Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
ASPIASPI stands for "automatizovaný systém právních informací," in English, "automated system of law information".  6
Bankruptcy 2011Bankruptcy petition preparation software from New Hope Software, Inc.  1
BankruptcyPROBankruptcy Petition Preparation software from LegalPRO Systems, Inc.  1
Belastingdienst InkomstenbelastingProgram to enter your Dutch Income Tax. Every year a new version of this program is released.  2
Best Case BankruptcyBest Case bankruptcy software is used by U.S. attorneys and law firms for preparation and filing of forms for Chapters 7, 11, 12, and 13 debtor filings. It is capable of printing forms or uploading them directly to the courts. It is updated to the latest U.S. bankruptcy reform.  2
ConcordanceLexisNexis Concordance (formerly DataFlight Concordance) is a database program used to manage the high volume of documents–including depositions, transcripts, e-mail and other e-discovery–generated during litigation.  1
ConsultantPlus ProfConsultantPlus - reliable reference for many russian experts: lawyers, bookkeepers, heads of the organizations, experts of state structures, scientists & students.  1
Deed Plotter+ for WindowsDeed plotter is a program used to map and analyze the legal descriptions of tracts of land.  1
Die Keure-La Charte Juridisch woordenboek Nederlands-FransThis application is a dictionary of legal terms in Dutch and French with their respective translation. It's an indispensible tool since many sources (e.g. jurisprudence, doctrine) are in Dutch or French only and Belgian legal professionals and/or students are expected to know both languages. It is not very usefull for other jurisdictions than Belgium.  1
Drill MachineThe Drill Machine allows a court reporting student to build speed using downloadable drills or their own drills.  1
E-Transcript ViewerThis proprietary reader from RealLegal LLC is a viewer for legal transcripts in .ptx format, which is a proprietary encrypted compressed binary format.  1
Gutachten ManagerA software for legal censors to document and file cases in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  1
Juris DataJuris data permette la consultazione e la ricerca off line di legislazione, giurisprudenza e dottrina.    1
Lex-DoctorThis app is on common use on Latinamericans law studios and is only in spanish  1
PCLawPopular law office time & billing software  1
Quantum ProQuantum Pro provides semi-automated electronic forms for the most commonly used UK Family/Matrimonial Law court forms including Form E and Ancillary Relief.  1
Quicken WillmakerAllows you to organize your will and related legal documents  6
RevisalIt is an app used in Romania for registering labor contracts for the state.  1
RTG BillsLegal billing and time management software.  1
Speed TeacherThe Speed Teacher is a program for developing speed for court reporting students.  1
sv.Net classicSv.Net Classic is a program you can use to submit information about your employee for german general social welfare insurance purposes and records.  11 comfort is a software to submit information about your employees for german general social welfare insurance purposes and records. It also has a limited employee register and database focused on the insurance issues.  3
Trafiktesten­Trafiktesten - Indeholder 9 nye teoriprøver samt en tavletest. Cd'en er speaket at Steen Bostrup.  1