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Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
Aire FreshenerAire Freshener is a combined nature sounds player, CD player, and MIDI wind chimes player.  1
Anagram GeniusAnagram Genius has been in development for almost twenty years and is widely accepted as one of the most remarkable and unusual software products on the market.  1
Angry Birdsshoot birds at green pigs  10
Angry Birds 2Build the ultimate flock to defeat the piggies and save the eggs.  1
Angry Birds RioThe Angry Birds have been captured, caged, and taken to Rio! There they meet new friends, and work together to make their escape from a desolate grey warehouse to the lush green jungle. Help the Angry Birds escape and beat their captors by bombarding the evil marmosets and smashing all obstacles in the way!  8
Angry Birds SeasonsAngry Birds Seasons is the gift that keeps on giving! Get into the spirit of Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St.Patrick's Day, Easter and more upcoming seasonal varieties of Angry Birds. These special episodes offer more challenging levels of pig-popping action and golden eggs to discover.  6
Angry Birds SpaceAngry Birds Space features elements from the preceding Angry Birds games as well as new gameplay mechanics.  3
Angry Birds Star WarsAngry Birds game with starwars based content  4
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Angry Birds Star Wars second opus  1
AnomaliesAnomalies is a computer program that randomly generates unusual 3D formations and corresponding sounds, but then allows the user to manually adjust them to their own specifications.  1
BallDroppingsAn addicting and noisy play-toy. Balls fall from the top of the screen and bounce off the lines you are drawing with the mouse. The balls make a percussive and melodic sound, whose pitch depends on how fast the ball is moving when it hits the line.  1
Ballistic (16-bit game)Ballistic is a ball and paddle game in which the player must destroy blocks with one or more balls and avoid the ball(s) falling below the paddle. The player can collect power-ups to enhance gameplay.  1
Beware of TrainsBeware of Trains is an indie game where you have to crash, derail and explode trains in a railway station to try and kill as many people as possible.  1
BonziBUDDYBonziBUDDY is an internet personal assistant that is based on Microsoft Agent technology.  2
Bug's Escape 3D (Berusky 2)Bug's Escape 3D is a single player game set in a fantasy world of insects. The object of the game is to solve the various level puzzles by commanding the bugs' movements around the playfield.  1
BugdomOld game, circa 2000. Praised for its gameplay, it was originally release for Mac OS 8, but was later ported to windows.  1
Burning Sand 2Burning Sand 2 is the next version of Burning sand. It includes lots of new features, like a modification (mod) loading menu. Burning Sand is a game where you paint elements like water, earth, fire, salt, ect., and make them preform realistic actions, like evaporating water into steam with fire. A linux version is planned to be released.  1
Cannon BrawlCannon Brawl is a comic-style real time artillery game one versus one. You can choose between different kinds of turrets, cannons and captains for bonuses and different tactics.  1
Crashtastic A physics-based game where you construct vehicles to help guide your robotic test subjects to the end of the levels and attain high scores.  1
cyberbuddyCyber buddy desktop buddy software, uses the microsoft agent for charactors.  Also has many other functions like read emails and chat room.  1
CybersphereAn Arkanoid-like game for DOS and Amiga; the DOS version is now freeware.  1
Dark SignsAn hacking-simulation game that use old-style Unix-like commands  1
Deskmates MaekaDeskmates was an old sprite desktop companion system that started in 1997 with the character Oska before expanding to others. It was popular in the late 90's and early 2000's before the company went bankrupt in 2012 causing the site to vanish on 6/02/2012. The Deskmates were different characters that would wander around on your screen doing different things and interacting to mouse clicks.  1
Desktop Games (Stress reliever)Play around with your desktop! Features include:  1
Desktop GooseA desktop toy of the goose from Untitled Good Game. Pulls images and text from the sides of your monitors, bites your mouse and pulls it around, and tracks mud all over your screen.  1
Digital Music MentorDigital music mentor is a music tool that takes any music file and converts it into a .wav file. Then it transposes the music into a chord sheet for guitar or tab for bass. It plays the music back in a Karaoke for guitar style.  1
Dilbert's Desktop ToysIt's a set of games and toys based on the popular Dilbert cartoon. Included in the mix are a platform game where you play Dilbert, a managerial-type game, a jargonator, a couple of games that involve firing people (and I don't mean sacking), a Pong-style game, Space Invaders (Dilbertised for your protection), a fun little zap-the-idiot game, a Jargonator, and last but certainly not least, a stamp that stamps your screen with 40 different Dilbertisms. It also includes an "intrusive mode" that pops up the game every x minutes while you're not doing anything. This can be disabled.  1
Dr.WindowsThis program, actually disguised as a protection against something, is a  1
Dream Doll DesignerDream Doll Designer  1
EclipseCrosswordAn application for making crosswords.  1
EEPWith EEP (also known as Eisenbahn.exe Professional) You can Build your Railroads, Towns of your Fantasy.  1
eSheepA small cute sheep that runs around on the desktop and does funny things. Occasionally meeting his beloved and being kidnapped by aliens.  1
EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAn interactive zine/art game exploring trauma, mental illness and coping through the medium of a virtual desktop and terrible things happening to cute cartoon critters.  1
Feminazi: The TriggeringAn arcade-like game in which you run around, defending minorities, commit acts of vandalism and insulting "cis people" in the name of "social justice" to get as many points as possible.  1
FLowFLow is a virtual life simulation, which incorporates evolution.  1
FreebieA tiny casual game where you launch balls against a paddle.  1
Frogger 2: Swampy's RevengeFrogger taken into the 3rd dimension. Same general idea as the original (move a frog across a landscape toward a goal, picking up good things while avoiding the bad), but instead of top-down 2-dimensional graphics, a more modern 3rd person perspective is employed.  1
Fruit Ninja HDFruit Ninja is a action game where you need to slice flying fruits on screen and earn points. The game features unlockable addons. PC version discontinued by Halfbrick.  1
Fuck Oregon let's go find El DoradoThis game is challenging.  1
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy"The thing that we call failiure is not the falling down, but the staying down"  2
Habbo LauncherChat, play games or build rooms in a virtual pixel-art world. With Habbo Launcher you're able to launch the classic and the modern version of Habbo.  1
Hoffmanns Lotto-Experte EuroJackpotCalculates lottery tickets optimized with database of draws since 2012, updating via the Internet, statistical analysis with many charts and many parameters for the calculation and optimization of tip note with 1-12 and tips using your lucky number, with statistics for stars Tip  1
Ibb & obbPuzzle two-player 2D platformer game  1
InkballInkBall is a computer game included in recent versions of Microsoft  1
Isaac the AdventurerIsaac the Adventurer is a platformer available for download on Desura.  1
Jackbox Party Pack 3Party game, played in a local multiplayer setting. Players have to perform actions on their smartphones  1
Julens HjältarA CD-game to accompany the christmas calendar sent on SVT in 1999.  1
Jump KingRetro-styled precision/tactical platformer game where you have to ascend to the top of a tall vertical level. You jump by holding, then releasing a button, and you can't maneuver midair. It's an extremely challenging game due to its uncommon jump-mechanism and the fact that you can lose multiple screens of progress with just one miscalculated leap.  1
Lego Bionicle The Glatorian ArenaA Bionicle fighting game. The website to download it doesn't exist anymore so you'll have to use wayback machineto download it.  1
Living Virtual FlowerLiving Virtual Flower - A digital flower for your desktop. Right-click on this lively lily, and it will bloom, get thirsty, pollinate and dance!  1
LunabarThis program gives a taskbar display of current moon phase and astrological sign. Can also display constellation (for sideral zodiac sign). It's a good program for planning when to do things "with the moon" / astrologically. It reports which times are best for planting, fishing, and a few other basic agricultural things. But it mostly just reports leaving it up to the user to have learned what which signs are. The developer's site is down, but I bet a lot of people still use this. It's a sweet little program.  1
Mad Truckersfun game for everybody, 15 champagne level  to delivery package before running out of time.  1
MagnetisA casual game where magnets fall down the screen and you have to flip them to match their polarity in long chains.  1
Marble Blast Ultra (Unofficial PC Port)This is a PC Port of Marble Blast Ultra originally written for Xbox 360.  1
Mevo and The Groove RidersVery funny musical arcade.  1
Moorhuhnjagd Winter Edition90 Seconds of time: shoot as many "Moorhühner" as you can. Funny and addictive...   2
NetrekNetrek is a multi-player battle simulation with a Star Trek theme. As  1
Now your cookingRecipe database that imports several popular formats. You can also add your own recipes into the database plus many other features.      3
OctodadVery odd indie game: you play an octopus masquerading as a normal dad.  2
Ostrich RunnersFunny game about Ostrich planet inhabitants and Evil Doctor's plan  1
PandalandPandaland is a computer game about an indie pop girl from Södermalm. Help Amanda Panda to save her friends from brats and swedes! Collect "pepp" from cream buns, cigarettes and cheap beer!  1
PC Optimizer ProAn infamous piece of software that claims to optimize your PC. Except  1
PC Speedscan is a feature site of Ascentive Software.  1
Pen-Pen OlympicsPen-Pen Olympics is a cute little  1
Petz II1997 virtual pet caring game, part of the Petz series by PF Magic. Divided into Dogz II and Catz II.  1
Phase ShiftA rhythm game where you have to hit notes as music is playing.  4
pinwheelShows rotating black and white spiral, part of which rotates in the other direction. After watching to center about 30 seconds strange "ripple" effect appears.  1
Pipe DreamClassic from the Microsoft Entertainment Pack that came with Windows 3.1.  You connect pipes to make the longest path you can before the slime flows out.  1
PokerStovePokerStove is a poker utility which facilitates equity calculation using ranges of hands.  1
Popstars - Deine ChanceThe Game for the Casting Show Popstars  1
Power BombermanPower Bomberman is a feature-rich Bomberman fangame.  1
PressureA cute steampunk-style racing game with shooting mechanics.  1
Prezzie HuntCollect all the presents in the village!  1
PrincipiaPrincipia is a physics sandbox game developed by Bithack. There are three modes in Principia; Adventure, Puzzle and Sandbox. In Adventure mode you play as a Robot and can collect resources using the Zapper tool, move around objects using a Gravity Gun like Builder tool, and can compress new equipment and weapons with the Compressor tool. You can craft things with your resources and build a house, car or even a mech. In Puzzle mode you solve various puzzles involving getting one or more robot to their destination. In Sandbox mode you can build anything you like with infinite resources.  1
Real DesktopReal Desktop give your ordinary desktop new life and turns it into a Real Desktop. Enjoy the fascinating dynamics with revolutionary graphic rendition on your desktop.  1
Real Pool 3DPoolians is the best online pool game. It offers fast, realistic and satisfying game play. Meet fun people here and play high quality games: Real Pool 3D, Real Snooker 3D and Pool/Snooker 2D.  1
Rings of the MagiFrom MVP Software:  1
Salf's Stupid StoryType words to make your own stupid story.  1
Sanae Challenge! FUSIONA platformer featuring Touhou characters - Sanae and Utsuho, fighting the evil spirits. This is a sequel to "Sanae Challenge" game, with some updated gameplay features.  2
Seal HunterSeal Hunter is a freeware 2D shoot ‘em up game featuring not only tons of blood and gore, but also the possibility for four players to ensure the future of Norway’s fishing industry together.  1
Shimeji-eeEnglish enhanced version of Shimeji which displays cartoon like characters on your desktop that run around and do funny things.  1
SouptoysA neat little toybox application filled with little interactive desktop toys. They all interact with each other with a realistic physics engine. Each one usually has a little sound blip or two associated with it. Each one does something special!  1
SourcelikeSourcelike is a recreation of Garry's Mod made in the Unity game engine. It features a sandbox mode, minigames, and a Game Boy emulator.  1
StereolusionsStereoIllusions is a Microsoft Windows-based program designed to draw Single Image Random Dot Stereograms (SIRDS) and Single Image Stereograms (SIS).  1
SynaestheteSynaesthete is a music-driven arcade-style shooter which seeks to engage  1
TaikojiroTaikojiro (太鼓さん次郎) is a beats-playing music game which mimics the famous music game Taiko no Tatsujin (太鼓の達人). Your aim is to press the keys designated on the screen to play your taiko with the music. Score more points by playing more accurately.  1
Talking MooseAnyone here remember the old Talking Moose  1
TamagothiThe tamagothi is a spoof virtual pet designed by R. Hunter Gough, and written by Berto  1
Titeuf : M�ga-CompetIt is a party game, released on 2 CD-ROMs in 2004.  1
Trivia Board Pro 4Play Jeopardy at any wedding, anniversary, corporate event, bar/pub, or other party!  Use our trivia questions or add your own for a fun and memorable time.  Trivia Board Pro 4 is complete with scoring, sound effect, lockout features, compatibility with any of our wireless buzzer systems.  1
Virtual FelixVirtual Felix is a free (beer) animated cat, available from the makers of Felix cat food.  1
Worms RevolutionNew version of old, well-known worms.  1
ZinethSimple yet entertaining game, where you rush through colorful world. After completing tutorial you can take missions. Everything is about SPEED!  1