Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
Allen Human Brain Atlas - Brain Explorer 2Brain Explorer 2 is a desktop software application for viewing the human brain anatomy and gene expression data in 3D. Using Brain Explorer 2, you can:  2
AnyBody Modeling SystemThe program calculates the muscle forces in humans when the motion is provided.  1
ApEA simple but powerful Plasmid and DNA Editor.  1
AquatoxAQUATOX is a simulation model for aquatic systems. AQUATOX predicts the fate of various pollutants, such as nutrients and organic chemicals, and their effects on the ecosystem, including fish, invertebrates, and aquatic plants.  1
Axon MultiClamp Commander 700AThe multiclamp commander 700A is used to control the MultiClamp 700A Hardware. It is similar to the MultiClamp 700B except that the serial interface instead of a USB interface is used  2
Axon MultiClamp Commander 700BMulticlamp Commander 700B is used to control the Device "Axon MultiClamp 700B", which is connected through USB to the computer.  2
BioEditMultiple sequence alignment editor with many other functions for sequence analysis.  5
CED1401CED1401 provides the driver, api and diagnostic test for recording electrophysiological data with the CED 1401 device. It is a prerequisite for doing data acquistion with other software (e.g. Signal5 and Spike2).  3
CellProfiler 2.0CellProfiler is free open-source software designed to enable  1
CFX Manager SoftwareBio-Rad CFX Manager is developed by Bio-Rad to word with real time machine and analysing it's file.  1
ChromasThe Program is quite small (some 200 kB) and runs fine on wine.  1
ClimateBCAn application which generates predictions of climate given certain historical and global circulation models.  1
CloneManagerCommonly used application for helping with design of molecular cloning, primer design, aligning sequences.  3
CytoMAPCytoMAP makes advanced data analytic techniques accessible for cell position and phenotype data. The goal is to take established analytical techniques, such as neural network based clustering algorithms, and package them in a user friendly way, allowing researchers to use them to explore complex cellular datasets.  1
cytospecCytospec(TM) is a general purpose flow cytometry analysis program  1
DAMBEHere is a short summary of DAMBE functions  1
Deep View Swiss-PdbViewerA great molecular viewer.  1
DIA-NN - a universal automated software suite for DIA proteomics data analysisDIA-NN - a universal software for data-independent acquisition (DIA)  1
DnaSPDnaSP, DNA Sequence Polymorphism, is a software package for the analysis  2
DNAStar LaserGene SeqManSequencing Manager, Sequence Assembly, Contig Management, and SNP Discovery  3
Doric Neuroscience StudioNeuroscience suite for multi-modal data   1
FCS ExtractThe purpose of the FCSExtract utility is to extract Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS) data from a binary FCS file and convert it to an ASCII text format, which can be read by a variety of software analysis packages.  1
FloreNumFloreNum is a botanical software for the whole mainland France.  1
Flowing SoftwareIt's a free flow cytometry data analysis software. It is an university research project, not commercial software  1
FlowJoUsed for cell sorting and cell counting  1
GeneDocA Full Featured Multiple Sequence Alignment Editor, Analyser and Shading Utility for Windows.  1
GeneMarkerGeneMarker for Fragment Analysis, Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphisms (AFLP), and Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA)  1
Image LabImage Lab software is for personal computers running Windows and Mac OS  1
ImageLabBio-Rad's software to capture and analyze images gels and blots.  1
ImarisImaris is some advanced microscopy image analysis software with focus on 3D and 4D imaging.   2
ImarisViewerA Free 3D/4D Microscopy Image Viewer  3
JUICEJUICE enable an easy classification work with phytosociological tables to achieve analysis of plant communities.  1
K-PacsA Windows-based PACS server/DICOM viewer  1
KaluzaSoftware for cytometry - used by biologists for their research  1
Le SemiologisteMedical diagnostic software based on the knowledge database Aidediag, and written under Omnis studio. French.  1
Map of the Natural Vegetation of EuropeThis application allow you to browse the map of the natural vegetation of Europe from Udo BOHN et al. (2004). With explicative text and legends (in german and english).  1
MEGA (Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis)MEGA is an integrated tool for conducting sequence alignment, inferring  3
MMI PharmindexA Database of current pharmaceutical drugs in Germany.  2
Opticon MonitorThis program serves to drive the machine of the Real Time Bio-Rad. And to read data files created by it.  1
Pannoramic ViewerHigh resolution digital microscopy slides viewer for MIRAX/MRXS files developed by 3D HISTECH - vendor of the scanner and author of the format.  1
pDRAW32DNA analysis software for in silico PCR, cloning and restriction site determination.  1
PrognosDiagnosis- and Therapysystem based on Traditional Chinese Medicine  1
RAMAS EcolabAn educational software for teaching the basics of population ecology and conservation.  1
SELES: Spatially Explicit Landscape Event SimulatorSELES (Spatially Explicit Landscape Event Simulator) was originally a Windows NT application made as part of a research project looking at forest stand dynamics. SELES main strength appears to be the ability of researchers to use a rich configuration file / vocabulary rather than learn to program in a particular language.  1
Sequence Detection SystemSequence detection system software for the Applied Biosystems 7900HT real-time PCR system  1
Signal (CED)Signal 5 from CED is a software for recording electrophysiological data using the CED1401 recording devices.  1
SimBio Virtual LabsA set of educational applications for learning about biology.   1
SphygmocorCentral Blood Pressure Measurement  1
Spike2A program to retrieve and analyze data from electrophysiological recordings  2
STRandSoft for DNA genotyping using Applied Biosystems genetic analyzers  1
sylviusSylviusVG (VG) is an interactive glossary of the human central nervous  1
The NEURON SimulatorThe NEURON  simulation environment is used in laboratories and classrooms around the  2
TomConLiteSoftware for displaying or analyzing x-ray pictures.  1
Turboveg for WindowsTurboveg for Windows is a comprehensive database management system designed for the storage, selection, and export of vegetation data (relevés).  1
Utopia DocumentsUtopia Documents is a PDF viewer which ties online resources to a PDF file. It allows the user to interact with (scientific) data and metadata about a publication or concepts therein.  1
Vector NTIThe gold standard of DNA sequence editors in Windows. It just has no counterpart on Linux.  3
Vision4dIs a software for analysing microscopy data, with stacks of images and over time, and with different color channels  3
VolocityIt's advertised as "High performance 3D imaging software." It is used to control Microscopes.  2
WinMDIWinMDI is a free application developed for the interpretation of Flow Cytometry data. This was developed at the Howard Scripps Institute. MDI stands for "Multiple Document Interface", in relation to the document formats that it supports for flow data.  3