Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
Accelrys Draw 4.2A piece of software do draw chemical structures, especially organic compounds; automatic naming of the drawn structures  1
Accelrys Materials VisualizerOne of the high-quality molecular/solid state builders/visualizers. The full (commercial) version is integrated with molecular dynamic, quantum chemical and other computational chemistry/physics software.  1
ArgusLabA­ molecular modeling, graphics, and drug design program  1
Ascalaph DesignerThis is an application for designing and modeling molecules. It can calculate molecular orbitals via quantum mechanics, among other things.  1
Avogadromolecular editor used in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, materials science and  1
Biacore T100 Evaluation SoftwareAnalysis software for run data generated by the Biacore T100 instrument.  1
BKChemFOSS program for drawing chemicals written in python.   1
ChemcadProcess simulation for chemical engineering process  1
ChemDrawA program for drawing chemical structures and even do NMS simulations.  13
Chemistry LabA virtual chemistry lab program.  1
ChemSketchAn application to draw chemical structures.  5
ChemWinChemWin is an application designed to draw complex organic molecules. It supports opening and saving a few formats, some of them being recognised by OpenBabel and GChemPaint.  1
CHROMuLANSW for controlling of chromatographic devices and subsequent evaluation of the acquired data. Integrated instrument control uses uLAN protocol. There are AD converters (i.e. ULAD31 analog to uLan and USB converter) and SW plugins for others.  1
CrossFire CommanderTool to query the Beilstein organic chemistry Database.  1
CrystalmakerSoftware for visualising molecules  1
Discovery Studio VisualizerA program for visualizing 3D chemical structures. Free download for Windows from (after registering).  1
FacioFacio is an OpenGL-based 3D-graphics program of molecular modeling and visualization of quantum chemical calculations, such as GAMESS and Gaussian.  1
GramsGRAMS IQ is a graphical tool for chemometric model creation  1
HyperChem­HyperChem is a sophisticated­ molecular modeling environment that is known for its quality, flexibility, and ease of use. Uniting 3D visualization and animation with quantum chemical calculations, molecular mechanics, and dynamics, HyperChem puts more molecular modelin­g tools at your fingertips than any other Windows program.  2
IsisDrawIsisDraw is a drawing program for organic chemistry folks. It's similar to XDrawChem, ChemTool and other nifty *nix ready-made tools. Use those first if you can; if you're forced into this program, it's not bad.  2
Kintecus 3.96kintecus is a software to model chemical reactions. it is originally written for windows systems, a linux version is available as well.  1
Labware LIMSA custiomizable Laboratory Information Management System.  1
LIFBASEDatabase and Spectral simulation for diatomic molecules.  2
marvinsketchMarvinssetch by ChemAxon is a proprietary paid program. It is used to draw the chemical formulas of molecules.  1
Materials Studio 6.0A suite of molecular and dynamics modeling software  1
mestrecA freeware viewer, processor and plotter for NMR data. A wide variety of input data formats (JEOL, Brucker, Varian etc) are accepted and a wide range of enhancement options are available (zero filling, baseline correction) and a rudimentary spin predictor.  2
MestReNovaThe top class software suite to process analytical chemistry data. Mnova is a multivendor software suite designed for combined NMR, LC/GC/MS and Electronic & Vibrational Spectroscopic techniques.  1
ORTEP-3 for WindowsThis program is a well-known, quasi-standard application for plotting crystal structural data obtained by single crystal X-ray diffraction with thermal ellipsoids.  1
QDOC32Documentation Software for  projects and maintenance work on LCN and Experion PKS from Honeywell  2
QuteMolA Chemistry application that displays 3D images of molecules.  1
RasTopThis is a molecular modeling program that can display and allow a user to manipulate very complex organic molecules in three dimensions.  1
sedfitSedfit is a software for the analysis of analytical ultracentrifugation and other hydrodynamic data, written at the National Institutes of Health and distributed without charge for research use.  1
sednterpThe Sednterp program is a general purpose tool for the interpretation of sedimentation equilibrium and sedimentation velocity experiments. It collects many diverse functions into a single program. Sednterp is useful both for computing molecular structural estimates from experimental data and for interpolating physical parameters of common buffers used in sedimentation experiments.  1
ShelXTLApplication developed by Bruker AXS, both for commercial and academic license.  1
Visual MINTEQChemical equilibrium calculator for aquatic environmental chemistry.  1
WinGXTaken from the official website:  1