3D and tells you what it costs.  6
ImatestAllows to extract MFT, CA, and geometric distortions from test charts to evaluate photographic equipment.  1
IMPAX EE CD Viewer Version: R20_XVI_811_SP4_HF8DICOM viewing software to view DCOM medical images.  Medical image viewing software supplied with medical images.  1
ImpulseImpulse is the new game and software distribution of Stardock Corporation, following their older Stardock Central produc.  1
InAudibleInAudible is designed to decrypt and remove DRM from audio book files purchased from, with an aim towards allowing the book purchaser to listen to said books on any device they want which can play MP3's (yes, it can also convert the book to MP3 format). It is based on the open-source ffmpeg utility.  1
Info SelectPersonal Information Manager.  3
infoprint operation GUIInfoprint Manager Operation GUI is this interface used to administer and operate a Infoprint Manager server  1
Inmagic DBTextworksDatabase software designed specifically for (historical/archaeological) archive collections.  1
Inovonics 703-720-730 RDSSoftware to manage the Inovonics model 703, 720, and 730 RDS/RBDS encoders.  1
INQ Software UpdateSoftware update tool for INQ Android mobile phones  1
InScribeInScribe is an application that Transcriptionists use to type transcriptions.  1
instrustarDriver and visualisation software for the Instrustar isds range of USB oscilloscope/signal generator/spectrum analizer/logic analizer range of insruments.  1
Intercon Accessible FormNetA visual or verbal form-completion application.  Used by the US  1
iometerIometer is  1
IP SurveillanceIt is a software to record Audio and Video from some of D-link Internet and Security cameras.  1
IpaNow!It is a phonetic alphabet transliteration manager, with support for Italian, German and French.  1
IPOTIndo Premier Online Technology ( IPOT ) is an Online Trading Platform used for Indo Premier Securties client to buy & sell stock in Indonesia Stock Market.  1
Itau Banking AppApp to access an Itau Banking account  1
iThinkBusiness modeling and simulation software.  2
IVONA ReaderReads text of screen or from documents using (by default) IVONA Voices (SAPI5).  1
Jade Property Suite 6Jade Property Suite is a software for real estate agents. It allows you to manage your real estate and contact data from a single application on a desktop computer or internal network. With the suite of tools included in Jade, you can produce printed materials and web listings instantly. The designs used in almost everything Jade generates can be modified by you.  1
Jands VistaThe Jands Vista app allows you to set up, edit and visualise lighting shows for use with the Jands Vista lighting console. You can program ques, create special effects, adjust presets and even use a virtual console to program shows on the go. With the full software you can also have up to 8192 channels of output through your ethernet port.  2
Jane Greenoff's Cross Stitch DesignerDesign tool for producing cross stitch, and other counted embroidery, charts.  1
JBL Line Array Calculator 3.2This is software to calculate splay angles for line array speaker systems, and export to the control software.s  1
JeppViewthe JeppView applications allows to view Jeppesen aviation maps & approach charts, and create flight plans  1
jHora.exeit's a software which is downloaded as zip and unpacks to exe which then needs to be installed. eventually it will create an exe post install called jhora.exe.  1
jRestaurantPoint of sale system for e.g. pubs and hotels.  1
Juno Di EditorRoland's interface for editing patches for the Juno Di Synthesizer.  1
Jyotish Tools for WindowsEnter birth date and time and location and the application will draw various forms of the birth chart.  1
KareoKareo is the only cloud-based and complete medical technology platform purpose-built to meet the unique needs of independent practices. Today we help over 35,000 providers in all 50 states run more efficient and profitable practices, while deliver outstanding patient care. In 2016, Kareo introduced the first technology platform that helps independent practices find more patients, manage their care with a fully certified and easy to use EHR, and get paid quickly – all in one complete and integrated package. Kareo has received extensive industry recognition, including the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, Inc. 5000 and Black Book’s #1 Integrated EHR, Practice Management and Medical Billing Vendor. With offices across the country, our mission is to help independent practices succeed in an ever-changing healthcare market. For more information, visit   1
Kayako DesktopKayako Desktop is an application that hooks into a Kayako Fusion and Kayako Engage online support system products to allow staff to live chat with support system users.  3
Kelley Bluebook KarpowerKarpower is a tool used by automobile retailers to determine the current market value of a given vehicle. This is the PC version of the well known "Kelley Blue Book", and is available to automobile dealers in a subscription format with bi-monthly updates. This is a critical application for automobile dealers who wish to move from Window$ to Linux.  1
Kinetico EPBElectronic presentation book for Kinetico Water Systems and it's authorized dealers.  2
KManagerHonda car ECU editing software. Best tuning system ever created.  1
Kobo ReaderThe kobo reader compatible application for Angus and Robertson online bookstore. With the interest in Kobo eReader in Australia, this application would be very useful in Oz.  4
Kodak All in OneThis is the installer software for the Kodak All-in-One printer software.  Neither the installer nor the actual installed software will function in Wine  1
Kodak i1100 scanmatescanmate software for i1100 Kodak scanner.  1
Konami Tournament SoftwareThis application has been made by Konami to let Tournament Organizer of their games (in particulary, Yu-Gi-Oh!) organize tournaments and events.  1
KTabSThis application is used to create and edit tablature (tab) music for a kalimba music instrument.  1
KVS Availability ToolKVS Tool allows its users to  1
LabspecLabspec is used to control a Jobin-Yvon scientific raman and  1
LANconfigManagement tool for all LANCOM routers and access points  8
Laserfiche Document ManagementThe Laserfiche enterprise content management suite includes document management, records management and business process management functionality, with scan­ning, indexing, Workflow, integration, distribution and tracking and auditing tools.­  1
LightscreenAdvanced tool to create screenshots.  1
LightshotThis is a nifty application for Windows that allows you to take screenshots, then upload them to the Lightshot server. (  4
LightwrightLightwright is a unique cross between a spreadsheet and a database, designed specifically to manage professional lighting design paperwork.  2
link.exeAn old microsoft real mode link.exe from masm 6.0  1
LinsigTraffic Signal Junction Analysis software.  1
Livescribe DesktopApplication to transfer notes and audio recordings from the Pulse smartpen to the computer and then review them, search through the notes or share the "pencasts" over the Internet through livescribe's website.  1
LiveUpdateLiveUpdate updates all your Symantec/Norton products.  9
Local Government Information System (ISS)Database frontend for Oracle database. Handles the whole urban/city self-government agenda: economy, taxes, financials, business registry, documents,...  3
Logitech G HUBSoftware for customizing supported Logitech G gear: mice, keyboards, headsets, speakers, and webcams.  2
Logitech Gaming SoftwareManages settings and macros for Logitech gaming devices  9
Logitech SetpointAllows you to configure your Logitech mouse or keyboard.  5
Lowrance SonarViewer 2.1.2Old faithful SonarViewer from Lowrance.  It's the 21st century and the interface is old VB, but it works for viewing Lowrance sonar log data, including the HDS series with sidescan and downscan images.  Many features are missing from this application that would make it a great application.  Yet it's the only application to do it's job.  0
Macrex Indexing ProgramProfessional Indexing Program  2
MAGIC AE1 DAB+ GoSoftware package for managing and monitoring the MAGIC AE1 DAB+ Go audio encoder. This package is used to update the firmware on the encoder device.  1
Maia Mechanics ImagingHuman Design Rave calculation and analyzing software.  1
MakerBot DesktopManager and Slicer for MakerBot brand 3D Printers.  1
Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware"Malwarebytes has developed a variety of tools that can identify and  4
MapCreatorCombines a cartography programme and a graphics programme. The software  2
MapFactor PC NavigatorPC Navigator is a finger-friendly touchscreen satellite navigation system that works extremely well under Linux and is feature rich including Speed Camera POI warnings, voice guidance in many languages and comprehensive maps of Europe. It also includes full postcodes.  3
MapMakerA very good programme for making maps even for people without GIS experience. Has 3D surface ability in the Pro version. Is free for many educational uses and for Africa. Imports many known GIS files. Easy to use. Very good manual for both the main programme and the 3D module. Runs quickly and efficiently. Progframmew author is contactable and solves problems swiftly.  1
Maps Marketing AnalyzerMaps Marketing Analyzer lets the user research what they must do in order to optimise their website through search engines.  1
MapSend Topo 3D USAMapping software with GPS capabilities. Includes topographical and street-level maps with points of interest for the entire United States, with several 3D view options. Allows export of maps and points of interest to Magellan GPS receivers.  1
MapWise50MapWise 25 is an interactive mapping and routing system on CD. Each MapWise 25 product comes with Ordnance Survey Explorer mapping (1:25,000)  1
Marco Polo Travel Center Grosser ReiseplanerSoftware to plan journeys by car op train, from house to house,  2
Marval MSMMarval MSM is a call tracking and ITIL compliant Configuration Management tool.  1
Marval PursuitITIL Request Tracker.  1
MASHMASH requires the Microsoft Agent installed with the characters in order to use it in Wine.  1
Master your CDCMaster Your CDC is a study software tool used by Air Force members to study for upgrade tests. from 5-level to 7-level tests as well as PFE, ALS, and NCOA correspondence. More info at  1
MaxcutMaxcut is used to create accurate cutting diagrams and costing estimates for the wood, cabinetry and metalwork industry.  1
Maximeyes WorkstationOne of the most popular practice management systems available to optometrists. Used to store medical records, record demographics, and file claims.  2
MaxPunkteMaxPunkte, a program to optimize fligth data for the online-contest of DHV (german paragliding club).Can also read registered GPS tracks.  1
McAfee Visual TraceMcAfee Visual Trace is meant to show the routes in which packets take to get from the IP address you specify to your computer.  It is also useful for pinpointing hack attempts and gaining information about them such as location and service provider in which you can use to report attacks on your network.  1
MCC PilotlogPilot logbook application.  3
MCG ManagerThis program produces "mcg" files from mp3 and cdg files needed to play on certain CAVS karaoke players. It needed the addition of a wine tricks DLL file (mfc42) to work properly. Other than that, it worked perfectly.  1
MedialogSpecial medical database/management system. Helps to automate different medical and administrative routines.  3
MedicusMedical Care Software, which can be used in Czech Republic  1
Mediola a.i.o Creator FlexGraphical editor for Mediola Remote Control APP on iPad and Android devices  1
MediStarManagement system for medical use with accounting and many features more.  1
Meditech MAGIC Workstation 4.xProprietary telnet client for Meditech server  1
memory-mapUsed by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts across the world, Memory-Map boasts  6
MEmuEmulator to run Android OS on Windows.  1
Metes and BoundsUsed to draw a plat from the old Metes and Bounds survey bearings that are found in old deeds.  1
Metrel Elektrical Safety Manager (MESM)It is an application for electrical safety measuring devices.  1
Michelin Atlas Routier FranceThis helps for preparing a travel through the french roads. Maybe it needs a new category ("map" for example).  2
MicroDicom DICOM viewerMicroDicom is application for primary processing and preservation of medical images in DICOM formatMicroDicom DICOM viewer is equipped with most common tools for manipulation of DICOM images and it has an intuitive user interface.  2
Microsoft HealthVault Connection CenterMicrosoft  1
MiFlashUnlockThe MiFlashUnlock is an application used to unlock the xiaomi's bootloader on newer model which bootloader is locked. Currently the miflashunlock is only available for windows.  3
MINDAproA livestock records management program. Used in the New Zealand dairy industry.  1
MindexpressMind Expressâ„¢ is an easy to use computer program that has everything  1
MinosMinos is a logging program for many VHF and UHF amateur radio contests. Written by Mike  1
Mistro Farm 5Mistro Farm maintains a complete stock register and enables all herd recording, mating and health information to be stored ­to meet the needs of the modern dairy farmer. This information can be used by generating reports and viewing on screen 'cards' for individual animals.  1
MMANAMMANA203 is an application to model radio amateur antennas, calculate and display far field response, SWR, Z .... It is based on the NEC2 engine. Comes with a slew of antenna models for user review and education.  1
MMSSTVSoftware for Radio Hams sending and receiving sstv pictures using Amateur radio.  2
Moex trade infoThis is Moscow Stock Exchange information application.   1
Mojikyo Character MapThe Mojikyo Character Map and supporting fonts available for free from the Mojikyo Institute ( enable users to use a wide variety of chinese characters in documents. The character map is intended to be used to find a particular character which is then inserted into a MS Word document or MS Excel spreadsheet via macros.  1
MoneyManagerExMoney Manager Ex is a free, open-source, cross-platform, easy-to-use  1
MopsosMopsos (named after two famous seers from the Greek mythology) is a tool that support calculations mainly for geocaching.  1
MotoCalcAn application for calculating optimum motor/prop/battery/airframe combinations for electric model planes.  2
MousotronIt is a program that tracks how far you have moved your mouse.  1
Movicon 11Movicon 11, is one of the most famous SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) software on the market.  1
MSD ViewMSD ignition system data logger, viewer.  1
MSDN Academic Alliance DownloaderThe MSDN Academic Alliance Downloader is sort of a download manager for Microsoft software.  1
MultiVaporMultiVapor™ is a computer tool for estimating breakthrough times and service life of air-purifying respirator cartridges manufactured to remove toxic organic vapors (OV) from breathed air. It an also be used for larger filters and for carbon beds of any size prepared for laboratory studies.  1
MyCalorieCoachApplication in dutch for monitoring weight loss with all foods from the database of the dutch voedingscentrum and the possibility to add different kinds of sports and the calories burned by doing htem.  1
MyHarmonyApplication which controls your harmony hub & harmony elite remote.  1
MyTaxExpress2012A downloadable, Canadian Income Tax preparation software program, for the tax year 2012. Low cost.  1
myTomTomA software used to upload user statistics and download new maps, POIs and add-on for TomTom devices. Replaces TomTom Home for newer devices.    1
N0va DesktopApplication lets you render animated character on your desktop.  1
NAIPSNAIPS is free software for downloading weather information and submitting flight plans for Airservices Australia  1
NASA World WindNASA has released World Wind as an open source  3
NaturalreaderNaturalSoft Ltd application for Windows and MAC 03 Text to Speech software with natural sounding voices. Current Windows version is Version 12. I purchased at version 10 when running Vista. Will not run under WINE.  1
nautictoolsFor terrestric and nautic astro-navigation.  1
NavBox ProPlan 5VFR and IFR flight planning for Europe.  1
NavBox Quickplan 6VFR flight planning for Europe. Light version of Navbox ProPlan, without METAR/TAF download, GPS up/download. No update service.  1
Navfit98ANavfit98A is software used to write personnel Evaluations and Fitness Reports for the US Navy. It is freely available for download.  1
NDSCrcA software to sort, checkand rename your NDS rom archives (knows only about Zip files).  2
Netgear User UtilityThis utility is designed to allow a pre-configured user account to bypass all parental controls configured in the router from the openDNS site This is accessed automatically when the user clicks on the Live Parental Controls option within the router configuration web page.  1
Neuro-ProgrammerNeuro-Programmer is an innovative software application for the PC, built to help you achieve rapid and long lasting personal change. NP2 stimulates Brainwaves while using Hypnosis, NLP and other Psychological techniques to help you transform your mind and enhance your mental abilities."  4
Nevo Studio ProMaybe somewhat outdated but I was keeping an old windows system just for this - programming my media remotes so would love this to work in wine/crossover.  1
NexCafeApplication for use to manager cyber café or computers for public usage like in public libraries.  1
Nextion EditorProgramming software for ITEAD NEXTION devices  1
nGlide3Dfx Glide wrapper that converts Glide API calls to Direct3D.  1
NiceHash MinerNiceHash Miner (NHM) uses and shares data from your CPU and/or GPU as applicable to mine Bitcoin.  1
Nissan FASTNissan FAST is an application that allows you to look up parts, service diagrams, and more for various Nissan vehicles.  1
nLitenLite is a tool for permanent Windows components removal and pre-installation Windows configuration. After removal there is an option to make bootable image ready for burning on cd or testing in virtual machines.­  1
Nokia ovi suiteThe future replacement for the Nokia PC suite  7
Nokia Series 40 Theme StudioA simple application (outdated slightly by Carbide.ui) for theming series 40 Nokia devices  2
Nokia Software UpdaterSoftware to update the Phone Software of Nokia phones  1
NoPayStation BrowserIt's the best way to acquire Playstation Vita, Playstation 3, Playstation, and Playstation Portable games, with high speeds directly from the Playstation store and no worries about harmful code or restrictions. This program is used to backup games you own digitally, in case of a game breaking or going missing.   1
Nova ChartwheelsNova Chartwheels is an astrological charting program with an emphasis on dial and midpoint techniques. It includes sophisticated dial displays that replicate classic Uranian and Ebertin dials. It is possible to work with a wide range of midpoints and planetary pictures.  1
NovaLCT-MarsA control application for NovaStar led screen sending cards.  2
NovAtel CDUNovAtel CDU is a Windows program that provides a graphical user interface for configuration and monitoring of the receiver operation.  1
NOW Launcherthis software is used to trade online stocks of NSE   1
NTLiteIt helps you make custom ISOs with many Customization options. It has a free version but the Full Version costs €40 for Home, €90 for Professional, and €250 for business. It is recommended to try to make it work for Wine.  1
Nutrition & Exercise Manager (U.S.)Our application lets you work out exactly what you need to do to shed pounds quickly and effectively.  1
NVDAScreen reader for visually impaired users.  1
NVivoIt is a tool for qualitative social research, mainly grounded theory. The only one free software alternative, weft-qda is not stable and very less functional.  2
NVShaderPerfCommand line application that statically analyzes GPU programs (vertex, pixel and geometry shaders), and produces performance data for various nVidia GPUs.  1
OBDTesterOBDTester is universal, fully-featured OBD2 diagnostic solution.  1
OBDWizSoftware used to scan a car's on-board diagnostics.  1
Objectif CarriereChoose the work that fits with you.  1
OdinUsed for trading (Stocks, Currency, Futures, Options and Commodity)  1
ODIN MultiLoader­Flashing program to download firmware to Samsung mobile phones.  2
Okapi OlifantOlifant is an application that allows you to load or import  1
OKI Firmware Update ToolA update-tool created by OKI for updating the firmware of a series of their printers.  1
ONE-POS Free POS SystemA freeware POS software that supports a variety of receipt printers.   1
OneClick for eHealthThe application is the graphical frontend used for configuring ehealth (R), a commercial network managment suite by CA.  1
OneTouch Diabetes Management SoftwareDownloads and stores data from LifeScan OneTouch glucose meters. Provides a logbook for food, medication and insulin intake. Statistical evaluation of the data with graphic output is also available.  2
Online SignatureOnline Signature by Dragod is an old project (maybe abandoned) that focus on producing "real-time" signatures images from eMule Plus (or just eMule), which contain user-defined data like ammount of transfered data, free hard disk space, eMule Plus version, etc.  1
OnlineAVLAllows you to view and monitor your vehicles on an interactive map display.  1
OnTarget­The OnTarget precision calculator gives the marksman a tool to accurately and consistently measure and analyze bullet hole groups in their targets. It provides group measurement information that is critical for evaluating ammunition for hunting, target shooting, bench rest shooting, metallic silhouette, or just bragging about the accuracy of your gun.  1
OnTarget2Tape and sight markings for archery  1
OPAS Orchester-SoftwareThis is the app Munich and a number of other cities  1
Orca AVAORCA is a software used in Germany by architectural offices, engineering offices, construction departments.  1
Orienteering OrganiserOrienteering Organiser is software used to organize orienteering competition. It include drawing tracks to map (on plotter or printer), printing of IOF control descritpion, drawing competitors, ­SI reading and results. T­he application could run in network mode on more computers which is needed during competition.  1
Ortho2 EdgePractice Management System for Orthodontics Offices  1
Ovulation CalendarAllows a women to track her fertility cycle in an attempt to either become pregnant or to avoid pregnancy.  1
padreThis is the helper application that is mandatory for online tax declaration in all areas of Spain except Basque country (Yes, it's a shame that they force you to use Windows if you want the benefits of doing your declaration online - let's see if we can change that).  2
Pampered PartnerProgram for The Pampered Chef consultants.  1
Pampered Partner PlusPampered Chef consulant program  1
Paprika Recipe ManagerPaprika is a recipe manager/database. With customizable categories, a built in browser, meal planning functionality, and cloud sync options, and mobile apps, it's the most versatile recipe manager I've encountered.  4
Parallax Propeller ToolParallax's Propeller Tool is an ide/compiler/debugger for parallaxes new 32-bit 8 core microcontroller line, the Propeller.  3
PC Coach EliteThe PC Coach Elite Logbook is a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use multisport software program that helps you manage, schedule, organize and analyze your fitness progress.  1
PC Coach LightAthletic training software.  1
PC MetPCMet is a european meterological self briefing application for private aviation. It mostly includes weather information for all airports and regions worldwide. Its one of the mainly used meterological and self briefing system in europe (for private aviation)  2
PCG ToolsPCG Tools is a free PC software application for Korg (c) Music workstations/synthesizers. The application is capable of handling mainly PCG files. These files are used for programs, combis and set lists, global information and more.  1
PCStagePCStage provides a PC-based lighting desk for use with a commercial DMX interface unit. The software also has simple sound facilities for synchronising audio (including CD) cues to lighting cues.  2
PCStitchscan picture or image to pattern maker, cross stitch pattern download, change color keys or floss thread  2
PDF Password RemoverUtility to remove passwords from PDF files. It remove the password, it is not brute force, it really delete passwords.  1
PDT PLAMEPDT PLAME (Planilla Mensual de Pagos en español) is used by employers in Peru to submit tax data to SUNAT, the tax authority in Peru.  2
Personal AlphaThe PersonalAlpha software lets you run your  1
Peshk@ (CT-Art 4.0)Peshk@ is a chess trainer framework. It allows to download specific courses like CT-Art 4.0, Checkmate I+II or Complete Chess Course. The available courses can be seen on  1
PG4UWarcThe application used to drive the different multi-chip programmers manufactured by ELNEC.  2
Phantom JesterAn offline editor for the Zero 88 Jester series lighting consoles  2
Philips Hue SyncA desktop application to synchronize Philips Hue lamps with music, films or games.  1
PhotoModelerPhotogrammetry tool which enables metering, modelling, 3D scan post processing.  2
PhotoSendPhotosend allows users to send images to their photo dealer via the Internet­  1
Pi NetworkPi Network desktop node that allows users to apply for the Pi Testnet.  1
Pico 2000 remote moduleSoftware to connect with a CCTV pico 2000 server to view remotly  1
PIExpert SuiteSingle application for designing with Power Integration's various Switch Mode Power Supply controller chips. The application is free for use.  1
PixPerAnThe "Pixel Persitance Analyser" is a tools to test your flatscreen.  1
PlacidusMaking horoscope diagram, charts, giving informations to analyse it. As I see it has programmed in 16bit (Win31)  1
PlanePlotterPlanePlotter receives and decodes live digital position reports from aircraft and plots them on a chart.  1
Planmaster LitePlanmaster is a suite of applications that is programmed to plan container vessels. The Lite version is designed for agents, and does not include the ship planning module.  1
Plantronics HubAllows users to control the settings of Plantronics audio device (Bluetooth Headset mostly), know the status of the device and update firmware on USB.  1
Playlist CreatorApplication for the creation and editing of .pls and .m3u playlists.  1
PLM2000This is an application to program ECR's from the manufacturer Uniwell.  2
PMPExamSimulator.exeProject Management Professional Exam test simulator - to prepare for the PMP test  1
PoCOMPoCOM is diagnostic tool for Porsche. It supports all OBD2 compliant  vehicles since 1996.  1
Poigps GoWith this application is possible to download POI (Point Of Interest) from community and to transfer into TomTom device.  1
Polar Precision Performance   2
Polar UpLink ToolThis simple tool allows you to _send_ information to most Polar heart rate monitors. A logo editor is also included.  1
Poseidon Z RGB Configuration UtilityThis is the application that allows a user to alter the LED patterns and macros of the Poseidon Z RGB gaming keyboard. It also allows the user to adjust items like individual LED brightness and remapping key functions.  1
Power BI Report ServerPower BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization.  1
Power Tab EditorA program for guitar/bass tab editing, outputs the finished work through midi  1
PowerbidsPowerbids is a bidding tool for the pilots of Continental Airlines.  1
PowerPro  1
PoÅ™izovac program ISPV 2006Special app to gather and send data about wages to make countrywide statistic wage analysis for Czech Ministry of Work and Social Affairs.  1
proAIS2This program allows the user to configure, diagnose, and verify settings in AIS devices used in marine applications.  1
ProdesisProdesis is an application used by high-school teacher to manage students' data (grades, absences, letters to parents, etc).  1
ProfilesSoftware for Windows and Doors. Design, drawing and calculation of constructions from aluminum, uPVC and timber profiles.  1
PROFIS AnchorPROFIS Anchor offers concrete anchor calculations with the ability to perform strength design calculations for cast-in-place and post-installed anchor systems compliant with the latest building codes.  1
ProMashBrewing Software For the Discriminating Brewer  1
ProModelSimulation tool  2
prosapStructural analysis program for civil engineering.  1
PrzetargiSoftware supporting p­ublic procurement (auctions) for goverment company.  1
PToolTool to modify Panasonic firmware images.  2
Publish or Perishsome tool for meta-analysis of publications and its citations.   1
Pulse Signature 2000A specialized program which can open dst, psf pof, and other embroidery files and be used to connect to embroidery machines  1
PVSOLpremiumPV*SOL offers the most detailed configuration and shade analysis for PV systems. Calculate solar output, panel sizing and economic forecasting for your system.  1
PywarePyware is a drill design program for marching band, drum corps, and other performances involving movement of many people. Drill sheets produce by the writer can then be printed or distributed online through a password protected service. The program is written in Java but the installer and application are windows executables.  1
Q9The Q9 input method (Traditional Chinese: 九方輸入法), invented by Qcode Information Technology Ltd. of Hong Kong, is an input method that uses only the number keys on a numeric keypad  2
QCSUsed by contractors for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to electronically report data, etc...  1
Qemu Manager for WindowsThe Qemu Manager for Windows is a GUI for the pc emulator QEMU.  1
Quick TaxCanadian Tax software for 2006.  2
RadiAnt DICOM ViewerDICOM Viewer for medical images.  11
Radio Control Program for TS-2000/B2000The ARCP-2000 Radio control program is used to control a TS-2000 series Kenwood radio via a serial port connection  1
Railroad ProfessionalTrack planning software for model railroad tracks.  1
Raphnet adapter management toolA Graphical user interface to manage raphnet adapters.  1
RAR Password CrackerThis program is intended to recover lost passwords for RAR/WinRAR archives of versions 2.xx and 3.xx  1
RawDiggerShows a raw image histogram based on the raw data not based on the embedded jpg picture.  (Most cameras and many raw editor/convertors show histograms based on the embedded jpeg 'thumbnail' image.  There can be significant differences between the raw histogram and jpeg based histogram.)  2
ReactOS MagnifierA screen magnification program included with ReactOS.  1
ReactOS VGA Font EditorA simple font editor included with ReactOS.  1
Real Time CorruptorThe Real Time Corruptor can corrupt roms in real time as they are running, running off of a modified version of the Bizhawk emulator. It can also target specific areas of the rom by detecting what system the rom is for.  2
Real Time Flight PlannerAllows for planning a IFR flight, including filing the flight plan. This is the most popular tool for pilots.  1
RebelBettingSports arbitrage software  1
Recipe CalcAllows you to trim down any recipe. Also allows you to track your daily intake. Provides, calories, % of protein, fats, carbs, fiber, salt, potassium etc.  Extremely easy to use. Allows you to add any ingredient to the database. Has large database already but as I said, it is easily expanded upon.   1
REMRateThe official software used by HERS raters to create energy models, issue green building certifications and HERS scores for residential construction.  1
RentixThis programs is for karting control. numbers of laps, timing, etc...  1
Retevis RT40B FRS radio programmning softwareThe official application for programming Retevis RT40B FRS radios.  1
RezkonvSuiteRezkonvSuite is a German program to manage recipes in German and English language.  1
RideMaxFinds the order in which to visit rides and attractions at either the Disneyland or Walt Disney World theme park that results in the least waiting.  2
RIOT – Radical Image Optimization ToolRIOT is a free image optimization software that is able to change the format of the input image to find the best one in terms of size.  2
RiverSuite InventoryAn RMM System with agents for Windows, macOS and Linux to monitor server, client, snmp devices and much more  1
RKit STM8/ST7Raisonance C compiler for ST7/STM8 microcontrollers.  1
Rmcp LoaderRMCP Loader offers a Windows platform based user interface that  1
RNG ReporterRNG reporter is a tool which can be used to manipulate and exploit the random number generation (RNG) algorithm in various Pokémon games in order to gain an advantage in the game, such as more rare, powerful characteristics or Pokémon.  1
Roto CreatorA business program to manage design, production and supply of plastic windows and doors.  1
RozmovlalkaGood quality 3 voices (2 male, 1 female) Ukrainian language speech synthesis with output to speakers or WAV file. The interface language is Ukrainian.  1
RS4softRS4soft is the configuration and diagnostics software for RS4 security laser scanner device from Leuze electronic.  1
SailwaveSailwave is a sailing regatta scoring program for Windows.  4
Samsung Kies PC SyncSamsung Kies PC Sync is a software for synchronasing Samsng mobile phones with your PC.  6
Samsung Natural Color ExpertThis software allows users to calibrate the internal LUTs of Samsung LCD monitors using a number of measurement devices. This includes the X-Rite Huey, EyeOne Display 2/Lt, EyeOne Pro and the Datacolor Spyder2.  1
Samsung Theme DesignerAn authoring tool for designers and developers to create Theme content  1
SAP GUI for Windows 7.70Frontend Client for SAP ERP/BW/SCM/etc.  1
SarastroSarastro is an Astrology software.  1
SBaGenPlays binaural-beats tones and generates pink noise on a schedule or on demand. It can also export to WAV and import MP3 or OGG files to mix with SBaGen sequences.  1 OBD-2 SoftwareOBD-II automotive diagnostic software, to interface with's ELMScan OBD-II interface hardware.  1
ScanXL-ElmScanScanXL is a tool for interfacing to a car's onboard computer (ECU or PCM). It uses the Scantool.Net ElmScan interface, and is capable of downloading car performance information, diagnostic information in both standard ways, and using proprietary interfaces to data from Ford automobiles.  1
SCHLECKER Online Foto-ServiceSchlecker Online Foto-Service  2
Schneider Zeliosoft 2Software for creating programs for zelio smart logic relays in either ladder or fbd  1
Screen Tinter LiteSome people with perfect vision can experience discomfort when looking at a computer monitor for long periods of time. well no longer will you have to suffer this thanks to the Screen Tinter produced by Thomson Software Solutions.  1
ScreenLogic ConnectA tool to control a Pentair pool controller equipped with a ScreenLogic2 Interface remotely.  1
SDRSharpSDRSharp can be used to receive and monitor FFT plots and waterfall images of radio spectrum. Compatible with RTL_SDR, HackRF, and other software defined radios.  2
SeaClear­ "SeaClear is a PC based chart plotter for Windows 2000/XP/NT/95/98/ME. With a GPS connected it displays the current position, speed, heading and other data on the screen.  1
SEAS3  1
Secret! DesktopSecret! is a password manager (similar to KeePass, but with build in sync function)  1
SEO Anchor GeneratorAnchor generator for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  1
SewWhat!View embroidery files, even if they are included in zip or rar archives  2
Seznam DVD 2011Seznam DVD 2011 is a personal DVD catalogue database.  2
Shadow Security ScannerShadow Security Scanner is a robust network scanning and auditing tool for network security.  It is capable of scanning many hosts and run multiple types of tests and audits against systems to identify potential vulnerabilities and issues which must be addressed.  1
ShareXA tool to take screenshots and record videoes of your desktop and upload to the web using custom uploaders. The application is written in C# and uses many windows functions.  5
SHOMARThis is the official software for tides diary in France.  1
ShootProjectile trajectories when fired from firearms.  1
ShopKeep RegisterPoint of Sale cash register application for subscribers to the ShopKeep POS services.  1
Shopping ListAllow a user to manage his / her shopping list and send to mobile device any time he /she wants  1
Shri MuhurtaShri Muhurta has the ability to utilize many different Muhurta techniques  1
Shure Wireless WorkbenchFrom the Shure website:  2
Shutterfly Express UploaderA desktop resident express uploader for photos to be submitted to the photo service. Allows resizing of uploaded photos.  1
Shutterfly SmartUploadAllow to to conveniently upload batches of photos to shutterfly.  2
Sigma Data CenterData Centre is designed to provide analysis capabilities for cycling and running data from Sigma Sport devices, such as smart watches and bike computers.  1
Silhouette StudioSilhouette Studio® is design software that integrates with Silhouette cutting machines.  9
SimBabyThis is the software from Laerdal that is used to operate the SimBaby patient simulator.  The free standing software can be connected to a second monitor for medical monitor output (ECG, SpO2, EtCO2, etc) without being connected to the SimBaby patient simulator.  1
SiMocCoApplication for mobile phones Siemens (data transfering, ...).  1
Simple LogbookLogbook for pilots JAA/FAA/ICAO format for logging flight hours and generating reports.  1 registrationApp to register for service.  1
SiriusSirius is a professional astrology program. It is very versatile, and many add-ons are available for purchase as well. Sirius comes with a large database, mean for research into astrology.  1
SkillSoft Course ManagerSkillSoft Course Manager allows you to use Skillsoft training software locally.  1
SkyDemonSkyDemon is an utility to plan and monitor flights, featuring route and altitude planning on vector maps, airports and airspace information, weather reports consultation (METAR/TAF), NOTAM consultation, moving map with controlled airspace warnings, etc.  3
SMA Sunny Explorer  1
Smart PSSProfessional Application for management of Digital Video Recorders, Network Video Recorders, IP/Web Cameras with functions of remote Viewing, Tuning, Recording, Logging and Alarm Events, PTZ remote control of Surveillance Cameras using PC through the TCP/IP networks or P2P protocol.  4
Smarthome Manager Plus SoftwareHome automation software to program X10 type devices. (Timers and dimmers)  1
SmartScanThis application is part of the Gulf South supply ordering system. The software communicates with a serial scanner (via USB connection) into which the order has been scanned. It then sends the order via XML to the PPS web site.  1
SmartTrakSmartTrak is application that allows you to download data from an uwatec dive computers. The download is done over an infrared link.  2
SMI - Smart Motor InterfaceSMI is a GUI to configure, test and tune integrated SmartMotors from Animatics or Servida.  1
SmileboxThe application allows to create little animated animations containing personal pictures, videos, and music. Many pre-cooked themes are offered. The prepared clips are stored on the Smilebox server. Others can see the clips following an e-mail invitation. The server keeps track of who has already viewed the clips. In a way it's similar to greeting cards, however much more sophisticated.   1
SnufflerSnuffler is a freeware Windows application that processes geophysical data and presents data as a image/map. It is directed at the archaeological geophysics community as a free alternative to GEOPLOT and ArcheoSurveyor.  1
SoapMakerThis software serves as a calculator for creating custom handmade soap recipes from different ingredients.  It also provides a database to manage and track stocks soapmaking ingredients and supplies.  1
SOBvMAXSOBvMAX is a chart plotter for PC that incorporates input from  1
SoftChronoMeasure the velocity of a projectile with sound.  1
SOLA Rx Lens Calculation PackageThe program allows interactive input of optometric Rx, eye measures, frame data, which conducts to the obtention of final output related to lens shape, sizes, weights and other parameters which, in turn, allow to generate, fine and polish ophthalmic lenses.  1
Solar FireSolar Fire is the industry standard in Astrological software. The following is from their website:  7
Solar MapsSolar Maps is a standalone astromapping program for astrologers. The program displays the planetary placements in relation to the horizon and meridian overlaid on a map of the world, or over regional maps.  1
SolarEdge Site DesignerSolarEdge Site Designer allows a technician to a configuration SolarEdge power optimizers with an array and see inverter design suggestions.   1
SonarViewerViewer for files created by Lowrance and Eagle Sonar and Fish Finders. Plays files back on PC.  2
SonetBusiness class ERP application suite marketed in Finland.  2
SongtrixSongtrix is package for building and playing musical accompaniment, similar to the better know Band-In-A-Box.  1
Sony PC CompanionPhone updater, and contact synchronizer application, for the Xperia phone line.  4
SoundvisionPA System design and simulation software for L-Acoustics products.  1
SpardaSecureAppSparda-Bank Online Banking Application  1
SpeakoniaSpeakonia is a free Text-To-Speech (TTS) GUI (graphical User-Interface) Program which uses the Microsoft Speech Technology.  2
SplashIDPassword management software  1
Sportster Modem FlasherThis application allows to upgrade the flash memory of USRobotics Sportster Modems with custom content.  Upgrading the firmware allows for V.90/etc. support in older hardware.  1
SportTracksGPS-enabled exercise logbook software.  3
SpotfireThis program allows you to analyse data in a graphic way. Large data sets can be explored by generating multiple graphs of any variable you are interested in. These graphs are interconnected so you can get a deep insight into the data.  2
Spyder3EliteMonitor color calibration software and associated hardware probe, used to create color profiles.  1
Spyder3PrintColor calibration tool for printer, with hardware probe.  2
SRM Training SystemSRM Training System software is a Windows based application that allows users to download and analyze power output data generated from an SRM crankset.  1
StaminaOriginal free keyboard training tool  1
Stanza DesktopAn ebook reader for the desktop, which is the partner for the app which runs on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.  It supports many ebook formats, can export to other formats, and allows transferring ebooks from your desktop to your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.  1
star wars episode 1 insider's guideit's an app just for viewing. it contains lots of behind-the-scenes information.  1
Stardock CentralStardock Central is an enhanced download manager that enables users to install and  1
Station EditorAn application to edit stations on a Metz Television set. Comes with German and English translation.  1
StecaGrid Connect UserStecaGrid Connect User is used to read the solar power (PV) inverters from Steca GmbH.  1
Sterling Trader ProTrading programme for high end trading.  Normally charged for, but you may get it with one of your brokers.  Very basic light programme, ideally for high frequency trading.  (Not algo trading)  1
StormflowSoftware for calculating stormwater runoff volumes for Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)  1
StormLabAdvanced level II and level III doppler radar.  1
Streaming AssistantWith Streaming Assistant, you can stream SteamVR games to Pico VR headset.  1
Streamlabs OBSStreamlabs OBS is a program that allows you to livestream to Youtube, Twitch or Facebook.  1
SubEdit playerApplication for advanced subtitles operations and playing video. It has support for many subtitles formats for both: importing and exporting.  1
SUNAT PDTPrograma de Declaración Telemática  1
Sunny Data ControlSunny Data Control is used to view and control photovoltaics Solar inverters from German manufacturer SMA.  2
Sunny ExplorerSunny Explorer is a program by SMA to monitor the performance and statistics of your solar panels. It gathers information via bluetooth.  1
SunnyDesignDesign Software for Photovoltaic Module and Inverter Matching  2
Super Smash Bros. Brawl image converterA tool for converting Super Smash Bros. Brawl images (.bin) into JPG format.  1
SuperEnaCITSuperEnaCIT - free software to develop column systems for Superenalotto (Italian lotto game)  1
SureThing CD/DVD LabelerDesign CD/DVD labels  1
Suunto Dive Manager (SDM)­Suunto Dive Manager (SDM) is a premium tool for recording, organizing and retrieving dive information from your Suunto dive computer. The program allows easy retrieval and printing of data, creation of dive graphs and addition of notes to the log­book.  5
Suunto Training ManagerSoftware application for viewing data recorded on Suunto t6/t6c heart rate monitors or Suunto memory belts.  2
Suunto Trek ManagerManage your Suunto X9i watc. Including GPS logs.  1
SuuntoLinkSuuntoLink is a desktop software that keeps your watch firmware up to date.  2
SVCSSVCS is the core of the vetmanage software package, It provides a reliable database for handling patient and client records.  1
Swannview Plus NVR ClientSwannView is a remote client for managing and viewing live and recorded surveillance video from a Swann NVR (Network Video Recorder)  1
Swift WXSoftware used to track weather events.  1
SwiftwordSwiftword is a tachistoscope program designed to only run under Windows XP with .NET 2.0  1
Swiss-ChessThis Software is one of the most common applications for running chess tournaments.  2
SX-KeyThis is Parallax's developement environment and compiler/assemler for the SX line of microcontrollers.  1
Sygic DRIVESygic DRIVE is a viable alternative to running a fully-featured Satellite Navigation system which closely resembles the TomTom Navigator program.  It's still an early development app, but is promising to be quite a good alternative to the likes of Destinator.  1
Symantec VIP AccessSymantec Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP) delivers cloud-based  1
Synaptics Metallica MIS Touch Fingerprint Reader Driverfingerprint reader of Laptop L480 from Lenovo  1
Synology Photo Station UploaderThis tool is used to upload photos to Photo Station in Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS). It uses the resources of the computer instead of the NAS to process the photos; therefore, it reduces the load on the NAS.  1
SYS PC ToolSYS_PC_Tool is a utility software from the french company Syride selling altimeters and GPS for paragliding and paramotors.  1
Taking Charge of your Fertility SoftwareTaking Charge of your Fertility (TCOYF) software is a calendar application for use with the Fertility Awareness Method, as described in Toni Weschler's book of the same name.  1
talkingbuddyMyTalkingBuddy Greetings - Talking Greetings that use Microsoft Agent technology. Animated characters with computer voices read talking animated greetings.  1
TappirTrack your favourite TV shows from your desktop.  1
Tascam Mixer CompanionApplication adds features for Tascam-Consoles (DM-4800):  1
TaxAct2015 PremiumFederal and State tax preparation software for tax year 2015.  1
TC-Helicon VoiceSupportProgram for microphone and guitar effects pedal (and looper). It allows the updating of  various hardware's firmware as well as the ability to  modify, download or uploads effects' presets.  1
TC2000Stock charting software from Worden Brothers.  2
Teleingenieros-FastMailThis application allows reading confidential encrypted banking mail sent by a Spanish savings bank called Caja de Ingenieros through normal e-mail.  1
Templot 2Templot is a design program for model railway track, intended primarily for modellers who build their own track.  1
Terrier i-Temp USB Programming softwareSoftware for use with USB programming device to control Pegler Terrier i-Temp radiator controllers.  1
Terris UFB Code SetupThis app is used to set-up and update the Terris Universal-Remote UFB 234.  1
teXXasThis application allows you to see the actually running tv program, adding your favorites and get reminded of them.  1
The HatJust like pulling names from a hat to determine a random  1
Themes CreatorThemes Creator is a tool for creating themes for Sony Ericsson phones.  2
THEOS WorkStation ClientTHEOS Workstation Client for Win9X/NT/2000/XP is used to connect to THEOS Server and runs as a terminal emulator for applications running on the THEOS Server.  2
Think Innovations - RemoteStaff Screen CaptureScreen capture system for contractors working under remotestaff. take a screen shot of your desktop base on a pre-set time interval. also takes a record of activity by asking users to fill out a form describing what they are working on as of the moment.  1
THR-EditorThe THR Editor is a software application that lets you freely edit settings and create patch files on a  1
Tidepool UploaderTidepool Uploader is used to upload blood-glucose measurements from various supported devices (like Dexcom, Medtronic, Abbott, etc.) and store that data with the Tidepool service. The service seeks to create a central locations where to access, view, and share that data from. To use the application, one needs to create an account at Tidepool.  1
Tiertime UP StudioThe official UP Studio software for Tiertime's UP series of printers (AKA Afinia).  1
TinyTrak3Config.exeTinyTrak serial port configuration program for APRS beaconing.  1
tiptoi ManagerAn app used to load the content to the interactive toy "tiptoi".  2
Titanium Maximum Security 32-bit for WindowsTrend Micro's 2011 premium a/v suite for home users.  1
TLex SuiteA suite of programs to build dictionaries. TlCorpus is a concordancer, TlTerminology is a database for terminological dictionaries, and TLex builds bilingual and monolingual dictionaries.  2
TNCremoTNCremo offers the possibility to connect a milling machine with a computer to transport the .nc oder .h files via serial port.  1
TNT Post FotoserviceSoftware to design and order photo-albums via TNT (Dutch Postal Company)  1
TomightyA Java-based desktop timer with focus on the Pomodoro Technique.  1
TomTom HOMETomTom HOME is a managing software for TomTom Navigation Displays.  2
Tone RoomVOX Tone Room is an application that allows you to edit various parameters of the VOX products from your PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android, and allows you to manage your programs and transmit/receive them with your computer. The edits that you make are immediately sent to the VOX products so that you can check the sounds as you edit them. Since VOX Tone Room can graphically display many parameters at once, all the capabilities of the VOX products can be handled more easily. VOX ToneRoom is also useful as a librarian for managing all your sounds and settings.  3
TopoFusionTopoFusion is GPS Mapping software for Windows. It downloads maps (Topo,  3
TorTalkTorTalk is a proprietary speech synthesizer that can read text from selection, clipboard and by using OCR. TorTalk can read texts in multiple languages.   1
Tot-WinTot-Win is a Brazilian solution for doctors offices and health professionals offices.  1
Trackball Soft-XTrackball configuration utility  1
TrackIR Pro 4Optical headtracking system: Moving Your Head Changes the View, As you move in your chair and rotate your head small amounts : your game-view will precisely correspond, ie pan the on screeen view left, right, up down, front and back with head movements rather than a mouse, keyboard or joystick. Great for apps like flight sim.  1
TrainingPeaks WKO+A tool for analyzing cycling data  2
Tripcode ExplorerTripcode Explorer is an application designed to search for tripcode passwords whose respective tripcode contains specific string patterns. It is often put to use by users of several image boards (such as 4chan) that support tripcodes to help users generate unique, authentic, and notable identifiers for themselves.  1
TroopmasterThis program keeps track of Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Venturing advancements. There is also a Girl Scout edition available.  5
TSReaderDecodes and analyzes MPEG-2 transport streams, including ATSC, DVB-T and ISDB television broadcasts.  2
TTS Deck EditorThis application is used to build card decks for the app/program called Tabletop SImulator (TTS) by Beserk Games  1
Tube ToolboxAn application used to facilitate youtube advertising and mass marketing. A worry free way of being able to target your audience and automate duties to maintain a presence.  1
TuneLab ProAdvanced piano tuning software. Professional piano tuning application.  1
Two Towers ToolboxAn application that reverses do paths, keeps track of: quests, items, armour, and other useful information... Organized and helpful, would like to see it working for Linux  1
UBSPayFree offline payment entry software for Windows users.  1
udotaxesA Canadian Income Tax filing program for Tax year 2007.  1
UI-ViewUI-View is a Windows APRS program. This application differs from most APRS software in that it isn't designed just to be used with TNCs in terminal mode. UI-View also supports TNCs in KISS mode, AGWPE host mode and BPQ host mode. The 32 bit version of UI-View also supports WA8DED/TF host mode, and the variant of it used in the SCS PTC-II and PTC-IIe. The host mode support means that UI-View can be used with an extremely wide range of packet hardware and allows up to 16 RF ports to be used.  1
UISSThis program has been designed for  2
UK's KalenderUK's Kalender is a MS Windows program intended to remind you of upcoming events and todos. There are several views for your dates that are organized similar to a calendar sheet. Dates and appointments can be entered into the calendar via an input form.You can enter a forewarn time, so as long as UK's Kalender is running in the background you'll be reminded of your dates as soon as the forewarn time is reached.  1
UMDGenPSP UMDGen allows the end-user to rebuild PSP Universal Media Disc (UMD) images into .iSO file format, for use on your PSP with the relevant loaders/launchers. It also allows batch conversion of images to and from the .iSO, .CSO and .DAX file formats.  1
UndertaleModToolA decompiler for GSM:2 games including Undertale.  1
UNetbootinUNetbootin allows you to create a bootable Live USB drives for a a number  3
Unisys NX/ViewThis Software is a Terminal Emulation Client, based in telnet, for use with Unisys ClearPath MCP (Mainframe).  1
UpstartThe program used to program UPB (Universal Power Bus) devices for Home Automation.  2
Urania<span class="attribute-value">Astrological software with broad range of techniques, like multiple synastry charts (up to 5 wheels), multiple composite, flexible transit lists and synastry progressed lists, transit in-orb graph bars, static and dynamic astrocartography (planets on Asc/MC and on horizon/meridian), aspect figures and the widest selection of house systems.</span>  2
usbip clientusbip is a mechanism to remotely access usb devices ofter the ip protocol and make these devices locally available.   2
UV AngelWindows app to interface with UV Angel automated disinfection device via USB cable connection. Enables changing of settings on the USB-attached device, and ongoing monitoring of disinfection statistics, i.e. interruption of disinfection cycle via motion sensor activity, keyboard activity, mouse or touchscreen activity, etc.  1
V-PlannerDive planning software  1
Vcarve DesktopPaid software by vectric for use with cnc machines. Does 2d and 2.5d carving, including v-carve, pocket, profile, and inlays.  1
Vesper Marine Configuration and Status (vmAIS)This application interfaces with the Vesper Marine XB 8000 AIS transponder to enable configuration and troubleshooting.  1
VidaOne Diet and FitnessThis is an application providing a simple database, reporting, and charting tool for tracking, summarizing, and calculating values related to exercise and food consumption, including nutrients associated with foods, calories expended and consumed, distance, time, and health data. It synchronizes over wi-fi with mobile applications from the same developer for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Palm OS.   1
VIF­VIF features various modules and covers all ­ ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)­ and MRP (Manufacturing Resources Planning) functionalities.  1
Virtual Crash 3Virtual CRASH is a program for the simulation of vehicle accidents. It takes advantage of the latest hardware and software developments, which allows increasingly complex realtime calculations to be performed on a personal computer. For maximum versatility, Virtual CRASH simulation results can be viewed and outputted in scale plan, 3D perspective view, and in numerous diagrams and tables. VCrash 3 also offers a real-time car collision model.  1
Virtual Desktop StreamerVirtual Desktop Streamer allows the user to interact with their PC via a virtual reality headset by way of streaming data between the two through a LAN connection.  This enables the playing of VR games, other games, viewing of multimedia, as well as more generalised usage of the PC in a virtual space.  1
Virtual Weather StationVirtual Weather Station is  1
VirtualisVirtualis is a Credit Mutuel service which allow you to secure web payments via credit cards. Instead of using your own credit card numbers, Virtualis can generate a virtual credit card which will be used only for a time period and for a maximum amount you will define.  1
VisionTools Pro-eTouchpanel WYSIWYG editor for Crestron touchpanels, touch interfaces, and video processors.  1
Visual Flight GuideThe aeronautical information publication for visual flights in Germany on DVD.  1
Visual TopoCave mapping software  1
VIVE Streaming HubSoftware for connecting a VIVE virtual reality headset to your PC  1
VMMIVMMI is Comdial Corporation's GUI interface for programming all medium and large PBX/Key telephone systems with software newer than release 11B. It is a proprietary package that is available to Comdial Factory Certified Technicians only.  1
VMware vSphere ClientVMware® vSphereâ„¢ client is a Windows application for administering VMware vCenter Server and VMware ESX/ESXi virtualization platforms.  4
VoiceAttackA Voice recognition macro utility to allow a user to speak and have the computer perform set reactions to specific key phrases.  1
VoiceBlue Lite ProgramConfiguration program, designed  for 2N VoiceBlue Lite GSM gateway. Supplied on driver CD.  1
Voicesupport 2PC interface application for the VoiceLive 3 and VoiceLive 3 Extreme voice and guitar fx and processing unit.  1
VoyagerVoyager is one of Ex Libris Groups' integrated library management systems. The client tested is generally used by library staff only.  1
Walmaster Trader XEFrench based stock trading application  1
WatchGuard System ManagerWatchGuard System Manager is a proprietary application for administering firewalls produced by company Watchguard Technologies, Inc.  2
WatchMyBatteryWatchMyBattery iOS app lets users keep track of their iPhone battery charge on the wrist using Apple Watch.   1
WaterChill Control PanelAsetek WaterChill Control Panel  1
Weather ExchangeThe Weather Exchange is a free  1
WebSphere Business Modeler AdvancedFrom IBM's site: "IBM WebSphereâ„¢ Business Modeler Advanced Version 6.0 bridges the  1
WHscheduleThis program, specifically made for Wardlaw-Hartridge students in mind, helps interpret the annoying 6-day-rotation schedule.  1
Win DASWin DAS (Digital Alignment System on Windows) is Sony's propriatary monitor repair utility. It allows a technican to change settings stored in the EEPROM inside the monitor to correct color balance, geometery, brightness, and other issues. For example, this utility can be used to repair the common "screen too bright" issue on the Dell/Sony P1110  1
WIN-CASA2018Property management software  1
Win6530This is an industrial application for log in to Tandem (HP-NonStop) machines.  1
WinAmbulanciaWinAmbulancia is successor of the DOS medical program Ambulancia. Both are widely used in Slovak Republic by ambulances of several kinds of specialisation. The sister application WinOddelenie can be also used by the whole departement or clinic.  2
WinAuthWinAuth is a portable, open-source Authenticator for Windows that provides counter or time-based RFC 6238 authenticators and common implementations, such as the Google Authenticator. WinAuth can be used with many Bitcoin trading websites as well as games, supporting (World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo), Guild Wars 2, Glyph (Rift and ArcheAge), WildStar, RuneScape, SWTOR and Steam.  1
Windows Antivirus 2009Windows Antivirus 2009 is a virus that masquerades itself as an official Windows antivirus solution. It "scans" your computer and tells you that your computer is infected. To remove these infections you MUST enter your credit card information. Of course, this is obviously a scam to obtain credit card information.  1
Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 8A Windows deployment tool.  1
Windows Genuine Advantage Legitmacy CheckerWindows Genuine Advantage Legitmacy Checker, a tool to ensure you're running a legitimate copy of Microsoft Windows.  4
Windows Server Update ServicesMicrosoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) enables information  1
Windows Vista Ultimate UpgradeThe official windows vista ultimate edition upgrade disc  1
WinFuture xp-ISO-BuilderThis freeware application is let's you do a variety of useful things with your Windows install/recovery disks. One of the most interesting is allowing you to convert an OEM "System restore disk" or "Recovery disk" to a full-fledged Install Disk (e.g. so you can run/install it as a guest inside of a VM like VirtualBox, Xen, VMWare, etc.).  1
WinHIIPallows to format a hardrive connected via usb or ide (not sure about sata) cables for use in a ps2 (play station 2)  1
WinJewelJewelry Software - WinJewel is a Windows program  1
WinLoadPrograms and monitors the Digiplex EVO, MAGELLAN, Spectra SP Series  1
WinProladderWinProladder is a free (non-open source) app shipped with the Fatek different PLCs allowing to design programs as ladder diagrams.  2
WinSpool/400 Report DownloadWinSpool/400 Report Download connects to an AS/400 with the WinSpool/400 library installed. It allows Windows users to download spool file reports in a number of different formats, including PDF, HTML, RTF and plain text.  1
WinTOTALReal estate appraisal software that allows appraisers to fill out state- and federally-regulated forms on PDAs and desktops. It then allows easy sending of the finished product via e-mail. Help bring the real estate professional into the 21st century! Please vote!  1
WootalyzerWootalyzer is a small application which sits in your system tray, and  1
WPKGWPKG is an automated software deployment, upgrade and removal script for Windows.  1
wRASPRocket Altitude Simulation Program for Windows  1
WSplitWSplit is, along with Llanfair, the most popular timer for speedruns. It can hold your best times and compare them later with new attempts showing how much time you've saved or lost  1
XCP-ng CenterXCP-ng Center is a Windows-based management tool for XCP-ng and Citrix® XenServer® environments which enables users to manage and monitor XCP-ng and Citrix® XenServer® hosts and resource pools, and to deploy, monitor, manage and migrate virtual machines.  1
XenCenterXenCenter provides an application based graphical frontend for managing Citrix XenServer.  With XenCenter, you can easily manage server resource, VM resources, VM migration, performance monitoring, and many other management aspects.  3
Xgecu Universal ProgrammerTool for dumping and programming/flashing aka. "burning" different EPROM, flash, RAM chips with TL866II (MiniPro) programmer. Also compatible with various microcontrollers and programmable gate arrays (PLD/GAL). Can test RAM chips and correct behaviour of logic ICs, eg. 74xx series.  3
Xgig TraceViewThe Xgig® Analyzer offers a wide array  1
XLink/WinXLink/Win is a data backup and data exchange program for Windows which supports both Casio and Sharp electronic organizers. In addition to the Casio models supported by CASIF/Win, XLink/Win supports most Sharp YO/ZQ/EL/OZ/TM electronic organizer models and some additional Radio Shack and Oregon Scientific organizers. Data can be exchanged between any supported models. XLink/Win runs on any version of Windows, including Windows emulators for Mac and Unix systems. A trial version of XLink/Win can be downloaded free from this site.  1
Yamaha RIVAGE PM EditorThis app emulate the yamaha Rivage audio pro digital mixer on a pc.  1
YI HomeManage and see live feed from your YI security cameras.  2
YolomouseYolomouse is a gaming companion utility that allows the mouse pointer to be changed in game.  1
YQ8003 Bike Light SoftwareSmall application to draw pictures for the programmable LED spokes, and download them onto the device.  1
Z InstallerZ Installer is the setup program to install both the drivers and software for the Z series gaming keyboards and game pads. It allows the use and configuration of the extra set of keys on the respective device.  1
Z21 Maintenance ToolWith the Z21 service application "Z21 Maintenance" you can configure and update your entire Z21 system via Ethernet or WiFi. This application allows you to always keep your Z21, as well as smart RAIL, Z21 multiMAUS, Z21 BOOSTER and Z21 DETECTOR up to date.  1
ZETZET is a powerful astrology program for the professional astrologer, an effective resource for astronomy students, and a wonderful training tool for beginners.  3
Zip Password RecoveryZip Password Recovery allows you to recover lost passwords for zip archives. It uses brute force attack to recover passwords.  1
ZOOM Guitar LabManage effects and patches on ZOOM guitar and bass multi-effect processors (G3n, G3Xn, G5n, B3n).  1