Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
Adres 2005+Adres 2005+ is an interactive map, set of transport schemes (metro, buses, commuter trains), telephone database, business catalogue, nightclub guide and photo album of Moscow and Moscow oblast as well as overall European part of Russia.  1
Anquet MapsInteractive mapping application, based on Ordinance Survey maps.  3
ape@map DesktopGPS hiking and biking maps on the mobile phone  1
ArcGIS ExplorerArcGIS Explorer delivers an easy-to-use way to view and share information geographically. With ArcGIS Explorer, you can:  1
Austrian Map FlyA map viewer with some extra functions, like 3D Maps and other things.  2
AutoMapaOne of the best satellite navigation system for Poland and Europe.  6
BasecampAs of late 2009, Basecamp is Garmin's successor to Mapsource. Essential software for all recent Garmin GPSes, Basecamp is designed to manage maps, routes, waypoints, and all other navigation essentials. It also supports digital elevation model (DEM) data for 3D presentation of topography.  5
Becker Content Managerload and erase the software on a Becker Z201 Navi over USB  1
C-Map NT PC SelectorEnables users to select and purchase/update one or more C-Map electronic charts for use by marine charting software  1
CD-atlas ProEstonian map, supports GPS, location finding, waypoints.  1
cGPSmapperThis text-mode app converts Polish Format .mp map files to Garmin proprietary .img files that can be uploaded to a Garmin GPS unit.  2
CityGuide LiteCar Navigation system with online traffic jam information for Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Russia.  1
Coastal ExplorerCoastal Explorer is a full function marine navigation system, capable of displaying several forms of charts including NOAA's RNC and ENC formats. The application accepts GPS data and NMEA sentences from the boat's instruments and can emit commands for an autopilot. There is also support for AIS data display.  1
CompumapLa más completa Guía Hogareña (ex Mapa Inteligente de Clarin).  2
ConvWPTConvWPT is a VB6 app that is a companion to TrekBuddy (, a J2ME application for GPS navigation and tracking.  1
DasTelefonbuch Gelbe Seiten Map & Routetelephone book and route planner for Germany   2
DB Reiseservice 2010This programm is especially for traveling information with "Deutsche Bahn" and local traffic like bus, subway, citiy-express and so on. It is very usefull if you're sitting inside a train which is late and you wan't to take a look for a connecting train. It will be replaced once a year with a new version, updates will come every month and can be downloaded and installed via a "special" update manager. This manager also works with wine.  1
Delorme Street Maps 2010a map and gps program  1
DeMapperSimple application to convert maps from proprietary ozf2 and ozfx3 formats to PNG format  1
destinator 7 greekdestinator 7 for gps navigation  1
DNR GarminDNR Garmin is an application to manage and transfer waypoint and track information to and from a variety of Garmin GPS units.  It can also project and convert these data to Google Earth KML, ArcGIS shapefile and various other formats.  1
ДубльГИС (2gis)ДубльГИС is a free GIS system for cities of CIS and especially Russia.  2
EW Windows UploaderThis program is used to upload flight logs from EW model D flight recorders and to set the date, time and pilot details into the flight recorder.  1
Extra POI EditorThis is a free program to edit POI files. It will also link with garmin poiloader and google earth.  I could get it to bring up garmin poiloader, but not google earth. It probably did not know where to find my linux google-earth binary.  I did not have a wine/windows version of google earth installed.  1
ezTourezTour supports GPS logger like GPSport245 from Holux.  2
FreshUpdate tool for navigation devices from Navigon. It installs updates for software, maps and other services.  8
Fugawi UK Digital MapsDigital Ordnance Survey maps of the UK ­  1
G7ToWinG7ToWin is a Windows (9X and higher) application designed to transfer data between Garmin, Lowrance/Eagle and Magellan GPS receivers and a PC.  2
Garmin Mobile PCMapping and Navigation Sotware, GPS enables  1
Geogrid-Viewer­Presentation of digitized (bitmap) topographical maps.  3
GeorandoCreation, management, visualization of treks.  1
global mapperGlobal Mapper is an app that lets you view and editthe most popular raster, elevation and vector GPS datasets.  4
GPS MapEditThis software is designed for visual authoring of GPS-maps in various proprietary cartographic formats:  5
gpsVPWindows version of a GPS navigation software primarily designed for cellphones and PDAs.  2
Guia Rodoviário 4 (Quatro) Rodas 2007Brazilian road map. So, the description will be in portuguese :)  1
iGOiGO is a Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation software package for personal digital assistants (PDA) and personal navigation assistants (PNA) devices, developed by Hungary-based Nav N Go Kft. Nav N Go iGO is a popular choice for several PNA OEM manufacturers. Products based on the company’s navigation software are available worldwide in several leading brands like Asus, Blaupunkt, Clarion, Hewlett-Packard, Nextar, Sony, etc.  1
iGuidanceCar navigation software using a serial or usb GPS. Looks and feels like a dedicated car GPS/SatNav.  1
Kompass Digital MapA Map Viewer for the Kompass Digital Maps series.  1
LocarusInformerVechical park complex control - GPS/GLONASS position, speed, fuel, etc.  1
mapearMapear installs on your hard disk a set of map files for Garmin mapping GPS receivers that covers Argentina, Uruguay, and the part of Paraguay south of the South 22nd parallel, and modify the registry so that those maps can be accessed by Garmin's  2
MapGuide ViewerMap viewing application for Autodesk MapGuide and compatibles. It exists as an ActiveX control, as Mozilla plug-in and Java, here will be spoken about the ActiveX one.  1
Mappy Tile Map EditorMappy uses a fairly flexible file format called FMP. All the versions  2
MapSourceGarmin MapSource is a commercial application primarily designed to visualize and upload to Garmin mapping GPS receivers the commercial cartography sold by Garmin, and can be used with third-party catrography too.  9
MetroGoldFrom the producer:  1
MtkDLutDownload and Log setting of MTK chipset GPS Logger.  1
Naviextras ToolboxTool to update the GPS systems  1
Netpas DistanceNetpas Distance is the world's best port distance table supporting more than 10000 ports and 50,000,000 distance table.  1
NMEA Monitor* Decoding the NMEA sentence of 11 types, to understand it displays in real time easily.  1
PC Navigator FreePC Navigator FREE - is a OpenStreetMaps based free turn-by-turn GPS navigation by mapFactor for Windows and Windows Mobile devices.  2
PC Plotter 5000Marine chart plotter using Navionics Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus and Silver charts. Also Navionics Hot Maps Charts.  1
QStarz GPS Travel RecorderThe QStarz GPS Travel Recorder is a useful utility for interacting with a GPS unit from QStarz.  2
QuoUK Digital Mapping System  1
Renault MediaNav Evolution ToolboxAn application provided by Renault to help you install maps and system updates to your Renault car that uses the MediaNav Evolution infotainment system.  2
Satsports Stats ViewerA Windows application that allows the user to upload a satsports "map" file (generated from GPS tracking) from a smartphone (Android and/or Windows Mobile OS) via a USB cable.  1
ScanNavWith ScanNav, prepare your next coming cruises at home by examining maps, create waypoints, routes, calculate distances... After your navigation, continue enjoying your trip by analyzing all details of your track that will have been memorized on your pc.  1
Storm PredatorThis is an application that works like a weather radar.It has a radar interface and alerts you to upcoming storms to your area.  1
Sun Clock­Sun Clock is organized around a colorful world map projection which can be configured for different screen sizes in order to display the local time of world cities configurable from a database of nearly 3000 organized by country or region.  1
Swiss Map OnlineAccess of and navigation in swisstopo map products (all scales and most products). The maps are downloaded from a server, and there is an annual subscription needed to access the maps.  2
SXBlue ConfigConfiguration utility for the Geneq SXBlue series of GPS receivers.  1
SYREQSoftware used for conversion of canadian geodetic datum systems and Québec province-specific needs of coordinates transformation for GPS, GIS and cartography software.  1
TacviewTacview is a flight data analysis tool which allows to record, playback and analyze flights.  1
TerraExplorerAplication is displaying 3D data of terrain. For example link on my home region in south silesia(czech part)  1
Time Machine XTMX provides a Gui to configure Wintec GPS Devices and to read Log Data and to read or to add Waypoints from and to them.  1
Top25Topographic maps of Germany  1
Topo North AmericaTopographic map and navigation software.  1
Toyota Touch & Go ToolboxThis app allows you to update your integrated navigation system for Toyota 2012 or later models. It also allows you to add apps, contacts, points of interest and setting some settings for the car.  1
TracklogsRoute planning using Ordnance Survey maps at 1:25000 and 1:100000 scale maps.  1
Tracksource"Tracksource Municipal" and "Tracksource Roteavel Rodoviário" are two apps that install on your hard disk sets of streetmaps and roadmaps of Brazil, and modify the registry so that those maps can be accessed, depending on the version, by Garmin's  1
Traxmeet syncUploads data from Traxmeet compatible device i.e. outdoor sports GPS tracker, to the Traxmeet website.  1
Trimble's Planning SoftwareA free powerful stand-alone software tool supporting any form of analysis to  1
Trip & Waypoint ManagerThis commercial app from Garmin installs  1
TwixTel 37Telephone database, streetfinder, train schedule for Switzerland  2
USGRIBThis program is downloadable from and offers an excellent service to windows users.  1
VantagePointVantagePoint is the new Software for GPS-Units from Magellan.  5
VeZA Route PlannerVeZA route planner contains a map of South Africa and enables you to calculate routes between places.  1
Wherigo BuilderFrom the official Wherigo Builder description:  1
WinGPS 4 NavigatorWinGPS 4 is the ideal solution for the navigator that wants to see his  1
XCSoarXCSoar is an open source soaring final glide and navigation system which is under active development.  1
YarMapIt is a good and popular map of Kiev city (Ukraine).  4